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National Briefing | West: Drought Said to Claim Trillions of Gallons
In Move to Curb Drug Abuse, D.E.A. Tightens Rule on Widely Prescribed Painkiller
"I'm glad for any attention my sickness has attracted to the plight of West Africa" Kent Brantly on Ebola
Pruning brain synapses is critical. Researchers found pruning problems in children with autism
Green Column: Cities’ Air Problems Only Get Worse With Climate Change
Two U.S. Ebola Patients Are Released by Atlanta Hospital
Brains of Autistic Children Have Too Many Synapses, Study Suggests
You spend 2 years tromping around Mars and see how your skin looks (If @MarsCuriosity could talk)…
Science fiction, not science, but fun. @tmagazine takes you inside an alien-inspired sonic desert dome.…
One man has spent 20 years looking in the open ocean for creatures that can hardly be seen
The oceans, more than 90 percent of the earth's livable space, are full of almost invisible animals
Drug Used for Ebola-Related Virus Shows Promise
Is there a connection between Peruvian mummies, tuberculosis and seals? Read @carlzimmer
The Milky Way has maybe 40 billion potential habitats, but what about actual life?
Neanderthals in Europe Died Out Thousands of Years Sooner Than Some Thought, Study Says
Matter: Tuberculosis Is Newer Than What Was Thought, Study Says
Can some birds study for a test that way we humans do?…
A hiker in Utah walks in the footsteps of dinosaurs...and thankfully looks down.…
Clashes Erupt as Liberia Imposes Quarantine to Curb Ebola
Lens Blog: Trying to Contain Ebola in Liberia
You live in the open ocean. You don't want to be lunch. What do you do? Disappear in plain sight.
In Liberia, a Child Thought to Have Ebola
How do you survive in an ocean with no hiding places? Go see-through
Is your microbiome making you its puppet?
Ebola Is ‘Disaster’ of Scale Still Unknown, Relief Official Says