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John Mitchell
From now on I'm only going to focus on trivial problems. The big ones are far too stressful
My biggest fear is when ignorant people get together and call themselves the majority
We live in a world where being discovered can be a very good thing. Or something we really didn’t want to happen #Fame #Guilty
When we make enemies, we create a network to defeat ourselves
Losses can also be something you’ve never found
Not all the people in my head were invited
Most of my faults belong to other people
I have lots of great moments. I'm just trying to decide which one to live in
I am going to live for today. And tomorrow. Also the day after
The best things in life are free. But so are the worst things
I’ve lost a lot in life. Mostly things I never had
It’s funny how your head can be full of people who think they know you
The good news is that there’s always a party to go to somewhere in the world
Today is just like any other day. Full of astonishing and amazing opportunities
We can be sure we are not who we think we are. Existence is in the eye of the beholder
I have found that doing absolutely nothing can mean absolutely everything
People say there's no time like the present. Personally I think there’s no time like the future
Love yourself first. Just don’t expect to be loved in return
That moment when you realize you have everything you need and nothing you want
You’ve got your whole afterlife ahead of you
No one ever said life would be this easy
People say you should take life a day at a time. But at the end, I would like to be overdrawn
It’s funny how the best times I think I’ve had are the ones I can’t remember
My life is full of deadlines. Intermixed with lifelines
Life is short. But it’s very wide. And deep as you want to make it
A long time ago, someone gave me a piece of their mind. Even though I didn't want it, I never gave it back
Apparently, “old and wise” are not available separately. But you can be grumpy without being old
It's funny how we can accept lies but object to the truth
It's not the memory blanks that trouble me. It's whether I can trust the things that I remember
We weep for the things we cannot change. We cry for the things we can
I’m living life in full color
I never say anything too seriously. Otherwise people will think I meant it
Music is that friend you always want to go drinking with
The words of the prophets are written on the Facebook walls. And Twitter halls. And whispered in the sound of silence
I feel like I am now someone I used to know. And it feels good
Sometimes you want to be away, with someone back home who is missing you
Considering we all know that we won't be here forever, it amazes me how much time we spend on nothing at all
I’ve waited all my life for this day. Same again tomorrow.
You may not know what to do with your life. Just don't take that excuse into old age
Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. Like they will scatter my ashes from a United Airlines flight over the sea #UnitedAirlines
Some people won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes they are capable of
I didn’t inherit a thing. Except for my fears, doubts and anxieties
Sometimes the day is painted the wrong color. But today it is painted with the future
If you’ve glimpsed the afterlife, don’t tell me about it. I prefer surprise endings
Age is tipping the scale away from my youth
It’s ironic that we can’t know the future but we can certainly create it

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