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Oprah Winfrey
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It's day 1 of #FindingYourFlow! Did you meditate today? I did..tweet me if you did too. U can register and it's FREE!
Thank you @Pharrell that was one of my all time favorite interviews ever. You all now can see why , right? #OprahPrime
.@rllynne2564 so glad you feel what I felt. I could really SEE him @Pharrell . #OprahPrime
.@ChenoaMaxwell @Pharrell I think he was spot on correct. 100%! "The new Black is a mentality." #OprahPrime
""You should not find confidence outside your mirror" @Pharrell profound moment. # OprahPrime
The new black is a mentality. Its not about pigmentation. It's either gonna work for you or against you. #OprahPrime
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.@KiyahWright @Pharrell @OWNTV luv , luv luv his definition of the "new black" didn't you? #OprahPrime
@Pharrell @Oprah @OWNTV A man who recognizes the role of women in the world has my full attention. Thank you for honouring us!#OprahPrime
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.@3LWTV @Pharrell @OWNTV I knew you'd think so. Wait till you hear what he has to say about the "new Black. " I think he's brilliant.
Couldn't you feel his heart @Pharrell? So humble and appreciative of his journey. loved him! #OprahPrime
. @Pharrell this was one of the most sincere humbling moments I've ever experienced during an interview. HAPPY tears.😢#OprahPrimee
The answer was sleeping in the question all along. @Pharrell a-ha! LOVE THAT! #OprahPrime @Oprah
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.@dia_2008 @Pharrell that's what I felt too during whole interview. The guy is a MasterClass! #OprahPrime
.@rodeenas @Pharrell he's put in the 10thousand hrs. #OprahPrime
@Oprah @Pharrell Soooo......eloquent. People hoist me so high that I now know what the clouds look like.
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" I know there's an equation for it" @Pharrell speaking about his success. "My environment, natural propensities , people who recognized it"
Here we go Tweet Hearts.. Come along 🎶🎶 HAPPINESS is the truth@Pharrelll#OprahPrimeme
.@Pharrell conversation coming up in 15 mins. So excited! #OprahPrime
So much Thanks Super Soulers for joining us around our world. Hope you're ready to face the week with a more open heart❤️🙏
.@OWNingLight " you are this Universe expressing and experiencing itself as a Human" deep and exhilarating.. @EckhartTolle #ANewEarth
We caught up with @shalisirkay. Read how mindfulness has helped her take control of her life here
I 'm reading the most profound book I've ever encountered regarding parenting. The CONSCIOUS PARENT /Shefali Tsabary PhD. Interviewing Tues.
Find out how practice and patience changed @dionne247.  Read her update here
You can watch Livestream Where ever you are. Right now . @EckhartTolle #ANewEarth