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OMG Facts
Hammocks actually improve sleep quality and make people fall asleep faster.
Rattlesnakes don’t use their fangs when they fight! See why -->
30 Cakes So Hidious, You Couldn't Pay Me To Eat Them. #1 Scares Me -->
This is an amazing plate showing the fossilized remains of Uintacrinus socialis crinoids.
Hearing someone call your name when no one has actually called your name is the sign of a healthy mind
This record player uses laser beams to "read" sound, causing no deterioration to the record itself. See here --->
A gamer group is still trying to uncover the final mystery of a 2005 video game. Have you played it? See here --->
Mexico's Head Coach Just Might Be My Favorite Human Being...And This Is Why -->
Zimbabwe decided to promote the ivory trade to save African elephants--and it worked! Details here --->
23 Photos Of Animals And Their Parents That Will Melt Your Heart. The Otters Are TOO MUCH --->
Old World vultures and New World vultures are not closely related. So why are they so similar? See here --->
15 Celebs You Never Knew Were Born With Physical Deformities...You''ll Be SHOCKED -->
After his "We Shall Fight on the Beaches" speech, Churchill said something much less inspiring. See here --->
Zen and the art of rejection: this best-seller was rejected 121 times before becoming a success! See here --->
I Thought That These Were Just Photos of People Falling...Then I Saw It Was So Much More --->
Alcohol does not kill brain cells. You'll wanna read the details to this one :) ---->
This company was founded over 400 years ago in the Ottoman Empire. It's still going strong! Details --->
Isaac Asimov coined this everyday term without knowing it. He assumed it was already in use! Learn here --->
21 Touching Photos That Prove Animals And Humans Belong Together. #4 Gave Me Chills --->
Do you remember something from before you were 4? Your brain is probably LYING to you. ---->
Elvis Costello once drunkenly referred to Ray Charles as 'blind and ignorant!' See more --->
This man was the first to discover the northern ice caps, and the midnight sun. Details --->
These 25 Cats Don't Have Time For You And Your Conventional Sink Methods. #10 Is POSSESSED-->
The MGM lion killed its trainer and 2 assistants the after the original logo was filmed