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Megan Mace
I don't know what's going to happen in life and that's the beauty of it.
Basically... 👌 RT@ThoughtCatalogg: 16 Things To Know Before Dating An
SURPRISE sometimes we still do covers 😏@SamHuntMusicc#LeaveTheNightOnn ❤️
Sister, sister. 💋
#TBT to that time I was in The Hunger Games. 😜 #jk #itshuntingseason
The truth comes out eventually so you might as well start with it.
*Attempt 2* HERE is this week's episode of #ThisWeekInTheNation @MyCountryNation ☺️💋
K the link I copied didn't copy so that's awkward
This has over 20,000 plays on SoundCloud and that makes me really happy ☺️ thank you!!!…
Sometimes you have to forgive yourself.
Finish this sentence... WELCOME TO __________
Ya know when you're just in a funk? 😣
It's come to the point where I set my alarm an hour early so I can hit snooze for an hour and still be on time
Came home to brand new flannel sheets that I wanted on a made bed. I have the best twin in the world 😍 @stella218
Congrats Ned & Hallie ❤️👰
YA know how I know it's halloween season? Some old guy just came up behind me in Starbucks and went "Happy Halloween" right in my ear. 👌
PS if you wanna cry buckets of tears in one of the best movies ever, go see The Best of Me.
I feel like when I'm in public places I'm always in someone's way
Today it's Megan & Liz vs. The Garbage Disposal
Cinderella(s) circa 1995. #tbt
The T-Swift Fearless Era was my driving playlist this evening. 😌
My favorite store when I go home is @flourishboutique because LOOK AT THIS SWEATER 😍 #imobsessed
Here's me fangirling on camera about how @taylorswift13 RT'd me. @MyCountryNation
This whole "everything is Midi Length" trend is really cute, but very difficult if you're 5'2" 😑
Just in case you need a reminder... Everything is gunna be okay.
My happy place. ☺️
"Lie With Me" by @ladyantebellum 😍😍😍
No 👀shadow ✌️day
are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet
Driving home and the weather is about to be horrible, so of course all of our moms have called us multiple times. #loveyoumoms ⚡️☁️
Somethin' about 17
#sunsetpicPCB ☀️
Man, shoutout to @ddlovato cuz that girl seems genuinely happy and it shows. 👏☺️
See you at 2:20 tomorrow PCB! 😜
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We've been stuck in traffic 4 times so far on this road trip. 😑
BEACH this weekend this is NOT A DRILL *it's my favorite things combined, show/beach* THIS IS ME 😍
When @danielkalisher sends you these kinds of pics 😭😭�
Now THIS IS COOL. This one's for all of you. ☺️ thank you thank you thank you I love you I love you I love you.
I always forget that singing quietly to yourself looks a whole lot like talking quietly to yourself....
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5 years ago today, these starry-eyed 16-year-olds were high school sophomores dreaming about being singers. Then Oprah showed Taylor our cover of "White Horse" and changed our lives forever. This day lit a fire in me that hasn't gone out since. It's crazy what can happen, what dreams can come true i