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iOS 8 gonna be on my TL all day tomorrow 📱
Waiting For A Text: 1 Min. 😃 2 Mins.. 😌 3 Mins... 😳 5 Mins.... 😒 10 Mins.....😓😠 30 Mins...... 😠😠😠😡😡 FUCK YOU! 👊💥
How I thought beyonce daughter was gone look 😂😂
Floyd Mayweather made: $14,815 per second $888,889 per minute $32 million in 36 minutes However, i made a bowl of cereal
This Weather got me Not wanting to do Shyt bt Stay in Bed Under the Covers 😩🌀❄️
That Rider🔫 Kill A bitch Over Me💃🔫 Jealous😒 Freaky💦💦👅 On Da Right Track 🎓 Money Gettin 💰💰 Loyal/Trustful😍 TYPE OF GIRLFRIEND😍😘😘👰💍>>>
When Google Maps gives you directions
If Apple can just drop a U2 album on my phone without my permission I know they helping the Feds
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In honor of 9/11 tomorrow. "This is exactly where I'm meant to be at this very moment"
God is the only reason I made it this far.🙏🙌💯
The new IPhone 6 comes in 3 different colours white, black & invisible for broke ppl like me
RT @thesportsshelf : What #nfl week 1 matchups are you looking most forward to??
Brand New Sports Radio Show @thesportsshelf 🏀🏈🏉⚾️⚽️!! TUNE IN NOW TO WIN PRIZES!!!
These @Staples commercials are killing me lol 😂👍
just because I flirt doesn't mean I want you ! 😴😂 just making sure I still got it ✌️💯
Complete List of Rapper’s Real Names (with GIFs)! Look at #10 omg >>>
You can now get paid to Tweet and Facebook. Check out this link for more info 😱💰💰
U Say U Gone Ride W/ Me Til The Wheels Fall Off, But When The Wheels Fall Off..Will U Walk W/ Me? Or Would U Hop In The Car W/ Another Mf?
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Everybody go follow 🐾🐾🐾@stuppid_stakkss @stuppid_stakkss @stuppid_stakkss
This Nigga shape niggas up with the razor of Christ
Someone you can text all day & not get bored >>> 👌😌😌
As a boyfriend your obligated to make things right with your girl no matter your right or wrong💪😘🙌👫💍💎🏃👍
*BREAKING NEWS* #YahooMail has been hacked and is now down! 😳�
it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one big lie
Having a McDonalds french fry above your pussy is creative?
HOLY SHIT WTF!😳😱 WHEN YOU SEE IT!😳😵 My mind is blown😫😰😱😨 Don't see it? Go here it'll
lurking 👀 on my twitter will have you confused , you might think i'm single🚶 taken 👫 mad 😡 sad 😥 or happy 😆 , i just be tweeting honestly 👌😂
The black community need to teach they kids how to get money legally at a young age. That's the only way we gone progress as a race.
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The "talking" Stage Annoying AF, Like They Yours but They Not Really Yours. You Could Get Mad At Shit but Then You Really Can't ... 😒
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How much did the #vmas pay BEYONCE to perform her whole album ?
I hope BEYONCE didn't send a vine video performance to vh1 like she did bet #VMAs
Kim Kardashian look like BEYONCE 😳😂
Damn Kim can I see a nipple 😳❤️
Bruh , Crackheads Can Get ANYTHING On A Leash 😂�