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Seth Abner
Starting up some money 8s @
Stream is LIVE! Playing some money 8s with Nadeshot and more friends @ RT's are appreciated <3
Me and Matt need one more for wagers in 30 minutes
I love watching intense call of duty matches, thank goodness i quit sports
Goodmorning fellow gamers :))
Im just chillin in the studio tryna get to you babaaaaay
19 i'm feeling scared as shit
Thanks to everyone that tuned into the stream! Too bad the servers decided to take a dive. More for tomorrow <3 enjoy your nights
Water is a super liquid.
Money 8 session starting NOW! Lets get these dollars ---->
3v3 pro mod with rick and boze @
Anybody for wagers/8's
Starting next round against tK @
I think if me and Ed Sheeran made a song, it would be a pretty good one.
About to start up a BO5 against Salvo in the 2k
Stream is live! 2k with OpTic Gaming RT's are appreciated <3 come chillllll
Goodmorning felllllow gamers :)))
Just finished being put outside my comfort zone for about 4 hours straight. Loved the experience though
What if we really are warriors😅
Goodmorning fellow gamers :)
The streak continues! 13-1 since being in Cali! Ggs to rise and jus.
It's all jokes between @OpTic_NaDeSHoT and I. We love each other deep down.
@CoD_Stats: While in Cali, @OpTic_Scumper has a 1.28 overall K/D ratio. #MainSlayer” OpTic Gaming's main slayer @OpTic_NaDeSHoT
I'm about to hit up this exotic vendor, i got so many strange coins cause i'm the strangest.
Goodmorning fellow gamers :)
My OBS just crashed on me... I'll start up the stream tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.
I grind Destiny too hard, new gear and unlocks are the best feeling
Stream is live! Playing Destiny with my homies @OpTiClayster and @OpTic_ProoFyJC @ RT's are appreciated <3
I could eat something with avocado on it every single day. It's a super food.
Best way to get RT's/Favs is to tweet about sleep during the school year. Wanting more sleep, anything regarding sleep honestly. Pro Tip
We toast our protein shakes over here at OpTic Gaming
Sleep is a top 3 best thing ever
@nVBasedFan: @OpTic_Scumper STFU. ITS ALL REDBULL AND THEIR INTERNET U JOKES” jokes on you, i wasnt at red bull during those matches.
2-0 on the day! Ggs to FaZe and ON! We are on a roll :)
Goodmorning fellow gamers
Won 3-0 with @OpTic_BigTymeR ! THE GOAT! GG's to MW
Stream is live! Have one league match tonight, then not sure what im doing after that! Tune in RT's are appreciated
Had to get chipotle in before the league matches today