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John Mitchell
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It’s funny how we are ready for so many things except the things we are not ready for
I didn’t know I would be here. And I don’t know where I will be next
I look at New York and wonder what came first. This incredible city or the desire to live in a world like this #NewYork
I will change so many things about who I am. But only if it means that we will have an incredible future that could never then have existed
I found this incredible future, softly, desperately hiding behind the past
I found this moment that no one seemed to want. So I kept it for myself
The drama in your life is what keeps it real. It’s the stuff in between that totally drags
I love it when someone is really smart and they don’t even know it
Apparently you can't take back your mistakes. That's good, because I don't want them back
Life isn't short. Actually, it's the longest thing you will ever do
Some of the people who don't want to see you hurt have their eyes closed
Unless you can see beauty, you cannot exhibit beauty
Apparently, gravity always wins. But it does it by bringing you down. You pick yourself up and it does it again
I can't ignore you if I don't even know you are there
If someone inside my head leaves, I let them go. Some people I can just live without
I now know why I am my own worst enemy. I've had a lifetime of practice
Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything
When we first met, I had no idea I would be so important to me. But the feeling eventually wore off
I've finally started listening to myself. I'd better say what I have to say now before I lose interest
Why try to make things happen - when everything comes to he who waits
At least if you are going around in circles, you will never come to a fork in the road
The moment I first met myself I knew it would last for the rest of my life
The color of your day is not in the world out there but the world inside your head, in the replay and planning of life
I need to be more mature about life. In the meantime, I will continue to trip myself up
I always know when I am lying to myself. I do it behind my back