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Chad Johnson
I merely take chances others won't... RT @Richieballogh: I've said it once, ima say it again. @ochocinco style is on another level. #dope
Exquisite taste in shoes...
Officer shoots dangerous suspect in Lower torso. Makes u wonder why Ferguson officer could..
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Remember who made the time when the rest made excuses...
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Who would you call if you needed SOMEBODY when you're always the SOMEBODY...
My apologies RT @DivaMonRoe2uHoE: Y'all niggas so cheap man.
Get off twitter it's late... RT @Barbie_Bates_: I need a spa day ASAP 😩😩😩😩
“Every week is a must-win” - @ochocinco on the importance of tonight’s #OTTvsMTL matchup. #Alouettes #LDWeekend
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Turn up RT @thereallisaann: #Montreal in the #Summer is so pretty I am used to seeing tons of snow here, I am going to enjoy this weekend
Only thing you burnin is toast RT @Mr_Rodgers_DAT: @ochocinco btw it'll be downtown during SxSW weekend so everybody can see u get burnt!
Turn up RT @Mr_Rodgers_DAT: @ochocinco well gotta make sure u show up dm me your info we will make this happen 2nd to last week in march
@ochocinco if it ain't going down we ain't got nothing to talk about if u bout that life respond to my PR and u can get embarrassed at SxSW
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But you scared of this situation against me... 🏃 💨 R@Mr_Rodgers_DATAT: My current
Stay within the rules, see y'all boys soon. RT @JeremyHill33: always bro just having fun with it got some creativity coming up #staytuned
I gotcha boss, headed to the stadium RT @Mr_Consistent_2: @ochocinco we gotta get that Johnson & Johnson flick after the game to my ninja
Salute RT @Mr_Consistent_2: @ochocinco I might not be from Miami but young boi put in work!
@ochocinco I'm the best Johnson defensive back around since @RealPeterson21 changed his last name #realtalk
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RT @Jew_Chainz: When she tells you she only sleeps with guys who are vegetarians
Can y'all follow my cousin @Mr_Consistent_2 please & show my kin folk some of that Ocho love...
Salute boss, let's have fun.. RT @Mr_Consistent_2: @ochocinco @DC_CHILLIN_8 roger that bra bra I'll show up there is no doubt in that
@ochocinco that's not an issue with me homie!! I do that very well ask around!!! Just as you were to the NFL I have quite the resume too!
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Keep it alive for me 🙌 RT@JeremyHill333: Selfies are always fun
Child please... RT @Poison5thMem: @ochocinco Ottawa's CBs will expose you & make you want to retire.
Yup, no post concussion symptoms RT @ItsFrankiebaby: You've been cleared to play son RT @ochocinco: Too hyped to play against Ottawa tonight
I'm going to kiss the nearest female fan on the lips if I score tonight... RT @MPare1966: @ochocinco Don't hug the ref.... ;-)
Too hyped to play against Ottawa tonight...