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.@Oceana_Andy reflects on this year's SeaChange & @LeoDiCaprio's role in protecting #oceans:
Really stunning shots. RT @NatGeo The beauty inside the Portuguese man-of-war's dangerous embrace:
European Commission will penalize member states incl. UK, France for exceeding #fishing quotas. Oceana reacts:
NASA, Russia disagree over #sea plankton claimed to be discovered on the ISS exterior:
Study finds that excess heat is buried deep in the Atlantic, but will reemerge in full force in approx. 15 yrs:
#Ocean Roundup: Vaquita porpoise "most endangered," fish detect damaged reefs' chemical cues:
A seagull flies over the coast of Stockholm, Sweden. Snapped during a Baltic expedition by our European team. #ocean #bird #sea #explore #wildlife #nature
Study backs a cute connection: #dolphins & #whales express happiness via squeals of delight.
Great event & org. RT @Oceana: Big thanks to @LeoDiCaprio & friends for help raising $1.4 million for the #oceans!
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Scientists turn to the ocean to understand climate change. via @nytimes
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North Carolina: Your fall #fishing tradition is under threat from seismic blasting. Act to protect your coast!
Looking for a new #beach read? 10 books for #ocean lovers to enjoy before summer ends:
#Ocean Roundup: New coral reef species discovered, seals found to spread TB 6,000 years ago.
After producing Magellanic #penguins using artificial insemination, researchers look to recover endangered species:
VA Lt. Gov. @RalphNortham says no to offshore #drilling, cites potential economic risks as major cause for concern:
CITES listing countdown: Less than one month until manta rays are protected.
#Wind power builds momentum in two more U.S. states: Maryland & North Carolina! #cleanenergy
Why are #fish sick & dying throughout the Baltic Sea in unusually high numbers?
Want to know what kind of fish you're eating? Help us push CA seafood bill SB 1138 through:
Dr. Reese Halter equates seismic airgun blasts that rumble beneath the #ocean's surface with ecocide: #stopseismic
#Ocean News: Nicaragua dispatches military to protect baby #turtles, NZ bans shark finning.
Aerial view of the SOCIB R/V vessel during a ROV immersion. Click the profile on our link for footage of our expedition to the Balearic seamounts this month. #explore
Back to the Balearic Islands: Expedition leader Xavier Pastor & team explore Mallorca Channel.
#Wind energy prices hit a record low in the U.S., new study reports: #stopthedrill
Actor Austin Nichols joined us on a #shark tagging trip off the Florida coast, where we encountered some amazing species, including nurse, blacktip lemon and blacknose sharks. See footage from the trip by clicking the link on our profile!
We teamed up w/ actor @AUS10NICHOLS to tag #sharks, and encountered some amazing species:
The NMFS just let emergency protections for sperm #whales expire. Act now to bring them back!
#Ocean News: July sea temperatures at record high, Barbuda becomes marine conservation leader.
Leonardo DiCaprio=Major #ocean advocate. DiCaprio helped us raise $1.4 million for the oceans this weekend!
New report finds that #seafood traceability could give businesses a boost:
Big thanks to @LeoDiCaprio & friends for help raising $1.4 million for the #oceans this wknd!
#Ocean News: New minke #whale foraging patterns revealed, Google Street View takes on FL Keys.
Arctic snow is less than half as thick as it was in the 1950s; could alter Arctic ecosystems:
Watch the lightning-fast process of a #jellyfish sting in slow motion: via @GibBrogan
South Carolinians clash in opinion with feds about expansion of offshore drilling to the Atlantic:
#SharkFact: The jaws of large sharks are about twice as powerful as the jaws of a lion. #SharkWeek
Seriously cute research: Study finds that beluga #whales & #dolphins squeal with delight to express pleasure:
Only 97 vaquita porpoises remain in the wild. Can they be saved? via @NatGeo #stopthenets
Wise words from a wise woman, @SylviaEarle. #Sharks need protection year-round. #SaveDusky:
A two-headed #dolphin washed ashore in Turkey, as only the fifth known case of conjoined twins in the dolphin family:
There's just something about a great white. A look at the winner of our shark poll: #SharkWeek
Pop quiz: The giant manta ray is the world's largest ray. What other manta species live today?
Sharks never run out of teeth. New teeth are always prepped to replace lost ones as if on a conveyor belt. #SharkWeek
This little one wins #SharkWeek.
Day 5: My adventure doesn't end with #SharkWeek! I'll be back. -Dusky #SaveDusky
Pledge your support as we kick off our campaign to win dusky #sharks protective measures!
"Sharks are cruel man-eaters." "Shark fins grow back if cut off." Bust a few outrageous #shark myths w/us: #SharkWeek
A whale shark may live up to 150 yrs, as one of Earth's longest-living creatures. #SharkWeek
Sharks have unique skin lined with tooth-like denticles that cut drag as they swim #SharkWeek
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