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Oprah Winfrey
Thanx @OmronFitness for helping out my girls w/ pedometers. We can stay on track striving to hit 10,000 steps a day!
Good question @AniPemaChodron "Is loneliness fear"? Stomped me for a second. What do you all think? #SuperSoulSunday
"If you've never known fear you can't be fearless" that's a good one don't you think SuperSoulers? #SuperSoulSunday
The richness of life includes the whole tapestry sadness, happiness, all of it. So true @AniPemaChodron #SuperSoulSunday
.@GilbertLiz @AniPemaChodron is describing exactly what you also shared. #SuperSoulSunday
"When Things Fall Apart " is when we usually have the most to learn about ourselves. #SuperSoulSunday
Pema Chodron a Giant in spiritual teaching . Lot's of aha's today. #SuperSoulSunday
Houston we had a great time together. Don't forget to seal our deal. Share your new life vision by 5pm today .#TheLifeIWant
My girls had their first taste of gumbo last night at REEF in Houston!
In all my years, never saw oprah socks before. #LifeYouWantHOU
.@JoshDaspit, In all my year,s never saw oprah socks before. #LifeYouWantHOU
Best trip ever! thank you @SabatinoTruffles for helping me fulfill bucket list dream. Here's to TRUFFLES!
Angelo @AccessItaly.. The guy to know if you ever visiting this beautiful country. #LovingRome
27k people a day visit here. #St.Peter'sBasilica
A visit to Vatican City. #LovingRome
Like Gold to the hunters. White truffles. This dog "Nick" is a star! #UmbriaBucketList
We are teaming up all month long with @theskimm, 2 young producers who have a fresh vision for the news #SkimmWithOWN
I just became a Skimm’er. News that’s smart and fun. Those @theskimm girls are on to something. Check it out!
Let the hunt begin! Truffle hunting in Umbria. # Bucketlist
You've helped raise nearly $2 million to date for youth education charities. #TeavanaOprahChai
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O Happy Day. Another class graduates. Congratulations "Paragons" of OWLAG 2014!
Morning SuperSoulers sorry I won't be here for tweet fest. Carry on with @GilbertLiz #SuperSoulSunday
Agree, @IyanlaVanzant. Forgiveness opens up the heart space and allows miracles to flow in. Give yourself this gift.
.@IyanlaVanzant at her best. More teaching, more healing and more breakthroughs happening tonight on #FixMyLife, 9/8c
.@GilbertLiz, beautiful description of what a soul mate REALLY is. Pt. 2 of our convo this Sunday! #SuperSoulSunday
1 of @IyanlaVanzant soul searing Truth moments about men having multiple babies and baby mama's. #FixMyLife this Sat
Olivia has grown up! Had such a fun conversation with @RavenSymoneCp on #WhereAreTheyNow. She’s so self-aware and comfortable in her own skin. Love that!
.@MadDogMartha yes . If you don't reach and rise to who you were meant to be, the part of you that needed to rise shrivels.
"Any Voice that attacks you is not your highest self".. Not the voice of God not Grace." Beautiful @GilbertLiz #supersoulsunday
.@V_Heritier @AshBenton gets easier when u realize this is "Earth School"..your whole life is going from one class to next. #SuperSoulSunday
.@OnMyOWNworld my reason for being here too. Spread the good. INSPIRE! #SuperSoulSunday
"And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"-Anais Nin #supersoulsunday
"What have I come here to do with my life".. What's your answer?#SuperSoulSunday
"There's always another level.. More grace.. More joy ..a rope ladder to my soul" thank you @GilbertLiz. #Supersoulsunday
Do you all agree "every problem is just fear"? #SuperSoulSunday
All my women friends in Saudi Arabia and everywhere else in the world you can LIVEstream right now
Morning Super Soulers! Get ready to be the Hero of your own story today with @GilbertLiz #SuperSoulSunday
Elizabeth Gilbert and I had one of the best conversations everrrr! The makings of a really Super Soulful Sunday.
.@kenlikebarbie when there's "no judgement no heat" your heart can open. You can hear and be HEALED. That was my takeaway @IyanlaVanzant .
.@DeVonFranklin what's the Next level? @IyanlaVanzant where do we go from here? National Conversation needs to continue. #FixMyLife
.@DeVonFranklin thanks appreciate you. "Healing we Need" for sure. #FixMyLife
I didn't think a show about men having lots of babies would have message 4 me, but it did! #fixmylife @IyanlaVanzant @Oprah
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@IyanlaVanzant God works n mysterious ways Who would have thought fr1st episode"man father 34 kids"would lead 2such healing @OWN #FixMyLife
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Thanks All for watching @OWNTV @IyanlaVanzant television in SeRvice to HEALING! #FixMyLife
.@rolandsmartin thanks for watching. I knew you'd appreciate it. Using @OWNTV to the highest power!
This has got to be the most POWERFUL episode ever in history of this show!!!! @OWNTV @Oprah @IyanlaVanzant @OWN #FixMyLife
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Mother and son forgiving each other. Standing for each other so POWERful. Thank you @IyanlaVanzant. proud of you/proud of @OWNTV #FixMyLife