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Oz Clarke
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...but the style has changed and they're now leaders of the 'modern' leaner, citrousy, matchstick style.Basic is very good, Reserve tiptop.
Also been looking at Tarrawarra. Good Pinots- esp. Reserve Block H- but it's still the Chardies that make the operation special. But.....
Still on the Co-op - they also have a Zalze Sangiovese from the Cape. Sangio is always a tough ask but this is a chewy sweet/sour cherry hit
Some very good stuff from the Co-op recently led by intense blackcurrant pepper then mint&lime Truly Irresistible Chilean Bio Bio Malbec8.99
Most recent best? Pichon Baron beginning to develop blackcurrant and cedar to stand up to the growling earthy 2006 undertow. Will be classic
... I've had several 06s recently, casting off their glum mourner's worsted and at least hinting they're ready to don the glad rags & sing..
BB&R have the Cantemerle 05 at £37.75. You're buying class. I'm also thrilled at how the 06s are shedding their sullen lack of charm & joy..
... When the mild-mannered, mellow Classed Growths like Cantemerle produce something classic,thought-provoking,deeply satisfying, take note.
... but I still think 2005 will be the 21st C vintage to beat- so far. Richness, viscosity,brooding depth, uplifting acidity, for now & 20..
... Haut Batailley 09 is already wallowing in it's chubleagorgeous pomp but will easily age 10. It's a steal at M&S for £23. Rush to buy....
2009 is such a gorgeous, juicy vintage; the less glamorous Classed Growths are irresistible now but will easily improve for 10 years & more.
Moving upmarket I'm delighted to see seriously good 2005s & 2009s hitting the High St. at between £20 & 40. There's a lot of unsold stock...
Been tasting some interesting Bordeaux. You CAN get decent basic claret for a fiver. Aldi's at 4.99 is earthy, fresh, chewy - the real thing
... Contact Sam Hellyer @harley Wines if @weltevrede's stickies might scintillate your sweetspot.
South African sweeties don't get much attention, but @Weltvrede's scented orangey/pink Oupa se Wyn & waxy lush Ouma se Wyn are both serious.
... beat that for a midsummer breakfast. Well, we did also have mags of Lanson 96- super but young- 93-lighter,youthful-& 89 brooding, ace..
Coils of Cumberland sausage,lashings of rashers and mounds of fresh farm eggs - oh, and a bottle of Graham 85 in supreme scented form.....
Also Presided over a Tour de France tasting @holmfirth where some fairly decent French wine & Champagne was given a spanking by Anglo stuff.
Then some very tasty ales from the local Nook brewery- Sprocket Fuel was an uncharacteristically hoppy & bitter 3.8% - & a snooze in't vines
Great racing, outrageously beautiful Pennines and near-hysteria on the verges allez! les rosbif and yorkshires.World Cup&wimbledon forgotten
Tour de France was a real blast. Yorkshire's passion, involvement & enthusiasm was awesome. Never seen so many excited tykes in my life.
Beautiful day. I'm off to Taste of London. Meet me at Discover The Origins if you feel like like a chinwag and a glass of something juicy.
book signing at 6pm @ThreeWineMen today. come along and say hello!!