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Thane Koi
On the way to West uber is cool as hell. Doesn't speak at all, but he's cool.
Loving #IAmCait right now! It should be about acceptance, period.
Starting the Vegan diet now! Wish me good luck.
Animal control is some fuckery.
Daylight come and me wanna come home
I just wanna focus on me
Ummmm, I need to know what kind of bird this is. Because it just landed on top of my fence at my house. #scaredofbigbirds #CallingAnimalControl
Does eyeballs sweat? Like seriously. I'm nervous. But staying cool like a mothafuggaaaaa. #Boom
It's Fait Accompli...
Got few tricks under my sleeve..
Up late all night finishing work.
Go purchase Auntie @JanetJackson's new single, #NoSleeep right now!
I'm influential in Hip Hop!!!! And don't forget it. #MovingToBiggerThings
Going back in the studio very soon...and you guys are gonna be a part of it. Very exciting news coming real soon! #TheBlackroom
My heart goes out to #Lafayette, Louisiana.
Shoutout to them Texans 😏
Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit vanilla, bout to get this hamburger popping at In-N-Out!
3 a.m and I'm zoning like a mothafugggaaaaa!!!
I'll just sit on my seat at the VMA and watch these artists beef with each other. They don't want none of me. #Whowannafuckwithme!?
Yo, these artists wilding right now.
"Remember, you can't reach what's in front of you until you let go of what's behind you." - Unknown
Good afternoon
Mexico trips, baby!!!!
Time to just read and relax
It's too hooooootttttttt for this! #SummaTimeee
Is it just me or I woke up really hot?
Look at that rocket...
Why so serious!??????? *in Joker's voice
That Michelle Pfeiffer, That white gold!
Just wanna lay in my bed with the big fan blowing at me. Can't really believe it is literally 90 degrees in Malibu!
Catching some shuteye
Late night watching #Hannibal
Just wanna cuddle in my bed and watch all of my AHS DVDs
gotta go to sleep....
I miss Aaliyah...I would do anything to bring her music back...
Arabs do it bettaaa. 😝
Got pics of us chilling in our hotel room and you're gonna play like you got victimised by that fake story? Bye. #MarriageBootCamp
I'm not the one to air my dirty laundry but I can't take it that someone is just covering face for the media. Nah, it's not gonna happen.
I'm sorry but he's lying. Had relations with you in 2007 and you liked it. And I'm a real dude about it. #SorryNotSorry #MarriageBootCamp
Got the biggest graphic illustrator in Japan working on my book cover. THIS. IS. EPIC.
Anyone know a good chest work-out that burns fat faster?

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