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Okan Apaydin
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I waited for a life long dream, You did not show up. Years followed one another, with hope of, may be! Sixties...
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook… #Buyers become finikier as the homes for sale dries up. Did you miss your chance for a home?… 9 DC luxury homes waiting for you. Invest in Property.… NJ Fema help is continuing. #Sandy is gone but Fema still lingers on.… REALLY? A free HOME with a character? If you are #takented don't have to be rich to own one… Do you want to become a #citydweller? Have some idea about the facts?… Philadelphia region, #foreclosures 8 yr high. ??? Are we doing something wrong?
w/FOLLOW @ Asaf Shani
Turkiyenin uyanamayan muhalifleri; BEN kavgasi sure dursun , eger #TurkGencligi olmasa , cook onceden Turkiyenin FATIHASI okunmus olurdu.
We are missing a beat in the Soviet scene.This is worst then being hung-over. In less then a #generation, w'll be back to a new cold war
Going back to "Old Soviet Glory" slowly but surely. #Theteam seem to be out foxing any one.
Three months ago China tested a long range rocket. Again China finished their first Air Craft Carrier and North...
Does; PMA help you live healthy and longer? Do the bears do it in the woods? #Homes in the country are happier.
Snow is the whiteness of water, where some feel the temp., others the artful beauty. I feel, #happy days of childhood
Does power of Mother Nature amaze you? Do you think you are more powerful when you change the lives of many? #Real
How often do you think of GOD? Only when hopelessness takes over! When you sin, OR investing? #Make a powerful move.
Important mortgage tip for 2014 homebuyers: Document your finances! #realestate @MSNRealEstate
Retweeted by Okan Apaydin… About eating and cabarnet! Get some feed back from the #wine experts.… Now a statistic or a reminder of a bad banking of bankers. #realestate is great investment… You be the #judgeme before you decide buying a home on short sale.… Lehigh county sheriff sale to start on 1/24/2014 . Good deals for investors.
Old masters' idea of "porno". This should not be our take. I hope you enjoy it and give it the thought it deserves.… Very affordable homes in Tampa, Fla. for the retiring and retired seniors. #SeniorBowl active
Are we a nation of war mongers? We praise our young men and send them to war, with borrowed money. #creditunion debt
If owning a gun or guns is wrong for "TERRORIST" Does that NOT make us all terrorists. Matter of "RIGHTS", really!
Our heroes are coming back from killing any and all terrorists. Now they are mentally disturbed. 2nd amendment-help?
Let's get back to the GUN control little later, after 500 more killed-tomorrow.
President Obama is no longer opening his mouth on the GUN CONTROL. Did I miss anything? #gunsense stopped him?
How many guns one can own before he is stopped because it is illegal? Is wild, wild west in the horizon? #guncontrol
Curious! Does second amendment give right to a person to own a handheld nuclear gun? when technologically possible?… Are all Americans who own guns really EVIL? Get FREE knowledge on Selling and buying property
Capitalism is the basis of the right to own a gun. Assets, one owns should be protected; by personally owned GUN!?
Are we getting older? OR Are we getting wiser? If so! Why are we still a war going NATION? #MorningWin… @wine is too good to be called expensive! Tasty Cabernet and aromatic chardoney.… Santa Barbara, the best of the best, in #wine and #hospitality to wine drinkers.… #wine lovers concierge on the go. Drive, Drink Wine and be pampered.… $29 PA #Auto insurance!? Worth checking out! #wine is not a drivers' friend… ZOA conmdemns President Obama. Give and take WORLD politics endure! #politics