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Wyatt Kane
Time to ditch the hair helmet...
I forgot how big the @FillmoreDEN is :)
Lorde time!!! (@ Fillmore Auditorium - @FillmoreDEN for Lorde and Lo-Fang w/ 16 others)
brain·wash·ing (brān′wŏsh′ĭng, -wô′shĭng) n. 1. How kitty uses this face to get food and snuggles.
Sorry about your melting heart ;)
You show me a video of Superman "ghost riding the whip" and then we can be friends. Cc @TOMayorFord
Not gonna make it to @PlaylistLive this year. :( Have all the fun for me. #PlaylistLive
SportsBall Update! That team beat the other team and your team may or may not have lost. #MarchMadness
I love artisan videos. It’s always amazing to see someone do something seemingly simple like a boss.
Who needs a toothpick? I have my fist!
"I would kick your ass harder, but I forgot my inhaler" #ActionMovieWyatt
"I may be out of bullets, but I've got your nose." #ActionMovieWyatt
"You're on the wrong side of stupid" #ActionMovieWyatt
I want a badass phrase I say to bad guys. #ActionMovieWyatt
Picture of a penis on local affiliate was accidentally shown. Everyone freaks out. I think our priorities as a society are a bit off.
If you wondered how many places that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 could have landed…. here it is. Makes me sick.
The amount of stupid in the air today is epic. Universe is off.
Happy St. Patricks Day!
Relaxing Guided Meditation (ASMR Parody): via @YouTube
Speaking of... There needs to be a Demolition Man sequel.
Yup, gonna get into a fight today.
Mah baby. #caturday
Punctuation isn’t optional it’s, the law.
I am a frost wizard!
I don't always talk like a baby… But when I do it's usually to my cats.
I liked a @YouTube video from @ohmywyattkane Tuna in a Toothpaste Tube (Intentionally Stupid)
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I liked a @YouTube video from @ohmywyattkane Tuna in a Toothpaste Tube (Intentionally Stupid)
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.@subaru_usa sponsoring @PhillyD? My life has come full circle.
I am binging on musical soundtracks today. #AllThatJazz
#WhileTwitterWasDown I found out that the meaning of the universe is actually not 42.
Wintergreen Livesavers… I feel like a drug addict.
Your spoon is invalid.
Coming home after a stressful day to a @ohmywyattkane video is the best feeling
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