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Oliver Sacks
"Nature has employed at least two very different ways of making a brain" - @OliverSacks on worms and jellyfish -
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Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Ralph Steadman? Yes, please!
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What would we see if we could observe cells from the inside? @carlzimmer @nytimes Watch Proteins do the Jitterbug
Can a town be real in the mind, even when it does not physically exist? @nytimes the border of fiction and reality
Fascinating story from @nytimes by @Jenni_Fagan, 'An Illness, Inherited?' on mental illness and its representations
My new article on the mental life of plants, worms, and other organisms is online in this weeks issue of @nybooks
How the zebra got its stripes @nbc
Happy 80th birthday to the inspirational Jane Goodall: naturalist, educator and global hero @JaneGoodallInst
See the bionic leg that helped a dancer to dance again @TED_TALKS
Beautiful aerial photos of Iceland's volcanic rivers. @smithsonian, art created by nature can be the most profound
Strange truth @NPR some people do not respond emotionally to music, especially those with amusia who can't hear tones
The @wellcomebkprize nominations inc @OliverSacks 'Hallucinations'. Read our interview with him, from @jessiebaldwin
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Do we gain wisdom as we age? @nytimes @phylliskorkki investigates, 'the Science of Older and Wiser'
Join Dr. Sacks and John Hockenberry for a live webcast discussion of neurological rehab, today at noon EDT
Amazing time-lapse footage of Yosemite National Park across the seasons. @NatGeo the story of project 'yose'
Join Dr. Sacks and John Hockenberry as they discuss neurological rehab, live webcast tomorrow, March 26, at noon EDT
"It is always disappointing when there is a missed opportunity to raise awareness" @nytimes Understanding aphasia
Mineral preserved in diamonds suggests vast amounts of water may exist deep beneath Earth's surface @BBC
John Updike, born 82 years ago today, on how to have a productive daily routine and what aspiring writers should know
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LSD reconsidered for therapeutic use in terminally ill patients @nytimes, trial suggests powerful anxiolytic effects
Do Brain Workouts Work? Science Isn't Sure. @nytimes attending a lecture may be as effective as 'brain trainers'