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Michael G Macdermid
@NickLinford Done! 2 images from last year's @EducationFest - a sneak preview of what it's like to be colour blind.
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Chilli time! #vegan #whatveganseat #vegansofig #veganism veganfoodshare #veganfood
We are used to Instagram hearts. The real reason we don't like the Twitter heart is because we don't like change! #TwitterHeart
Happy world vegan day! 🐂🐄🐕🐶🐱🐇🐢🐰 Terrifying numbers I know. Going vegan is easier than ever before, healthy and extremely tasty. But better than all that, we can help to reduce the numbers of animals being needlessly tortured, raped and slaughtered each year. #vegan #worldveganday #vegans
HAPPY WORLD VEGAN DAY!! This is actually my iphone home screen background 😂. I know it's s…
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Even in #Madrid, sometimes it rains and the rain leaves after some gorgeous images #PlazaDeOriente @Campa1Campa
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Brussels sprouts. The most under rated vegetable. If you hate them, you haven't been doing them right! Perfect snack with balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Maybe even garlic.... #vegan #brussels #brusselsprouts #vegetables #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #vegansofig #veganism #snack #hashtag
If you are looking for a healthy but super tasty breakfast/brunch, then look no further than "Smoky Potato Scramble"! #breakfast #potato #tofu #smoked #onion #garlic #vegan #vegansofig #veganism #whatveganseat #whatvegansdo #veganfoodshare #veganfood
Really enjoyed "Rebecca" tonight at HMT. Very funny, dark, great musicianship and @ImogenSage was great as Mrs De Winter!
#greenasfuck #vegan #whatveganseat #veganfood #veganism
Watching #bewitched today and Darrin says "Harvard? But she's a girl!" followed by laughter. That was as recently as 1965! #inequality
Puerta del Sol is one of the nerve centres of #Madrid #visitspain
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Today I spent mostly on Skype! I'm incredibly excited about the various writing projects I'm working on into 2016! #songwriting #music
Recently, it seems more and more people are asking about why I am vegan. I guess it stems from better awareness in the media, the recent studies into the adverse affects that eating meat causes and a general interest into what it's all about. There are many, many reasons that I am vegan. I probab
Had a really good time at @divariva and @nobertoclarkos wedding party last night at #piperdam. Met some familiar faces from the past, like @apesmaysuds and @jfinney3 who was forced to both pose with me in this picture and to ceilidh dance, although she got a lucky escape as we didn't get our turn!
So I'm excited to announce that on the 31st of October you will be able to buy my 'Cloud 9' EP! You can get the...
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Stop trying to be Skinny, and start tying to be Healthy. Your weight will probably take care of itself if you do.
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Back to the earth! Here we are giving her some love, planting new seeds together! #jasonandjane
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ATTENTION EARTH!!!!! "VOODOO" is getting it's first ever SPIN on radio tomorrow on Radio X !!!!!!!!! Tune in...
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Had a blast seeing @julianvelard live in Dundee tonight. Brilliant show and awesome stories as always!
We all met almost 30 years ago when we started school .... And still acting like kids. :) #birthday #schoolfriends #classmates #aberdeen #scotland
#birthdaybuddies two days apart. #libra #october #aberdeen #scotland #selfie @_elfy_
I don't give up because I don't know how to give up. That has helped a LOT of peoples careers. Including mine
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Well done to @McCrei for getting to number 1 in Japan on Amazon! #hardworkpaysoff
Since I Made #Vegan Chili Today (My Pics Below) Enjoy The Best Damn Vegan Chili Recipe Ever…
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Every morning at 6 I start my show on #original106 and today we are having a special birthday party show as both Davy and me have birthdays this weekend! This is how awake I look most mornings......#radio #aberdeen #scotland #earlymorning #wakeupcall #selfie #hashtag
Scotland will rarely get a better chance to qualify. Unbeaten against ROI and Poland is irrelevant when we lose to Georgia. #gloriousfailure
If you haven't already, check out @McCrei and their new single 'Take My Hand'!
'Take My Hand', the new single is available to download now from Amazon and iTunes with mixes available by Alan...
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When one of your little brothers finds your white board pen in your studio...... #todo #brother #givemeallyourmoney
So many updates on snapchat! ❤️❤️ mingbridges 👻t
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So tired after 23 hours solid on 4 hours sleep.... I can't sleep! :)
I was given this when I got off my bus, how incredibly lovely! It's brightened my day :)
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#tbt to the first Vegan Aberdeen Facebook page meet up. Really need to get on to getting another one organised! #vegan #veganaberdeen #veganmeet #veganmeetup #throwback #throwbackthursday
The neighbourhood of Triana in #Sevilla greets the sun every day with the Guadalquivir river at its feet #visitspain
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Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! Looking for wake up call suggestions please...what song will get you going today? #wakeupcall
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Ha this was literally the best selfie we could get! Picture with DJ Rob. It certainly brings out the blue in his face! #wedding #dj #badselfie #selfie #hashtag #scotland #aberdeen #maryculter
Bravo 2 fellow vegan Kerry McCarthy on her views on the environment @KerryMP It takes courage to stand up to the meat industry. @Cowspiracy
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If I ever worked offshore, I guess this would be what I'd look like..... Another photo from @grahamdargie - I was just helping out, though I though they took it a bit far by sending me offshore for a month! ;) #photoshoot #portrait #photography
It's #NationalPunctuationDay! Remember it's "let's eat, Grandma" and not "let's eat Grandma". Don't be a psycho.
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Guys! You can chat to live from 4pm - 6pm with MY - link in bi…
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Walk out the hotel with hairdryer in hand, sheepily come back to hand it back, get laughed at by Michael Mols who's checking in.
I'm contemplating recording and releasing a covers album of @TheRyanAdams 1989 covers album of @taylorswift13 1989 album.
Oh for goodness sake. Now now he’s “snubbing” rugby. There must be 100 things we’re all “snubbing” all the time.…
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Been a busy week of Taiwan variety shows (ahhhh!) and radio interviews. Lots of performanc…
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