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Oliver Sacks
Interesting article by @OliverSacks on what it is like to "see" after a long period of #blindness. Not what you think
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Could brain implants help restore lost memories? @smithsonian
Great Earth Science Picture of the Day: Bioluminescence and Galactic Glow
I will be doing a live interview on @scifri today at 3pm, discussing a new film about music therapy. Stream here:
If Charles Darwin or Tycho Brahe had been on Twitter, what might they have said? via @theguardian
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Watch as an Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmer Gets His Very First Taste of Chocolate:
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Congratulations to our friends at Fountain House on the Hilton Humanitarian Award!
Watch the trailer for 'Alive Inside' here:
RT @joshgroban: The science to back up #artsed is growing and exciting.
'Alive Inside' shows the power of music as therapy for dementia patients, now playing at @sunshine_cinema in NYC
Why music makes people feel "Alive Inside" via @katiecouric
Photo: An octopus’s garden for tentacle-lovers of all ages!
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Happy 81st birthday, Oliver Sacks! The iconic neurologist on plagiarism and the necessary forgettings of creativity
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Thank you everyone for the well-wishing and congratulations on my 81st (or thallium) birthday!
“No matter what your age or your life path…it is not too late or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity"
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"To be human is to be aware of the passage of time" @brainpickings on memory and mental time travel
How do we define literature? RT @The_Millions: "The canon may be gone, but the idea of the canon persists."…
Can musical ability be measured? Dr. Müllensiefen has come up with some interesting ways to measure musicality
Are you a super recognizer? I most certainly am not...
New insight into how bats conquer the air from Brown University researchers @nytimes
I am speaking tomorrow with Danny Chamovirtz in Jerusalem at Hebrew University Center for Rationality, Feldman Building, room 130 at 5pm!
Happy Bloomsday to all Joyce readers!
Saluting Hidden Wings on five years of nurturing young adults with autism, and making the world a better place!