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Wyatt Kane
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Today I embark on a crazy new adventure, with craziness and adventure… ness. What will it be? How will it go? Will this tweet ever…
.@jacksfilms I am still listening to a jam he started in ’99! cc @roomieofficial
Apparently I am all about that bass.
3 Doors Down Up The Stairs Make A Left Down The Hall And Ask For Willie #RuinA90sBand @midnight
White People Hot Chili Peppers #RuinA90sBand @midnight
.@SenTedCruz @tedcruz Just in case you missed this. “Net Neutrality” isn’t what you are saying it is.
Another sign of things to come :( RT @fieldproducer: CNN pulls out of Russia, citing new media laws:
Omg. This is the best thing ever. Mythbusters vs Ghostbusters epic rap battle!!!…
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If my back could stop hurting that would be great. kthx
MT “@WhiteHouse: President Obama is urging the @FCC to protect” The internet is a utility.
You know its a @ohmywyattkane video when you skip a few minutes in and you see a ciggarette being covered in lube.
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Why ask me if I want a receipt if you are just going to give me one? I would not complain, but it happens like 90% of the time.
It's always a good time for a sandwich!
I need to get out more.
And now to find breakfast. If you want to search with me please use the music I have attached to this tweet.…
The very last @CholulaHotSauce in the restaurant!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!
Got my #iPhone6Plus. Now I need my CandyShell Card case from @speckproducts (I keep bugging them, they must be sick of me by now)
Even with coffee, I'm still drooling. Today is going to be a fun day!
It’s really unfortunate that Taylor Swift has pulled her songs from @Spotify Mainly because now she won’t be getting any of my money.
Time to massage a butt. Yup, you heard me.
I have a cat who might be having a panic attack.
Totally getting my nails done. #YouTubeLife
I liked a @YouTube video from @ohmywyattkane How Long Can You Last? (10 Hours) (Intentionally Stupid)
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After 3 weeks of little to no good sleep, my body has decided that it's time to catch up. #OdinSleep
I liked a @YouTube video from @ohmywyattkane How Long Can You Last? (10 Hours) (Intentionally Stupid)
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This mythical “extra hour of sleep” is wonderful as long as you sleep to begin with… #DaylightSavingsTime
I am disappointed in myself for this...
I am powered by coffee.
I am sorry but I really hate clowns… no, wait… I am not sorry.
Cold outside? Fan on? Window open? Heater blasting? Yes. Why? Because fuck you, that's why. #merica
Today in a shocking move, @CVS_Extra and @riteaid will now only accept DNA test results, tax returns or 2 months of your mail as payment.
Thanks Muffins for coming to the LIVE show!! #wklive
Live show starting in 15 MIN! #wklive Sorry about the time confusion.
I liked a @YouTube video from @ohmywyattkane Relaxing Fear Massage (ASMR Parody)
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