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"@TLC_Everything: @officialchilli is proud to b a momma. Can't u tell? Lol this is cute!" yea I'm obsessed
"@Christen3vols: @officialchilli are you gonna see @KekePalmer on Broadway?" ( not this time but I most def want to! )
"@rondae_b: @officialchilli I wonder what the temp will be set at in your room this time... Lol" (I'll let u kno n a bit lol @Enchantedpr)
"@niqueblueboss: Mama did you bring a onesie 😏@officialchillii": I did's not that cold yet
"@cdtBolden: @officialchilli Mama Chilli I have warm hugs and they're free...."awwwwww..))
Wait a second.'s kinda cold😢..ready to go bak home
So happy it isn't cold in NY...but that ATL weather is waaaaay better
I just created a colored version for my fav pic. As a tribute to my girls @TheRealTBOZ @officialchilli
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Tron was the real Golden Child:) #tbt #myasianbaby
7 months preggers with my mini mee @timeflybye hope I'm Blessed with another one #TBT
YUMMIE!..kale, zucchini, n black bean salad;) #wholefoods
@officialchilli GM! God we Thank You for UR grace & mercy, for UR love & guidance & for the Blessings & uncommon favor that is on our lives
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"@Jaselyn_Monique: @officialchilli Throw A Party & All Yo Babies Gone Come We Can Sip On Some Jesus Juice Lol" yes that H20!!
"@madisonl1030: @madisonl1030 :@officialchilli i am having tlc/chilli birthday party" I wanna come!
@officialchilli GM! I pray the grace of God is supplied to every need u have & that because of His favor on your life u succeed in all u do
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"@BinksEmma: A little obsessed with @officialchilli twitter page tonight!"X😉
@officialchilli I don't think you understand what it's like 2love an artist so much since 6yrz old n have Neva met dem it sux like I love u
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"@DrAndreMc: @officialchilli heard u were under the weather. .u need a doctor bae. Luv DrAndre" nope I'm feeling gr8!
"@Dai4True2: U cud have a raspberry tea line brand and call it "end of sentence" lol! @officialchilli" : let me get on that!
"@yooojayy12: I need to be sleep but I'm still trying to get @officialchilli to notice me 😩 it's so hard" Gnite💚
"@Music__Lover09: @officialchilli what ya cooking Chilli?" Pan seared fish in coconut oil, and sautéed spinach
"@Blogtownbycjg: @officialchilli sisterhood! How are you? Come back to la so we can swim with free dolphins! Xo" im 2 scared lok
"@shawhaw30: @officialchilli: Can't wait for the DVD release of CSC. Is there going to be unreleased footage, interviews etc.?" Hehe
"@22_Doves: I've gotta try that raspberry leaf tea like Mama Chilli @officialchilli suggested 😩😣these cramps are no fun" a cup everyday
"@Pierce_Pressure: If @officialchilli agreed to marry me, she could have my entire tuition refund check to buy her ring" X😂
"@mikmikmary: @officialchilli This was 1 of the best days of my life,when I met you at Lennox mall 😄😊"💙💚
My face when a TLC song comes on and someone sings the words wrong @TheRealTBOZ @officialchilli
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"@Casey19981: @officialchilli about to cook the babies some dinner stopping in to say heyyyy.." im cooking too!
"@tbozmunchie2: @officialchilli can u keep my gma in prayer she just had surgery" ABSOLUTELY
"@shawhaw30: @officialchilli: have u changed your mind about getting married? Thought u just wanted to be q girlfriend." No I have not
"@DanceBotDes: @officialchilli 6 carats!!!! Lawd! Lol he gotta have MONEY. #noscrubs 😂😂" at least!
"@CassPiaJessiFan: @officialchilli YOUR SO AMAZING TO YOUR FANS ❤️❤️" I jus luv'em
"@TaeSmith: @officialchilli will you marry me? Future lawyer!" : I get the sweetest proposals on twitter;)
"@KurtthaDon: @officialchilli I been in that gym 💪" I see the packs comin:))
@officialchilli look at the drawing I made twitter mommy! Love you ❤️❤️
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"@Cynrie82: @officialchilli it's Raspberry Leaf time for mee! Lol 😎🍵🍯": haaaaaa..))
"@SeanMccarron46: @officialchilli today is my birthday can I get a shoutout please": yes! Happy Birthday 2 You💜🙆
"@MegBre1227: @officialchilli ppl r too sensitive n in their feelings" : yep..and its not usually what they're thinking it is
"@TLC_Everything: @officialchilli Do u kno the official date of when ur show premieres? October 27th #fakeoff
"@3lone: @officialchilli Nowadays, if you do that, you're gonna hurt someone one way or the other. Most people are that sensitive. 😏" True
"@SwagAli: The way these girls feel about One Direction is the way I felt about @officialchilli growing up :) #TLC #FirstCrush" awwwww:)))
"@DonKorFuad: @officialchilli is there an extended version to the All That Theme Song ?" No I don't think so but let me find out 4 ya
Everybody should be able to express how they feel n not hide it..As long as ur not hurting anyone.