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Wyatt Kane
I really wish @BlueMicrophones made a shotgun style mic for DSLRs. It would sound amazing.
The volume was set to 11. Didn’t know. Headphones on. Pressed play. Now I need a new chair.
Compiling source code. Seriously.
I am so dry it should be illegal.
Black Friday? Ok. Cyber Monday? Umm, sure! Green Monday? Seriously? Sigh.
I really hope that @amazon isn’t going to start showing ads with #AmazonPrime movies and TV. That’s the reason I canceled Hulu.
I liked a @YouTube video from @ohmywyattkane Ask Nurse Matt 4 (ASMR Parody)
Retweeted by Wyatt Kane
You asked Matt questions, now he is here to answer them!
Ok so 9 lbs of cayenne pepper in my dinner was a good/bad idea. It’s delicious….ly killing me.
For those who are asking @SeanCaspian and I are not having a public YouTube celebrity fight. But his videos suck and I hate him. #NotAFight
What kind of complete weirdo drinks egg nog at 1:33am? I mean really. What a weirdo. Like wow. #Nog4Lyfe
Just remember. Boobs in the thumbnail. The only key to being successful on YouTube.
Rockin’ only one contact lens today. Yeah… #BlurryTweet
Just saw part of Crank: High Voltage. Now I am sad and seriously motion sick.
Diary of a Sociopath - Pepsi Has Arbys: via @YouTube
Foot. Oh... Ummm... Yeah and ummm, ball? #StonerSports @midnight
I don't care what anyone says, EasyCheese is amazing. Cc @twitchy_kitty
Little tip, if someone tells you about surgery needed for your pet, don’t say “Just put them down and get a new one.” Seriously, fuck off.
That awkward moment when a YouTuber you used to watch doesn’t really make videos anymore, but pretends that they do.
I should be sleeping. #faceduck #selfie #nosleep #hashtagabuse #grain #cereal #glutenfree
Poor dude needs tooth surgery. :( Where is the money tree?
Hey muffins! New videos are back on Wednesday!
She's an odd one :) #cats
Took Zeva for a ride to get Jimmy Johns today., she had fun :) (No idea why I have murder face)
Just saw #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy again. Damn fine movie.
I hate artificial time limits on tv shows.
I can get on board with this. cc @egspoony
Within Temptation @WTofficial did a song with Xzibit @xzibit ???? My life is now complete.
This might be my new favorite song.
Holy crap people. Pie should not be eaten for every meal! Someone please stop me. Or make less pies next year. #pie #toomanypies #foodpie
If it does’t squeak, it’s not real #Stormtrooper armor. #TheForceAwakens
In case you haven’t see the new #StarWars teaser… you really should. #TheForceAwakens
This is for all the people who have to work on Thanksgiving.
Hey stores! Why not have your super early Black Friday sales the day before Thanksgiving… Then everyone is off for Thanksgiving… Radical!
It's a weird Colorado thing.
Looters in #Furgeson… Are you fucking kidding me? How is what you are doing going to help anything?
CNN, MSNBC, FOX News… Do you really think they don’t plan out their “controversial” reports to get views? It’s all a lie.
Unhappy kitty. We cleaned his ears :(