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I came across the first episode of Fake Off. Iconic moments recreated like never before and my @officialchilli is a judge. C'est bon.
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.@officialchilli is about to start her #21DayReset by #Beachbody and You can do it with her by going to!
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Yall remember R U the Girl? #demtlcguls 😜
Oct 27th yall!!! #fakeoff #truetv
About to talk to @officialchilli of TLC. She's a judge on a cool new show on @truTV called "Faking It." Questions you'd like me to ask?
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"@sbrun9: @officialchilli I'm ordering the 21 day fix, so I will start on Nov. 1st, too. πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†οΏ½fitchilli.como/hiJehuFoJU
#fakeoff #truetv #keepitfakepeople
"@BambieEyed1991: @JC2_1996 @officialchilli what channel it'll be on, what day/time will it appear? #TLCFAN" : mon Oct 27th on #truetv
@officialchilli HiiiπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ˜. My little brother and I love YOU!!! 😁
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Saw the show Fake Off advertised & I noticed that @officialchilli is a judge I might watch that when it premieres just cause Chilli is on it
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"@DaRealTiana_BBC: Just saw the commercial for @officialchilli #FakeOff!! Looks like its gonna be good!" #keepitfakepeople
Ayeee guess what I got in the mail today! My CrazySexyCool:The TLC Story DVD! 😍�
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"@madisonl1030: @madisonl1030 :@officialchilli hope u like" : that's my mom's birthday 2! We will meet I just kno it!
"@OAKLANDFAN22: @officialchilli What is this reset you're all talking about?" Read here n join the healthy party:)
"@redroo98: @officialchilli It amazing the positive affect u have on everyone. That we want to get healthy! Thank u for being u" aww shucks
"@ATLangela: @officialchilli whats your favorite shakeology flavor?" Vegan chocolate n strawberry
"@TLC_Everything: @officialchilli I just told my mom about it, she said she's gonna look at ur website when we get home πŸ˜‹" πŸ‘
"@YoungRichmo: @officialchilli OK I will do my order then I believe what you say to us" : I want all of us healthy...I'm doing too!
"@LOYALLEWIS_SG: @officialchilli i really hate spendin $$$ but i think im gonna do the reset : we're gonna do it will b fun!!
"@TheChristyMoney: @officialchilli is it the 21 day fix option?" Just the one for 21 days is what u want
@officialchilli People Make It Seem Like Its Sooo Expensive But Are Quick To By The New J's That Just Dropped...Im Most Def Ordering Today!
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I'm really hoping most of u will join me n doing the 21 Day Reset Nov 1st check it out on my site n let me kno plsπŸ’‹fitchilli.comE
"@KarlissaK: @officialchilli is @TheRealTBOZ doing it too?" : yes she will do the 21 Day Reset as well
Ppl spend lots on material things all the time even when $ is tight so when it comes 2 ur health u should hv the same attitude..ur worth it
"@LuckyLefty__23: @officialchilli i would but it’s really expensive" : it's an investment for your life..ur worth it
"@mzthardy: @officialchilli Thanks! I suffer with insomnia maybe that'll help me." : I promise u it will
"@badgurrlswagg: @officialchilli ughhhh! Ok.ok, I'll do it!" : yes it's a gr8 thing to do for our bodies
"@pricelessjewel8: @officialchilli Me and @_sandyy_cheeks want to but can't afford it :-(" :@CarlDaikeler ppl keep saying this
"@mzthardy: @officialchilli I'm interested. Where's the info on it?" My site .it's all there 4 u:)
Go to my site n check it out! I always had sleeping issues but now that's a thing in the past becuz of #21dayreset!!
Hey TB's! On Nov 1st I'm doing the 21 day reset by beachbody. Started this 2 yrs ago n it changed my life 4eva! Who's doing it with me?
Thank you all for ur feedback
@officialchilli there is no good answer. The bible is plain. Either we are following his commandments or we are not.
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@officialchilli Keep asking questions! Seek and you will find. Look up Emperor Constantine he enacted the first Sunday law/Sunday blue laws
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@officialchilli You are right Chilli the Sabbath day is Saturday according to the bible. Man changed worship to Sunday for convenience.
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I can't get an answer that males sense to me
I hv asked many Pastor's since Saturday is the Sabbath Day why do we go 2 church on Sunday? It's the 4th commandment.
"@convoman: @officialchilli This movie kind of remind me of that Movie " I Spit On Your Grave"" the original was the best..remake boooo
"@convoman: @officialchilli This movie kind of remind me of that Movie " I Spit On Your Grave"" yea kinda does
Aye! Got a lil spot describing #FakeOff in this promo with @officialchilli !! And yes there's a good…
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