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nice @peterdaleymusic @MrWongo is man like G. Brown ever gonna grace twitter with his presence?
Robin Thicke claims that he was much too blurred to come up with any lines at all.
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Perhaps I'll reserve judgement until after I've tasted a gluten free buckwheat crepe… @HealthiNation #MeatlessMonday
lemon into lemonade, @scarlipop @VICE @amy_lombard there's no such thing as bad publicity......
Well @scarlipop @VICE I knew something wasn't quite right when I read that said writer felt meeting you was her "queue" to exit.....
Hahaha @VICE so basically meeting @scarlipop and having her assistant hand over a business card was the highlight of the evening #ILNY
Kristin Cavallari Hosted Fashion Week’s Worst Party
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Robin Thicke Was High in Studio, Lied About Writing "Blurred Lines": Want to hate Robin Thicke even more than ...
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Robin Thicke ever so gently throws Pharrell under the bus when it's time to talk lawsuits. I hate this guy.…
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In reality @NoiseyMusic is trolling us with headlines like that to spark views and responses.
Just so you know @NoiseyMusic any time ANYONE mentions skin color is another opportunity missed to end racism #culpable
A RT or even a Fav = a followback, I really appreciate my thoughts and tweets resonating with people.
Yo @Ed_Riches that is all! just "YO"
yo @MckNastyMusic please apologise to your boy Toby for me, I called him Corey Henry!!!!
So I got wickedly niced up tonite, ordered the most awesome breakfast and created a new @FootballManager formation and won 6-1 straight away
I have to come see @Gentlemansdub and @KolaBello soon, crazy bumping into another of KB's peeps @NaughtyBoyMusic in Baku tonight!
Breakfast in bed ordered and delivered to my room in 2.34 hrs, #nosleeprequired sorry to tweet shit but my life is chill right now! #thanku
So what did I learn from the Pastorius case: you can literally get away with murder if you're apologetic enough!!!
Wait.... Madge is going innnnnn! out of mo fuckin control!!!
I'm in company, partying with Madge in Baku :-s
Party time in Baku, Azerbaijan!!!
I bumped into @TheVampsband yesterday at Heathrow just as the security guy emptied my bag and confiscated my hair grease! #whataretheodds
The hotel from the outside :-)
Already out exploring Baku
Just arrived at the hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan, room so nice I had to share (pictures of it)
The first thing I saw on touching down in Azerbaijan! (The Airport)
.@BJTHECHICAGOKID bredda nothing but respect to you 🌊🙏🌊
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Looking for the next band everyone's gonna go crazy over? I've got you! Check out @TheCoGomusic (remember I told ya, they're gonna be huge!)
You stole my heart, we've got each others' ❤️ �
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I just caught goosebumps when the leslie started to spin!…
Yo @makyboo you have to buy an Island Delight Chilli Beef patty pop it in the oven & tell me what they remind you of!
Nearly on 1k followers! Thanks for all the support so far, this coming year is gonna be BIG! RT to help us reach 1k today #TeamCoGo x
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Woman expects second child. Peasants quoted as being "astounded", gobstopped" and "I eat cats...yum"… #royalbaby
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We are moving towards total decriminalisation of all drugs, thank God…
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Glad I'm not on my own here "7 Times We Couldn’t Understand What The Hell Ariana Grande Was Saying" via @VH1Music
Getting into Attack on Titan. A group of people living within 50ft high walls at war with the enemy on the other side
"Nothing can suppress human curiosity"
My Pattie addiction is getting more and more serious, I just need Island Delight to sponsor me now......
Got a little too excited and almost fell off these subs last night. :) Awesome gig though @crammerock !! #crammerock
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Man, Lauren hill disappointed me yesterday. Came out 30mins late, then she was crap. One of my favourite singers #letdown
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And now to top it off I just managed to gain automatic promotion with #HTFC (@_DreFish_)
Watching @FKAtwigs show, trying not to invade her space but ending up in her car then having lunch! #dopesummer
I had a dope summer, met so many cool people, highlights incl. meeting @intanetz @intanetz_ and the beautiful @Mapei
Met @DizzeeRascal last night at @crammerock!!! + The tent full of people who came out to watch @altregomusic have capped off a dope summer!
The people who actually get PAID RT @MrChuckD: DefJam execs & staff celebrate 30 years .. Who are these people? Lol
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