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Omar Todd
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Finally watched some cricket @dmartyn30 to see our boys win against South Africa with a bonus point! Awesome #AusvSA ;-)
We can redistribute global wealth, protect the environment from destruction + imprison those who have caused the harm…
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In 2014 our oceans contain six times more plastic than they do marine life. That's scary.
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BREAKING: 6 Activists from @OpGrindStop 2014 Land Crew arrested Saturday in #Faroes headed into court for sentencing. Stay tuned for updates
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The hunt or Grindstop is hitting Faroese tourism. German line, AIDA has turned away & Cruise company Hapag Lloyd may pull out soon. Good RT
#auspol Australian ISPs Willing To Back Online Piracy Crackdown
#tweet4taiji Taiji dolphin massacre is about to begin AGAIN – A dark stain on humanity ▪
Stop the Grind - please support @seashepherd and the volunteers who are trying to save as many whales as possible.
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An Australian woman arrested with 13 other anti-whaling activists via @MailOnline @OpGrindStop @seashepherd #auspol
*BREAKING NEWS* @seashepherd @OpGrindStop Crew Released Pls RT! #Faroes #Grindstop All 14 Sea Shepherd crew (cont)
CALL TO ACTION 14 @GrindStop vols arrested & 3 boats seized in Faroes today. TELL Denmark @UM_dk to release them & to stop the grind! RT!
Actor @charliesheen NOT happy! His Boat seized! @seashepherd @OpGrindStop crew members arrested - Yahoo News… RT!
Danish military arresting brave @seashepherd @OpGrindStop volunteers #FaroeIslands #Denmark #OpGrindStop2014 Share!
#auspol Australian Krystal Keynes Arrested! RT! Denmark Has Now Officially Demonstrated Their Support for (cont)
#auspol One Australian Arrested! Denmark Has Now Officially Demonstrated Their Support for the Whale Slaughter! RT!
*Breaking News!* share! Denmark Has Now Officially Demonstrated Their Support for the Whale Slaughter The whale killing thugs are killing whales with the assistance of the Danish Navy. Danish and Faroese police are flying into Sandur on the island of Sandoy. As to be expected people are cheering i
RT! *CALL TO ACTION TO OUR SUPPORTERS WORLDWIDE!* RT! "We need volunteers now to replace those removed by (cont)
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**BREAKING NEWS UPDATE* RT! RT! Today's Grind and Arrests. A sad day for Pilot Whales in the Faroe Islands. (cont)
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Happening right now! 100 whales in the water- Grind underway!
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@respectfulglobe: Go Sea Shepherd!!! we love you” Thank you, just wished we all loved our planet & oceans as much as u luv @seashepherd :-)
Japan sounds bluefin warning, calls for 50% catch cut | world news Too little too late Japan, we tried to warn U.
BREAKING! Flesh From Beached Bottlenose Whales Slaughtered Yesterday Dumped at Sea by Faroese Whale Killers… Pls RT!
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Despite the media & govt hype regarding shark fatalities in WA over the past three years...
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WA Gov ignores their own science & now their own survey to carry out shark cull… via @SeaShepherd_Aus #NoSharkCull RT
Surveillance of activists is about to get much, much worse | The Stringer… via @WikiLeaksParty Pls RT!
@Jeff_Hansen @OmarSeaShepherd You asked if my SQP ICC legal profile could be applied to save the Great Barrier Reef:!saving-one-o…
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My week on twitter: 30 Mentions, 122K Mention Reach, 20 Replies, 357 Retweets, 667K Retweet Reach. via
*BREAKING* "Did U know there is a law that can entirely stop climate change & redistribute the world’s wealth?”… RT!
Vince Gilligan Announces BreakingBad_AMC Season 6; Begins Shooting Jan. 2015 - Walt Did Not Die! -… via @wpusta EPIC!!
#ThrowbackTuesday I'm 17, Rick Ashley was the look and the future and whole world was in front of me. But I was sor…
#ThrowbackTuesday Here is picture of yours truly, BLUE STEEL look with my mum and dad. Clothes were option in those …