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Okan Apaydin
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I waited for a life long dream, You did not show up. Years followed one another, with hope of, may be! Sixties...
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook… #Buyers become finikier as the homes for sale dries up. Did you miss your chance for a home?… 9 DC luxury homes waiting for you. Invest in Property.… NJ Fema help is continuing. #Sandy is gone but Fema still lingers on.… REALLY? A free HOME with a character? If you are #takented don't have to be rich to own one… Do you want to become a #citydweller? Have some idea about the facts?… Philadelphia region, #foreclosures 8 yr high. ??? Are we doing something wrong?
w/FOLLOW @ Asaf Shani
Turkiyenin uyanamayan muhalifleri; BEN kavgasi sure dursun , eger #TurkGencligi olmasa , cook onceden Turkiyenin FATIHASI okunmus olurdu.
We are missing a beat in the Soviet scene.This is worst then being hung-over. In less then a #generation, w'll be back to a new cold war
Going back to "Old Soviet Glory" slowly but surely. #Theteam seem to be out foxing any one.
Three months ago China tested a long range rocket. Again China finished their first Air Craft Carrier and North...
Does; PMA help you live healthy and longer? Do the bears do it in the woods? #Homes in the country are happier.
Snow is the whiteness of water, where some feel the temp., others the artful beauty. I feel, #happy days of childhood
Does power of Mother Nature amaze you? Do you think you are more powerful when you change the lives of many? #Real
How often do you think of GOD? Only when hopelessness takes over! When you sin, OR investing? #Make a powerful move.