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Happy Birthday Téo
love has been more abused than drugs
anything that Johnny Depp does is right.
we are all just a higher consciousness fragmented vibrating in a third dimensional form
"socially touchy subjects" lol
all a performance is to me is a conference
consciousness is all that is and nothingness as well
the adventure this life could be if we just let ourselves be free !
society has even put shade on the word BEWARE. when really all it means is beAWARE.
Almost showtime! Stream the concert LIVE @thefader #faderfortconverse and hear my new EP "3".
Seeing Willow is always like having an ice cold glass of distilled water. She brings me peace and centers my spirit.
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reality should be the same word as perception
Lorde ft. Willow Smith
the raisin between the hemispheres
your voice is music
Telana is like Switzerland in the social Eco-system.
don't question yourself
the people who make commercials promoting good health are the same people making Cheetos.
image and being are two different things
“I wanna transcend personality. I wanna transcend all of that and go into a higher state of being.” - @OfficialWillow
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how come every one on this planet knows we're just a floating sphere in space and still questions the existence of a higher power.
well I guess we're just some melancholy souls...
being a leader in the 1970's is unlike anything a kid of the 21 century will ever experience in a lifetime.
the red barrel always puts the fox on Tells road
we will all be able to survive off of sunlight only soon enough
at night I'm watching Buffy, In the day I bring my stake to school.
we're sitting in a circle, we're sitting in a circle.
Hey @noahcyrus Me You And Willow Should Look At Trees Together.
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we magnetized it
How could she have grief, how could she be unhappy when she see's the true Onesness of all that is?
Our biggest failure is to see patterns.
what injustice has been done to our and ancient cultures and tribes