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Ollie Locke
I feel fajita and margarita with a face mask tonight!!
😂😂😂😂😂 I can't deal never laughed so much at fake
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A wonderful Sunday afternoon for @therealgokwan Birthday... Xx
On my way to my gorgeous @therealgokwan 40th birthday party... And I have a feeling today might be drunken!! X
Such a lovely hilarious lunch... I feel next time we need wine!!! Xxx @DerrenLitten @thelesliejordan @JakeCanuso
Off to lunch! Ralph Lauren shirt, monkey genes and blue loafers! X
That @ollielocke has done his bit, now you do yours, yeh? Text FIVE or TEN to 70404 & donate £5 or £10 to @StandUp2C
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@amandabyram1: Every time @ollielocke every time...... #labi” Hahahahaha!!! Every time! #lookslike
Early meetings and filming all day in east.. now time to find the birthday boy for a few essential cocktails! Xx
Happy 40th Birthday to one of my bestest and most fabulous friends in the world @therealgokwan Xxxx
I promise I'll try and be sexier, I'll go and buy new underwear.. Oh and I can buy dental floss en route!!
If Kumit the frog would be sick it would look like guacamole!!
My fabulous and clever @TheFoxProblem co presenter @gemcairn awarded 'one to watch' at the @RedMagDaily awards!! Truly deserved!! X
I'm going to bring back the phrase Hubba Hubba!!
I have the weird craving for a fortune cookie!!
Had the most ridiculous day secret filming.. I quite honestly stink of poop!! However secret.. It is out next month! ;) @Channel4 xx
Our monthly lunch with my rock and roll Showbiz father Lionel Blair! X
A perfect day for lunch with my Showbiz father Lionel Blair Xx
Ok.. This monster is outside my flat.. What the absolute eight legged biggins is that!!!
I have know @LaurenGoodger for years before Chelsea and she is a sweetheart... She deserves to stay in @bbuk Xx
Just spent the last few hours filming tonight's @bbbots laughing and dancing with the beaut @realtinab1 Xx
Ok so I just saw a video on Facebook of a Vietnamese woman breast feeding a puppy... This world is sooo weird!!!
A casual morning shopping on tour with the @AdonisCabaret lads! X
I wonder what Mr Tumnus's first name was?? Dave.. Dave Tumnus?
To the person who moved my life-sized William Shakespeare statue to the end of my bed during the night.. Can shart themselves on the tube!!
Every time I try and sell it... I fall in love with it all over again!! The Union Jack is back to…
Hurrah! The new issue of GT with @ollielocke is the UK's best-selling men's mag – just hours after going on sale!
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Hurrah! The new issue of GT with @ollielocke is the UK's best-selling men's mag – just hours after going on sale!
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My slightly naughty @GayTimesMag front cover and article.. September issue out today.. X
So... I have a very special front cover shoot out tomorrow.. I have had to keep quiet.. But I'll tell you all in the morning! ;) Xx
Huge congratulations wonderful @hotpatooties and @BigBoyler ...So much love and good luck.. Come see us Fox Probleming soon! Xxxx
First day back at work..Rehearsals for presenting the @AdonisCabaret around the country Hollywood tour.. It's seriously absolutely insane! X
My ALS Ice challenge.. Please donate.. I Nominate @JonniePeacock @ollielocke A Swann Av It!!!…
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Just wanted to say to my family at @BeccaBarrMgmt thank you for being my superstars everyday and I love you Xxx
A perfect Wedding with mum and dad xx