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what injustice has been done to our and ancient cultures and tribes
love is like space. the one thing that connects everything.
The most beautiful thing about life could very easily be perceived as the most unfortunate.
Annunaki: Let's go get this gold, yo.
You think I am nothing. You got something coming. Because, I hear Gods whisper. We are the savior // @Raury #UNITETHEINDIGOS
I was gone away under a rock somewhere in an infinite universe a macrocosm in the big picture of nature and spirit a lone consciousness
we all live in a huge crystal ball
shouts out to a fellow indigo @tsaiyoh
entertainment now a days is not about giving people what they want. but giving people what they need.
we wonder why we're sick. look at the food farmers wearing radiation suits.
Doja Cat - Feat. Willow Smith
You are All That Is, experiencing All That Is, for All That Is, with All That Is.
people don't really listen to your words
people don't move their bodies
we didn't arrive here arbitrarily
I stand by my fellow Adamu
Guess I was born to make mistakes. But, I'm not scared to pave the way.
Kanye is pure art
childish gambino is pure flows
NO ONE can deny that drake is a genius.
Thoth n' Friends
I have many things to learn, and conditionings to understand.
there's so much more, so much more light, so much more joy, so much more understanding, so much more connectedness, so much more love.
shouts out to the two main kids in The Giver
water holds ancient knowledge.
Californian star systems will always be with me - vega
casually seeing space crafts
all you need is a bike
the government is lying. shout out to @OfficialWillow
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