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Chad Johnson
Tell Nas battle me #BARS RT @rtisticluv: I like @ochocinco personality and his awesome grammar...but @Nas can't be touched #FINEpieceofart
I live my life publicly so there's nothing to report I don't tweet about. RT @beatjunkie_: you scared? shit I would be if I was famous
TMZ be on everything...
Both, not leaving Canada till I experience their winter. RT @MisMeganB: Haha! Good one, my friend. Are you living in MIA or Montreal?
Doing is an understatement, you're cemented in my day to day thoughts. RT @A_shantel: @ochocinco so you don't do me anymore boss man?
Life is great but if it was a puzzle you'd be the missing piece... RT @MisMeganB: What's upppp @ochocinco? How's life?
RT @DaRealNette: I can't find you attractive if you can't properly piece together a sentence which is why I'm in love with @ochocinco
Tonight on the #SeasonFinale of According To Him & Her 👉If your man/woman cheats once will they do…
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Starbucks RT @rosyNYCityflow: @ochocinco you sir, are intelligence, class and humor all perfectly blended. Where can I find more of you?
In Canada till November boss RT @reallilscrappy: @ochocinco Stayin blessed bout to head dwn to Miami next week we gotta link when u free up
I remember dating Jennifer Aniston to help prepare her for her role in "Horrible Bosses" she was in character & I fell in love for real...
2 years for a good one... RT @BlaiGuy: @ochocinco 3 years for a lawyer lol
It takes years of practice to have the "political savvy" to answer a question without really answering...
How was @nflcommish presser? Did he answer questions w/ the grace of a machete or the ever so brilliant answer w/out really answering.
Big bruh what's good? RT @reallilscrappy: #SALUTE @ochocinco Much luv and respect g !!
Bruh I'm having the time of my life, you thorough? RT @DietrichRiley: @ochocinco how you living fam? Everything good out that way
If only all males dressed like @ochocinco 🙌
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Whoever put these small ass heels on this mannequin should be fired, totally unacceptable in real life & on display.
Playing with my iPhone 6 at Stogies enjoying a cigar... RT @RebnerJamie: @ochocinco what you up to?
VIDEO: Killer whales vs. tiger shark. Two fierce predators. Only one becomes the meal.
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We can't pay bills w/ affection babe... RT @Elyalreadyknows: @ochocinco spoil me with your affection
It hurt at first till I ran into Bates 📦 RT@YourFavoriteZoee: You tattooed someone's name on you and they still left? Must hurt
Just got off the phone w/ Jack Ma, won't be long before I'm able to spoil all of you at once...
Whenever I'm feeling down I check my credit score...
The reference is because I was reprimanded so much during my tenure it felt like he was my damn dad RT @bc_piper: you still call him dad.
Dad is on every channel...
I look like ASAP Rocky today...
RT @DrayaFace: I am single unless I'm on a date w/ @ochocinco
Dear Zoe's in Miami, since none of you wanted to let me borrow 1 of the 5 Chevys I sold you I have no choice but to start over. #Summer15
Your girl ever send you to get something out her purse & she has condoms but y'all never... never mind.
They say never mix business with pleasure, fuck that, pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work...
Top of the hour: Love somebody & if it's real @ them...
RT @keepupwithle: @ochocinco is the best shopper . Let him style you 💅
On a serious note, I love & salute you all & hope all your dreams come true, I pray 7 seconds for millions in hopes ALL comes into fruition.
If your girl didn't camp out overnight to buy you the iPhone 6 your pee pee is trash...
Where are my new iPhone 6 users?
Love everybody, human nature will let you down at some point 9 times out of 10, don't let how they feel about you determine your joy...
Dear God put the joysticks down, I know it's you playing with Atlanta...
The games where I called out my routes mic'ed up were priceless... RT @K_Rice84: Just watched @ochocinco highlights, God he was filthy
How if I still love you? Perspective my dear... RT @Jessycakaka: Worst day ever
I'm walking to McDonald's for halftime...
Your wife? We are still dating though. RT @WaveGod_C: @ochocinco I need your help finding my wife “@DreamGirlsOnly:”
Life's too short. Tell everyone you love them RN 😭
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Hester hit that corner like he was coming off the curve on the 200 meters...
Sure do & won't hesitate to cuff you. RT @Rosegoldracks: If @ochocinco love big women, I literally do not care about anyone else. At all.