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Studio... Spend more time in studio.
#CashMotto 90s Babies... If you young and ambitious your on the team yo... Fly shit only #Yanastan #CM 🐾 ✈️ Cc @rambosshd @big_starv 🐾
#TBT 15 year old Chipmunk on BBC 1Xtra in 2005... It's just different... Cc @bbc1xtra
Full video online now... MAVRERIC FEAT. CHIP DEVLIN & GEORGR THE POET... New project in the works... #EmotionsRMX #TeamChip 🐾
Easing back into swing from this weekend so work on the project shall commence. Blessings #TeamChip
We got to be more careful... Life is a gift we often take for granted.
Still got a young limp... But God willing I'm Good. RIP to the young people who lost their lives on Quads on holiday this year...
#TeamChip my stitches are out... I'm back on my feet. No sports for a minute. But good thing I rap.
#TEAMCHIP NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! Cc @mavericksabremusic @devlinartist @georgethepoet #BARS "When. Chip. Features. On A Verse..." 🐾
#CashMotto #Celfie 🐾 With a "C" on purpose doe!!! Cc @dotts_ 🐾 @TYPREE #Brospehs
Motivation for my generation!!! You have to start some where... But it's down to you where you take it too. You affi know who YOU are... Where YOUR from... And where YOUR going and put your trust in the most high to be with you even when your not sure if your going in the right direction... Embrace
This is a picture of a picture in my home. Because these were the days he didn't do pictures lol. But my Mum's camera caught this one. One of them MOBO years... Happy Earth Strong to @bossbaff... Founder and CEO of Alwayz Recording. A studio opened in Hornsey to keep the yout dem out of trouble and
Happy birthday to mi Uncle @bigfris FRISCO... Thank you for all the time spent as a yout man encouraging me to improve iyah. It means a lot to me that #AreYou? is a banger for the manor and everyone from the ends came down... Not many people can pull up in their community with no campaign or budget
Also HBD to my bro @f1john... I've been through serious situations as a child coming up in the game and had security tell me how bad they are and nothing can happen to me bla bla bla... Shit goes down and they turn into apple crumbles or act maaaad unprofessional lool. Big up JOHN for teaching me t
HBD to my bro @dotts_ You done seen the majority of what it's took to get to this point... Now we are really ready πŸΎβ€οΈπŸ‘Š To think we met on MySpace lool. Enjoy bro... Let's get back to the mission... #CM 🐾 #TeamChip salutes bro.
"I never thought I'd see the day when you wasn't by my side... Listen I was down for you girl put you first in my world and I thought you was down to ride..." #TBT 2011 for #TeamChip #TakeOff cc. @treysongz @vashplayhard Been about the music... 23 now ready to do some more. So connecting with the
"16 year old MC trooper... Alwayz Recorder... Walk with Lord not a borer... Mr. Munk's raw to the corer!!" TBT for #TeamChip... Chipmunk... MySpace profile pic 2007 #Remember? 🐾
"When I grow up!!! I wanna be famous... I wanna be a star... I wanna be in movies" ☺️
Sittin here with these stiches in my head... With my leg up, thinking... This year gonna be sooo sick :)
We was 16 here in my itch up bedroom I shared with my bro at mumzies. Swaggy doe... HELLA memories lol. Happy Earth Strong to my bro @t1elijah... Remember Lion... Being at ONE with YOURSELF is the ultimate blessing iyah. Anything else from there is JahJah bonus. β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š Many more years. We grow good
.@edsheeran is one of the MOST influential artists in music point blank period right now!!!! That's what I would say. #TeamChip one love X
On 1Xtra naming Ed Sheeran most influential artist in BLACK and URBAN music...
Blessings and thank you to every single person that has sent me love and wishes on a smooth recovery.