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Go follow on Twitter right meow!!! @We_Are_C7C This clothing line is going to be huge when it gets off the ground! Hard work and dedication will get them there! I'm backing these guys 100%!!! Let's get it! And also follow on Instagram @r_c7c !!!
Lookin better by the day!!! 😁 I appreciate all the support!! #6 #Six #Local #NationWide #Global #Reverbnation #Florida #WinterPark #Orlando #Salisbury #Maryland #EShore
#Orlando #WinterPark #Florida #Music #HipHop #Rap #RnB #FullSail #Reverbnation #Charts
For real, I don't ask for much people!!! Please go vote for me and my homie @officialusedta's song to be on a mixtape hosted by @RayJ. We're already in 2nd place with votes but we need it more for the win!!! We appreciate it and we'll support you whenever you need it! Just ask! And follow me on Twit
🚬💊💉💰💵 it's gone buy you whatchu want!!! Y'all go buy some dumb shit, ima buy somethin' that's gonna last me longer than a day! Lol
Now that's ballin! Fuck whatchu heard!
Anyone with a live instrument tryna play this for a beat we're going to make???! Mixtape material!
And they got the nerve to say that they grind like me! #SitTheFuckDown
Still going up!!! I need to drop a new song huh??? Check out my latest music on #Reverbnation and #SoundCloud and make sure you fan me and I'll return the favor! & www.soundcloud/officialdenial and you can also check out my videos on #Youtube @
Right back to the top!!! And I thought I was gonna have to drop another song to get back in the top 10! Nope. Didn't have to do shit! So shout-out to whoever has been listening lately! #Reverbnation #Music #Hiphop #Rap #RnB
I'm in Maryland!!!!! Headed back to Florida in a couple days!!!! Hit me up!!! And I also can make copies of "Different Approach, Effortless & High Timez Pt 2"!!!! #NoLimits #illMannered #HighTimezPt3 #PeaceItTogether
Been thinking a lot about photography!!!
Watchin' this joint on tv right now?! Make sure you go check out "Profit Pains Official Video" by @sid_thatsit n' @musicdenial engineered by @jayebaylis and video shot and edited by @premium93films !!! #ProfitPains #Sid #Denial #Orlando #Florida #Fullsail
The move for tonight lol
#NoFilter #TheStruggle is so real! This is normal Orlando shit, guess they're runnin' out of space and figured they'd make their way to Winter Park! #HouseOnWheels
Make sure you go check out my new song with @officialusedta on #soundcloud! 🏃🏃Show some love! Let me know what you think! 😳 Thanks! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #KissOfDeath #Hiphop #Rap #Music #Fast #Dope #LexiBanks
I'd be lying if I said I've never hopped on a stage before! And this is just school lol
I just be in bed like.... 💰💴💵💷💶💳💸
I'm def gettin' on this mixtape.... Anyone else interested? I'm sure slots are gonna be sold out soon! #DigitalDynasty
Guess who's back motha fuckas??? #TunnelVision #Maryland
#Downtown #Orlando from the night we shot "Blurred Vision"! Search it on it YouTube!!
Maybe I'm gettin' money?
This girl right here >>>
Smokin in public like "who the fuck gone stop me?"
I'm just tryna get it! #Rain #Snow #Sleet #NoSleep everything accepted, 100's, 50's, 2 dollar bills, shit I'll even take quarters and pennies if I have to!
2 years strong!!! This isn't a family, this isn't a rap group, this isn't a "movement", this isn't whatever you think it is. This is family! We've made a lot of announcements that we haven't followed through with and we've veered off track here and there but best believe we gettin' right back to it!
Who said promo was a waste of time??? I probably get more love on your state than you do!
Lookin for glass cleaner for my bong and this ironically says "Stoner" at the top! Smh.
Who think they can roll one like me?! #PerfectlyRounded #PearlGame #Dutch #Loud #TheLoudest
The "King" of the house! Lls. Just sleeps wherever, whenever and however he wants.
Eating his own foot! #Cannibalism #Animalism lol I swear we feed him. He's a pig!
Go check out the new song on #reverbnation @ or on my #facebook and make sure you show some love and share it! Please and thank you!
In the stu w/ @jayebaylis workin' on a new track together!
Sheeeesh!! In here making my own sounds!
Look who fell asleep on my hand
My dude is super chillllll mode lol
Cookies n' Milk thanks to the girlfriend! :)
Any offers??Clean hitter piece included!
Ima stoner ima stoner!!!
So my girl got a kitten today, needless to say, we in the studio wit it! Lol #Bars