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Seth Abner
GG's to vQ in the league, won 3-0! We finally broke positive!
Stream is live! We have one league match tonight -----> RT's are appreciated
OpTic Gaming's Progression on Strikezone Domination: via @YouTube
Chipotle is my lyfeeeeeeeee
Just tried Seaweed. It was actually delicious.
Goodmorning fellow gamers :)
Thanks for watching the 12 hour stream! I'm pooped. More for tomorrow <3
I always hope my teammates aren't noobs in strikes, when it turns out. i'm the noob
Lost in Semifinals to MW! GG's to them, and good luck in the finals
Starting our next match against Most Wanted @ Semifinals of the 5k
Super close match against FaZe! GG's them, playing MW in seminfals
About to start our match vs. FaZe @
Coach Nadeshot Gives Inspirational Speech: via @YouTube
GG's Rise, won 3-1. Moving on to round 4 of the 5k
Best SND player on OpTic Gaming
Playing Rise in the second round of the 5k @ , i messed up my other tweet. I know this.
#1 slayer on OpTic Gaming
Stream is live! Starting the 5k right now @ RT's are appreciated <3
@Foags_Sg: @OpTic_Scumper do u have any other clothes then an og shirt” no
Dinner last night with my love
Goodmorning fellow gamers!!
Safe to to say i am in love with my new phone. Like an unhealthy amount of love
Love is in the air. At build a... Bear. HA!
Going to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Feeling like a baby child again
What is with the Iphone vs Android bs. Just get the phone you want and leave it at that you competitive noodlez
@CETVStats: The highest Blitz K/D recorded in the last 7 events was @OpTic_Scumper’s 1.53 at XGames (min. 4 maps).” Thats how its done
The Iphone 6 is perfect. I recommend.
Got the iphone 6. Expect my first selfie and other pictures throughout the day
About to get the iphone 6
Going to see if i can get a new iphone😎
Goodmorning fellow gamers :)
Another 2-0 day! That makes us 7-1 while in Cali. #OpTicComeback. GG's to curse and tK
About to start our league matches against tK and curse @
Stream is live! About to play some Destiny with @OpTic_NaDeSHoT @ RT's are appreciated <3
Wassup den. Brain testing
Goodmorning fellow gamers!!!!!
What do you tell a team that is down by 49 points.
1-1 on the night! Not too bad, 5-1 so far while on the Cali connection. GG's to tK and Curse
How do you tell a team full of grown men that they still have a chance when they are down 21-0 in the first quarter?
OpTic Gaming on this cali connection >
About to play some more league matches. Our first is against tK @ RT's are appreciated <3
Starting the stream! Destiny, league matches, and probably more in store for today @ RT's appreciated <3