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John Mitchell
Sometimes you have to give up and let the other person win. But not when it comes to the last square of chocolate
There is a book inside each of us. It is being written every day. Don't leave any pages blank
I am actually very serious about life. It's just that people think I am joking
Sadly, truth is in the eye of the beholder
When I pulled back the curtains this morning and stared up at the sun, it reminded me of my mother. She told me never to stare at the sun
People say you have to give all that you can give. But how would we ever know?
We must exist for ourselves. But we cannot exist only for others
Apparently we all have an appointment with destiny. I'd like to meet the person who controls that schedule
Apparently, the best is yet to come. This is not accurate if you have already had the best of me
Apparently, we have to surrender who we are for what we could become. I surrender!
Today my eyes are in a different camera. Taking pictures for someone I do not know
I have been told that time is passing me by. I just think that gravitational time dilation is manifested in accelerated frames of reference
Today is the start of the rest of your life. Tomorrow it will be the same story
I have found that planning is a terrific distraction from actually doing something
The best way to forget is to not remember in the first place. This is where tequila can come in useful
Going through life never breaking any rules does not mean you will have a happy ending
That awkward moment when you realize you crossed the boundary between exaggerating and outright lying
Here's to the moments when we lived. Let's hope that includes the one you are in right now
I met myself a long time ago, only to find out that it was never meant to be
In times like these, I would be better off without times like these
Your true measure is how well you treat someone who can give you nothing in return. I have therefore decided to be nicer to myself
Something wonderful will happen to you today. That's enough detail for now
There is a party going on inside my head but I don't know anyone who is here
I continue to live in hope that I will do something interesting with my life before I write my memoir
Apparently, there are givers and takers in this world. I have given to myself all my life but I just keep taking
Someday I will be good at being myself
Don't stop at offering that person the moon. Stars, sunbeams and eternity are all available. Just don't offer a house
It'a OK to want to be someone else. I've been someone else all my life
If it gets any noisier inside my head I will have to put some loud music on
It is important to hide some things from the world. That's why there are locks on bathroom doors
Most of my faults belong to someone else
I am finding it quite difficult to be me. I am therefore going to be someone else
Today, you should focus on the things you couldn't be bothered to do yesterday. Tomorrow will be just the same
Sometimes I want to run away from myself, just to see if I will follow
The only thing standing between you and what you want to be is reality
I don't know what’s worse - having to go to sleep or having to wake up
Apparently, nothing is forever. I think we should make exceptions for infinity and eternal love. Also endless nights
I am no longer taking myself seriously. I just discovered that no one else does and I don't want to stand out from the crowd
It only takes a moment to realize what you have been missing for your whole life
This morning I pulled back the curtains to find that the world had moved on without me. I am now yesterday's man
Some of those people inside my head remind me of myself when I was younger
I prefer to live in the past. That way I don't have to worry about my future
It's taken my entire life to learn the things I need to know to live it. I wish I'd known this sooner
I love it when someone says, "I just want to be myself." That's good because no one else wants the job
Sometimes we give up too easily. Just slide your feet out of the bed and put them on the rug. Now just put one foot in front of the other
I will think. Therefore I will be
Some of us worry about nothing. Like carrying an umbrella on a perfect sunny day
At the end of your life, do not wish that you had lived
In the end, the meaning of life will become clear. Personally, I think that's just a little bit late
Lips stop the skin around your mouth from fraying. You can also use them to whistle