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Hector Rodriguez
Meantime, he'll still be working @TheOpTicCraft til we find a suitable replacement. #OpTicJobs Server Warlock and Head Admin @ the new site.
.@OpTic_ICE is moving on to Woody's server. I wish him luck, no hard feelings, he's still my fave warlock.
#BearDown OG helmet.
In case you missed it this morning, a new Lonely Island has risen! #WishboneIsland… EP 1 - Go like the video friendo!
Best Part of The Day Is When You Find Out @optich3cz Is Starting A #WishBoneIsland Series
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Morning Pals! here is Ep 1 of my new lonely Island series "Wishbone Island" be sure to Like the series if you...
FYI, #WishBoneIsland is delayed because it is stuck at 46% upload. re-upping now.
I tricked a ton of you by calling it a beta code (it was the full game), sometimes good things come disguised as something "uncool"
no @NateCouto, I REALLY just gave a FULL GAME code for someone who doesn't have the game that is ALREADY out. Sit down, good day.
Ps4 destiny beta code: last character is a Letter
Good morning Palios! New Minecraft Series starts in 45 minutes. #WishBoneIsland
Bought these joints while I was in LA, @undefeatedinc #hyperdunks
Ok, day 2 with this monstrosity, today more than yesterday I missed the compact size, today more than yesterday I appreciated the camera.
Peaceful Sunday nights!
Check out my latest upload in case you missed it, "Im Jesus out chea"…
My weapons for today!
Good morning all, (just tweeting to show off how early I'm up) going fishing... What's your plan for Sunday?
#FF question. Should I start D. Walker or replace him with J. Cameron (who is Questionable) let me know.
Est 2006 #GreenWall #OpTicGaming
. @MW_SpaceLy idk, I hated my Mac for a week when I switched over from windows. Now I love it. That's why I'm giving it a shot.
If they didn't make the + the 6 would have been the perfect iPhone. I hate having choices, the 6 is perfect size.
Been using this monstrosity of an iPhone + for 24hrs+ and I'm not sure I can do it... Specially when I hold the regular 6. #Confused
Doing some mind and body testing w/ @OpTic_NaDeSHoT @OpTicGaming what do you think is going on inside their heads?
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@OpTicGaming @optich3cz thanks for the hookup! So happy it's came, best birthday present I could ask for!!
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.@JahovasWitniss u did the right thing, I have the + & it doesn't feel as natural as the 6. IMO, the 6 is pure perfection if it had +'s cam
Been too long since I enjoyed a coffee and a YouTube video for breakfast.
LMAO, just when you think it can't get any worse... #TampaBay.
@optich3cz @ReDub_ @KYR_SP33DY It's because I wear an Optic jersey in Minecraft :P And yes we def need to play!
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Who's camping out tonight for the new iPhone? Do you take the risk of not having it for weeks?
Just ordered my 6 month subscription to @lootcrate thanks @OpTicGaming for my 10% off. Saved me $10.60. @OpTic_NaDeSHoT @optich3cz
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@optich3cz @AOL I make a cameo in this video too... lol hangin out on the VIP deck!
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Check this out, I make a nice little Cameo in this @AOL's Tech Download "The Sport of Gaming" Featuring OpTic,...
Ok… so just recorded 3 episodes of the new series. Be on the look out tomorrow on my channel
I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to get my hands on a pair of #a38 custom Tags (no pun) from @astrogaming @jerseyjoeism & @saberawr! Photo cred: @arondrayer
Good morning palios! Whats everyone up to?
"Tollis is awaiting trial on federal charges and officials say the investigation is ongoing." #ongoing I like the sound of that.
Updated set up, just mounted the new Samsung #4k tv, will be recording setup vid for a new #OpTicCribs episode. #UHD
yup. @ohK4LEN It says #hashtagbluntgod look him up on insta, thats my bff.
A swatter referred to his name as "Matt Haag" when he called dispatch and threatened a building:…
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Remodeling for the new set up video going up this week. #Samsung #4K