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Elisha Twerski
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I'd like to wish everyone a happy Josh Gordon day.
Kobe has two games this season in which he has taken 34+ shots. In comparison, LeBron has not taken 34 shots in a game since March of 2006.
*throws podium to Jordy Nelson for a touchdown* RT @packers: Aaron Rodgers is now at the podium. Watch live:
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Jordy Nelson said he did NOT get injured early in the game. "I was just mad," he said. #Packers
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Khris Middleton is not very good at this whole basketball thing.
Back-to-back 50-point games for the Packers. Back-to-back games with a TD for Casey Hayward.
Mark Sanchez is officially BACK!
Julius Peppers now has as many TDs (2) this year as LeSean McCoy.
The worst play for the Packers so far was a botched XP. Packers up 30-3 with 2 mins to go in the first half.
Rodgers + Jordy = 7
Clay Matthews likes playing the Eagles.
The Packers give the Eagles a taste of their own medicine with a punt return TD.
First team to 5 victories wins the NFC South.
Peyton Manning is a completely different QB playing through adversity. A couple of his targets goes down, and there's nothing he can do.
Melvin Gordon just ran through my living room.
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Melvin Gordon is INSANE
The 76ers are a disgrace to professional sports.
When the Packers throw to Cobb, they have an NFL Passer Rating of 147.9 which is the highest in the league. 2nd? Jordy Nelson at 131.6.
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ICYMI: The 10 Commandments for NFL Players
Derrick Rose makes Danny Amendola look like Iron Man.
The 76ers are down 75-29 early in the third against the Mavericks. Who do they think they are, the Chicago Bears?
The arbitrator that will be hearing AP's grievance will be the same one who overturned Ryan Braun's suspension in 2012, per @adbrandt.
I wonder if anyone got Mike McCarthy a cordless mike for his birthday?
So now we're watching Jon Gruden make a smoothie? Ok.
For once I'd like to see McCoy stop dancing and just hit the hole between the tackles.
So incredibly painful... RT @Michelle_NFL: #Packers locker room singing "Happy Birthday" to McCarthy.…
Surprised McCarthy didn't go with the onside kick there...
.@ChrisBurke_SI When the Bears realize that they gave Cutler 7 years/$126M...
Mike McCarthy does NOT like the Bears.
LOL! Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the Bears...
Here's a reminder that Jay Curler and Andy Dalton are getting a combined $241 MILLION.
Aaron Rodgers had as many touchdown passes in the FIRST HALF as the Vikings have the ENTIRE SEASON.
Aaron Rodgers is on pace to throw for 630 yards and 12 touchdowns tonight.
Holy Cobb! What a catch! 6 TD passes for Rodgers in the first half.
Cutler Cutlering. Peppers Peppering.
Is there a better way to honor the veterans?
Even if the Packers don't touch the ball again in the first half, Rodgers will be on pace to throw for 566 yards and 10 touchdowns.
Is there a mercy rule?
Eddie Lacy is like, "Lemme get a part of this action!"
Cutler unhappy with Shields for dropping that pass...
That pass was about 30 feet over Jeffery's head. Not a good throw even if he was targeting the security guard on the sideline.
Oh my god! Rodgers is just... I have no words...