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Elisha Twerski
Packers WR Randall Cobb is on pace to have 20 touchdown receptions this season.
Packers win 38-17. As Aaron Rodgers said, #R-E-L-A-X.
Aaron Rodgers is ON FIRE!!
That Rodgers throw for the TD that didn't count was one of the greatest throws I've ever seen
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That was the first non-scoring drive of the game...
The way this game is being officiated, this will be a touchdown.
Can I say it again? #R-E-L-A-X
Another horsesh*t call by the officials...
So Peppers gets held + has his face mask grabbed, and get called for the penalty.
.@JuMosq First time since 2011 that Rodgers completed under 60% of his passes in back-to-back games.
People who are actually blaming Olivia Munn for Rodgers' struggles need to have their sanity evaluated.
What she said --> RT @Michelle_NFL This is the Super Bowl we were all promised.
It's sad, but I've seen more Aaron Rodgers commercials today than I have Aaron Rodgers completions.
These RB pitches haven't worked once for the Packers.
Julius Peppers does not like being called old.
In other news, Dom Capers' defense looks really good today. 7 QB hits on Matthews Stafford so far, only 3 points allowed.
Another great call by Mike McCarthy.
Third straight game that the Packers are completely overmatched early on. That's on the head coach.
If I'm not mistaken, that's the first interception for a Packers safety since 2012.
Well... he would know. RT @Deadspin ESPN's Ray Lewis on Ray Rice: "Some things you can cover up, and then there's some things you can't"
So Matt Garza basically got thrown out because Volquez threw at Braun.
Awesome --> RT @katienolan 5 simple rules for being the best NFL player you can be: #NoFilter
Gary Payton will reportedly join the Bucks' staff, helping Giannis Antetokounmpo transition to PG. This could be fun:…
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The Brewers deserve to win this game about as much as the Buccaneers deserve to win their game.
Holy f***!! RT @ProFootballTalk: Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer was arrested in a domestic violence incident.
Congratulations Vikings, you've officially reached Roger Goodell-level of hypocrisy. #DueProccessMyAss
For the record, I go to @YahooNoise (AKA Mr. Ding-dong idiot) for any fantasy advice I need. He's one of the best.
The Vikings excuse of "due process" is crap. If Peterson was a role player, he would not have been reinstated.
The following is a statement from Adrian Peterson: My attorney has asked me not to discuss the facts of my...
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It's really nice for the NFL to give us some football between penalties and commercials.
Mike Daniels was an absolute monster for the Packers defense today. The guy is a stud.
---> RT @MattJ_onNFL @ETwPhoneHome They also don’t account for if the defense gave the lead up at the end. But ESPN loves the stat so much
This is why the 4th-quarter comeback stat makes no sense. Rodgers brought GB back from down 21-3, but not a 4th quarter comeback.
Rodgers to Nelson... Touchdown Packers! 80 yards.
As i was saying --> RT @ETwPhoneHome Wilkerson should be ejected here...
Wilkerson should be ejected here...
I don't get that challenge by Mike McCarthy, I really don't.
Bad challenge by McCarthy, that play will stand.
There's Mike McCarthy for you.
They miss the late hit and call the penalty on Green Bay??!
Find a way to defend Dom Capers... I dare you.
Could everyone supporting using a switch on their kids in my mentions PLEASE forward your tweets to Child Services? Thanks.
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Sickened by the initial police documents in the Adrian Peterson child abuse case:…
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A shaver. RT @nflnetwork: FANDOM FRIDAY: What would you give Andrew Luck for his 25th birthday? Use #LuckBDay!
Stanton update from Marlins: Multiple facial fractures, dental damage.
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Did the Ravens still not watch the video??! Why in the world are they dedicating the win to Ray Rice??
@Giancarlo818 my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. I feel horrible and hope for a speedy recovery.
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