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John Mitchell
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Just spent seven nights in Florida. Not sure what happened to the days
What happens next is also down to you
I know there are secrets I’ve kept from myself. I can tell from the guilty look I’ve got
The most significant thing you’ve ever done is yet to happen
I don’t live alone. Even inside my head
I need a room inside my head where I can go. Somewhere with a fridge. And a lock on the door
I’m ready for everything that like can give me. Which is good, because there are a few things I think I’m owed
Sometimes, life is absolutely amazing. Like right now. The moment you are living
People wonder if imagination is real. And I know that it is as real as you want to make it
I have spent so much time hiding the real me that most people actually think I am normal
I know life is short. But it's wide. I say we should all live life to the full width
You’re in this moment where nothing matters at all. And then, where something matters more than anything you’ve ever known
Rarely do we see the pain that is in beauty
I am going to make a total mess of tomorrow. That way I can look back at all the good times I had today
Take responsibility for your words. Even if they are not your own
I continue to live in hope that I will do something interesting with my life before I write my memoir
I've been treating myself like a stranger. I guess that's what happens when you are just not yourself
I have decided to give up on the really tough goals. Like being taller
I need to spend more time in the real world. I guess that means I will have to stop living the dream
Occasionally, very occasionally, I find myself alone inside my head
Would the person who pressed *Play* inside my head please press *Pause*
I saw my reflection in the mirror this morning. I had to rely on the dog to confirm that it was me
Despite numerous attempts at eviction, I continue to have to live with myself
I know I talk a lot about those people inside my head. But they're the ones who started it
We’re all stars in our own movies. Writing the script as we go along