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I've been power watching Breaking Bad recently, sick, love it! @_DreFish_ and @jaspererkens I see why you guys like it!
"Entertainment purposes Only" @TheGodLight
"@Independent: Dead mouse found in McDonald's coffee'" This is not supposed to be funny!!!
I have no words, I mean, c'mon.
Yo @KillTeamMusic does this location look familiar, my boy @LeeToTheVI is the king at location hunting!…
We miss your face lil H to A to the...... @Hannahlseaton Watching this until we see you again.…
Currently checking out the worlds most useless inventions, looking for inspiration.
But I personally I appreciate hiphop that elevates, educates, inspires and drives the listener to question the status quo.
Next Gen HipHop is Iggy, Nikki etc..... markedly distinct from old school and a million miles away from boom bap.
The next Iggy Azelea on the current british version of #Xfactor. The audience for next gen hiphop big #init
Sunday afternoon stroll.
Just heard @ArianaGrande is upstairs at my gig... come watch me jam this! -
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I'm looking forward to rocking this show tonight with @youngr_music have you seen his videos? Phenomenal!!!
Great session yday guys @URBANMONK_UK @StephonSimpson track is sounding great in the morning! 👌
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The A-Team!!! I can't wait for everyone to hear this song.
Damn @kanyewest look what these fools done did to your song!…
Happy birthday Tatsuo!
Searching the internetz and twitter for the Best Which has Been Thought and Said. I'll RT what I find.
In Summer all the girls post hot dog legs in October I'm fighting the urge to light up the central heating for the first time.
Listen to the work as it was intended to be heard not them bullshit leaks.…
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Whaaaa check @JustTerron with the sharp up tho! Welcome to the beard crew.
#RebeccaBlackPanthers I totally erased that Friday from memory, but you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been.
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Listen to this… from @DANNYixxi absolutely beautiful! you're going to be listening to all of his songs soon.
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non of my friends know about @DANNYixxi yet, lemme give this a little time, find out which of my friends I have something in common with.
If half the animals died in London zoo next week it would be front page news, But that is happening in the great outdoors. - Prof. K. Norris
We're all culpable. Free thought and free speech just aren't popular, We want bitch this, nigga that and some booty and some twerking! #idiocracy
Hey 40 more years and we'll have finished the job! Humans are just brilliant at destroying planets! Which one should we destroy next?
Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF | Environment | The Guardian…
I kinda know how you fell @Dilly_Moon cause @PMPlove and I don't speak either
If a young person of African decent really created this meme then all is all but lost. #KnowYourOwnHistory
And the scenery on our drive home is awesomexinfinity, I'm the star of my own movie directed by Spike Lee.
Very pleased with the music selection from our Addison Lee driver, I hope I get this guy everytime!
Out with my busted hip and bruised knee......