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Octavia Nasr
Good Night from Atlanta.. My sentiments exactly! <3 :) RT @Kessedjian: Good morning from Paris!
#Turkey: Miners and mourners scorn government that 'laughs at our pain' - @guardian… #Soma V @yesimcf
Oh WOW -> At the @nytimes A call to get rid of the metaphor of “Church and State.” - @BuzzFeed…
MT @sewellchan: To understand gender history @ NYT, must start w/ "Girls in the Balcony" by Nan Robertson #women
Why Jill Abramson Was Fired from the @nytimes - By @kenauletta
Watch Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake's Throwback Music Video - @mashable
In response to a smear campaign -> 'I do not have two faces… and the law shall be the judge' by @haningdr #Lebanon
RT @350: Hundreds of lives lost, hundreds more trapped in #coal mine explosion in #Turkey. The true cost of coal.
Last lower-than-average temps month was in 1985, when Mr. T was in its third season of Pitying the Fools.
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It's not @TheOnion... #Turkey PM really cites 19th-century Britain to prove mine accidents are ‘typical’… #Soma
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Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers - @nytimes
#Lebanon: Cowardly Character Assassination -> 'I do not have two faces… and the law shall be the judge' by @haningdr
#Homs — The City of Thousands Deaths: BBC News Lyse Doucet reports from the #Syrian city. V @ysbnews
عندما يسيطر المستقوون وسواهم ممن فقدوا عقولهم وضمائرهم، على نظام فاشل في الأصل، لن يسود منطق و لن يتغير شيء - النهار
Peaceful action versus violence or inaction? - @Annahar OpEd [English] #Lebanon #Syria
هكذا يصير كل شيء آيلاً إلى الفناء على عتبة الأمل والمستقبل. - اوكتافيا نصر - النهار via @Annahar #Lebanon #Syria
Corrupt politics lead to corrupt times and good people face a dilemma - @Annahar #Lebanon #Syria
في الأزمنة الفاسدة: العمل السلمي، العنف، ام الوقوف مكتوفين؟ - اوكتافيا نصر - النهار via @Annahar #Lebanon #Syria
When everything dies at the doorstep of hope and the future - @Annahar OpEd [English] #Lebanon #Syria #Egypt
بين العمل السلمي و العنف او الوقوف مكتوفين! - اوكتافيا نصر - النهار via @Annahar
The Age of Immoral Politics - @Annahar OpEd [English] #Lebanon #Syria
لن يتغيّر شيء - اوكتافيا نصر - النهار via @Annahar #Lebanon #Syria #Egypt
الصفحة الأولى لجريدة "النهار"... الثلثاء 13 - 5 - 2014 #Annahar #Lebanon #Media #Press
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I'm reminded every day of my favorite role in life but on #Mother's Day my family always goes the extra mile to make me feel special.. Flowers, Massage, Framed Memories and a $1 bill for Good Luck.. Then hugs, kisses and a Malaysian Brunch with my MOM, @noormackhoul_ @amazing_ayaa @ameermackhoul the
MT @AlArabiya_Eng: Opinion: In the #Mideast, immoral politics reign supreme. @octavianasr writes:
#Israel RT @972mag African refugee protest leader sent to Holot detention center @activestills
Cinco de Mayo thought fm @Bourdain: Americans love everything Mexican, except the country & its people.
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الى المشككين منذ أيام بضرورة تثبيت عناصر الدفاع المدني، جاءهم الجواب اليوم بالنار. بعد التثبيت، المطلوب الان التجهيز والتدريب.
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#Chopin marzurkas w/ a secret + NIFC comments, @octavianasr! M 67/4 (1846) = "quiet resignation". M 68/4 (1849) = "the 'last', unfinished".
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في ٧ ايار ٢٠٠٨، ارسل نصرالله جنوده لاحتلال بيروت وجبل لبنان. في ٧ ايار ٢٠١٤، مضى عامان على ارسال نصرالله جنوده إلى سوريا. هل قلت مقاومة؟
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'The Time for Wind and Solar Energy Is Now' by Elliott Negin, Union of Concerned Scientists V @Nasser_Saidi
What was fake on the Internet this week: banana selfies, watermelon Viagra and burritos for hamsters
Jewish Groups Consider Including J Street - @nytimes V @rulajebreal
Best Lebanese restaurant in Atlanta hands down! (@ Mezza)
@RadicalBeirut @octavianasr @Hanibaael وحدهم الفقراء يستيقظون مبكرا قبل الجميع ، حتى لا يسبقهم إلى العذاب أحد [محمد الماغوط]
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