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Wyatt Kane
I am officially over it. All police officers need body cams. Sorry good cops, the bad cops ruined it for you.
To the guy that killed Cecil the Lion… Fuck you. That is all.
Why is there no @Minions @AngryBirds? I will accept check or cash. @Rovio @UniversalPics
TV show and movies, listen up. If there isn't any liquid in a cup it's stupidly obvious. Come on...
The best things happening while you’re dancing.
Scientists like to talk about not finding aliens, but all the stuff they got wrong about Pluto really drives it home that they don't know.
"Sexcavator". Something that I am sure David Bowie has said once in his life.
Time to call 911 of course! They will help... right?
I may have a new website. Work in progress, but go check it out!
Irony = 1 Wyatt = 0
You know what? If Dov Charney wants to meet me in a parking lot I will be glad to punch him in the face. Just sayin’.
I liked a @YouTube video GoPro: Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave - Uli Emanuele
I should not be thinking about using my furnace in July. Seriously, what the hell?
#QOTD "I want them to make a human centipede that goes all the way around the world and they hum 'we are the world' before they die."
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Puma knockoff… but I want it.
If you are carrying a bunch of open top boxes and say that you are “helping Matt”, you can literally get in anywhere.
This is exactly how my brain feels today.… cc @egspoony
If @ProfBrianCox had taught my classes in school, learning would have been way easier.
So @JeremyClarkson @MrJamesMay @RichardHammond if you guys sign with ITV how would I get the show in the US? I was hoping on @netflix :(
I liked a @YouTube video Indoor Fire Works on The 4th of July?
Wha cha doin' down there?
Hey guys… WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS WHEN DONE IN THE BATH ROOM. I don’t care about your excuses, just do it.
I liked a @YouTube video from @ohmywyattkane Relaxing Guided Vacation (ASMR Parody)
Why do people have a problem with women playing the #Ghostbusters? … stupid.
Get ready for “data plan gate”. As #AppleMusic uses more data than Spotify. People will freak out.
I liked a @YouTube video FX150180 RMR RECRUITMENT V5
It's time for you to take a vacation. You deserve it.
Don’t worry, I am not suicidal. But I found this via @reddit. Good job @YouTube.
I find it hilarious how the BBC are being dicks about #TopGear now.
If you created an app, it breaks and you never plan on updating it please remove it from the App Store.
Yay marriage equality! But seriously, don’t run out and get married just because you can. That’s advice for any type of couple.
I love K-Pop. Makes me feel happy.
You can bounce signals off of the atmosphere. Or super alien communication that can go through planets.... Sigh. Love this movie. #endrant
A huge ship with shields? You don't need little ships to protect it. Also all that tech and the aliens had to use our satellites? (Cont'd)
I hate to ruin Independence Day for everyone... But those aliens could have wiped us out from orbit. Also their little fighters??? (cont'd)
Don't know what to do for a vacation? Binge watch @sourcefed's #TableTalk That's what I did!* *Side effects may include @stevezaragoza
Remember when @netflix added #Ascension and we all learned that @Syfy cancelled it? Yeah... Displeased.
.@tim_cook If it's a racist as promoting hate, then that makes sense. But historical apps? Games? Really?
.@tim_cook I hope the rumors about Apple removing apps because of the confederate flag are untrue. That's censorship.
Bathing cats is so fun! Cc @twitchykitty
Allyl isothiocyanate is delicious. #wasabi

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