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Odd Future
It's just a phone... #moreimportantthingstoworryabout
FFUUCCKK SSOO GGOOODD even after all of these years. #brandnew #jesselacey #dejaentendu
I don't really notice any differences. Thoughts?
California is the best state in the world and there's more songs written about this state than any other ratchet state. I'll live here till I'm dead but IM SICK OF THIS HOT ASS SUMMER. LET IT BE WINTER PLZ. GODDAMNIT!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! BALL SWEAT ISNT COOL
The new design looks like a cheap knockoff of an iPhone. And how are you going to fit the iPhone 6 plus in your pocket? You're gonna need a fanny pack to store that in. Overall, I'm sticking with my 5s till my next upgrade next year 😬😬
Pizza is the only thing that makes me happy too, Kanye.
She didn't care about anyone's approval and I love that. Live your life the way you want to - it's much more fun that way. (Unless you want to be a murderer or something, then don't live like that). RIP ya old lady.
#WomanCrushWednesday πŸ‘
What do you guys think? #art
The song should be called "oh my god look at my implanted butt".
The face you make when you're at a music award show and realize everyone there has talent except for you @kimkardashian @kyliejenner @kendalljenner #tru
@higasha #feelingsometypeofway
Does anyone even know who this girl actually is? Dm me her info. It's love. #gotmefeelingsometypeofway #bae
@yungtaco eating a young taco. #ofwgkta
Osama The Creator. #AnacondaVideoHadMeLike #FeelingSomeTypeOfWay
#tbt of the sewer rat @darealmistavuhsachee. Photographed by @julianberman #oddfuture #golfwang
Don't wanna mess with that ebt!
#vanssyndicates #golfwang
#costcorun #niggas #summertime #fuckthisheat #cantwaitforwinter
@thefatjewish gets me.
#ofwgkta #ofskatepark
Youth. #tbt @darealmistavuhsachee & @yungtaco