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The Banker
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Thank Noel it's Friday
.@richardosman has come a long way since he buried a badger with me. He’s hosting his very own TV show over on @BBCTwo right now #TwoTribes
In the industry this is what they call 'squeaky bum time' #dealornodeal
Most of you think £16K - £23K would be fair. Let's see! #dealornodeal
How much should I offer Laura, Twankers? #dealornodeal
Julian Assange set to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy, right after #dealornodeal
Break time! Don’t forget to send your request in to @starservice where the delightful @DrDawnHarper is #AtYourService
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Removing the £15K amount from tomorrow's game. #dealornodeal
And before you say it, no. I'm not at your service @starservice. Although I have some ideas in mind for @RachelRileyRR #AtYourService
Let us tell you about @starservice, a brand new show which lets YOU take charge of your fav celeb #AtYourService
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It's catching... RT @peterpastry: @OfficialBanker 'eees gonna tek all yerrr munnay !!
I must have been on the brandy when I agreed to Pravina's surprise. Never again! #dealornodeal
Wooly hats on, that means YOU! #dealornodeal
Why doesn't anyone ever believe me? #dealornodeal
MISSING: Kelly's smile. Last seen at 4pm today #dealornodeal
I'm just getting warmed up. There are tears to come, I can sense it. #dealornodeal
Michael has £250,000 in his box. I've seen it with my own eyes. #dealornodeal
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
Watch me enter into the party spirit at 4pm on @Channel4. *Puts on party hat* #dealornodeal