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Wyatt Kane
I just realized that there really should be a @flula soundboard app.
Why no Back to the Future 4 this year? Someone missed that train. #PunIntended
9 our of 10 doctors recommend pizza. #FakeExerciseFacts
Hey @HBO... I think it's time to bring back Tales From The Crypt, don't you?
So... @BurgerKing has an item called "Extra Long Pulled Pork". Someone snuck that through. #YesIAm8YearsOld
I am sure that #AppleMusic will be great, but I am staying with @Spotify. Competition is a good thing though. It drives innovation.
This may sound strange, but I am very on board with @SnoopDogg for Twitter CEO #SnoopforCEO @twitter
Pretend sale? So classy @RockstarGames. Do $5 off if you are so afraid to lose money. Don't become "that" game company. One EA is enough.
So sad to hear about Christopher Lee. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.
There is nothing hotter in this universe than the cheese in @hotpockets
Iced tea is important. Also sweetened iced tea is "sweet tea", unsweetened iced tea is just "iced tea". Why is that so hard?
It's about time they make new movies based on the "Dune" universe.
I liked a @YouTube video from @ohmywyattkane Relaxing Motivation with Shia LaBeouf (ASMR Parody)
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The cuteness is real. Very real.
I love TV shows that pay for the actual music, instead of knockoffs.
Binge watching old @soucefed videos. Comment commentary. Truth or Dare. Bloopers. Table talk. I can’t stop.
I am not racist or sexist, and I will not live in fear of my own words. Now go hug someone different than you.
Our society is so scared about what is PC that we are missing the actual bad things.
Saying that someone is “black” isn’t racist. If someone calls me “white” it’s not racist. There is actual racism to fight out there.
Shia LaBeouf is here to relax you?
I want to see a Transformers film directed by Guillermo del Toro.
Dear social media companies, Circle or square avatar. FUCKING PICK ONE! JUST. PICK. ONE. #RantyRants
Just saw the first 30 min of Transformers 3... I can't even deal with how bad it was. How can anyone like it?
Watching #Sense8 on @netflix! Let's do this!
I have seen many horrible movies in my life but Tomorrowland wasn't one of them. Sad to see a movie get such a bad review.
I have determined that our society expects too much from entertainment. Maybe just enjoy it and stop complaining.
Ok so S'mores Oeros are amazing but hey @Oreo why not call them S'mOreos? #smoreos
It official... I think I am a @netflix addict.
One of the best parts of the 80’s was the lack of fear by creators. We need to go back to that.
Kudos to @tacobell for decreasing the use of artificial ingredients in their food. Just another reason why I like them.
Well... That's enough internet for today... cc @egspoony
That face I make when I am using my foam roll for my back. #OuchGoodPainHurts
Thunder and rain? Time to get the best sleep ever.
If @McDonalds only gave receipts on request in the drive thru imagine how much paper would be saved. I just toss them. #waste
10000 Subscribers and Why Am I Naked?: via @YouTube
Just saw @madmanmendez' Big Ass Spider with @greggrunberg and it was awesome. Loved it.
Seriously? $40 for Season 2 of @NBCBlacklist? Under $20 sure but $40 is too much :(
Zombeavers? Seriously? Sigh.
I liked a @YouTube video The Best Parts of Porn - SourceFed Podcast
I could really go for some unagi rolls right about now.
Can you handle 3 hours? I seriously doubt it.
I just noticed that @SethGreen doesn't actually age.... Hmmmmm

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