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NYT Photo
Ben Bradlee, with Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham. More photos here
Photos of the Day: (Photo: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters. South Africa)
Stanley Greene discovered hidden scars on his return to a post-conflict Chechnya.
"I think war defines our inhumanity." Stanley Greene revisits unhealed wounds in Chechnya.
"That's me," President Obama said before he voted (Photo: Gabriella Demczuk/NYT)
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Photos of the Day: (Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty. University of St. Andrews in Scotland)
Superfans: “The winner is standing.” Bonding brutally with Russian soccer fans. (Pavel Volkov)
Does NY have the toughest fans? They're tame compared with Russian superfans. (Pavel Volkov)
Photos of an Iraqi train ride, through time, from Baghdad to Basra by @bdentonphoto
She traveled the U.S. in the '80s photographing same-sex couples at home (Photo: Sage Sohier)
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Tremble, Mortals: Batman Thrasher, Groot & Rita Repulsa... in the flesh. (Photo: Fred Conrad)
Photos of the Day: (Aris Messinis/AFP — Getty Images. Turkey)
Quirky photos of Canada from an outsider who never intended to make a historical record.
My latest story & short documentary for @nytimes: The brave and lonely men of the #Ebola ambulance teams in #Liberia
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Under layers of gear doctor offers healing hand to those suffering in Liberia. Pix @berehulak
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Gabor Szilasi fled to Quebec from Hungary’s oppressive Communist regime in 1959. He never intended to take photos.
Photos of the Day: (Photo: Aris Messinis/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. Turkey.)
Sage Sohier's project on gay & lesbian couples helped her understand her father.
At Home With Themselves — Intimate b&w photos of same-sex couples in the 1980s. (Sage Sohier)
Joseph Sywenkyj awarded this year’s W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography.
Photos of the Day: (Photo: Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters. Israel)
Perfecting the art of light and shadows, Kathy Ryan shows her love for the NYTimes office.
My love affair with The Times building featured on the LENS blog today. Loving Light at the Office via @nytimesphoto
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Kathy Ryan's @nytimes Office Romance: "I like that Instagram is so democratic"
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Sharing her love with dramatic light, @ryan_kathy uses Instagram to show the NYTimes building.
Photos of the Day: (Photo: Gleb Garanich/Reuters. Ukraine)
“I used my camera to fight for my survival.” LaToya Ruby Frazier.
Marc Riboud, mentored by Bresson & Capa, captured historic moments during his 60-year career.
My Latest RACE STORY for the NY TIMES: on LaToya Ruby Frazier’s epochal, The Notion of Family via @nytimesphoto
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LaToya Ruby Frazier felt the black experience was "missing" from the history of her hometown.
Photos of the Day: (@CornelWest taken into custody during Ferguson protest. Jim Young/Reuters)
What is your favorite color? For these girls & boys, it's all pink and blue. (JeongMee Yoon)
It's one of childhood’s quintessential questions. "What's your favorite color?" Yoon)
Photographing the evolution of animals
A Modernist’s Challenge to Instant Gratification: The photos of Ray Metzker who died this week
Ray Metzker, photographer, “intellectual wanderer", dies at 83
Photos of the Day: (Photo: Oli Scarff/AFP — Getty Images. England)
New York in pictures, via @NYTMetro. This week, a bird's-eye-view by @rfremson and a memorial salute by @angelfranco
“Is America at its best in this place?” @DebiCornwall's surreal photos of Guantánamo Bay.
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Heart-Rending Test in Ebola Zone: A Baby. Moving photos by Daniel Berehulak for @nytimes.
"I’ve never been in a prison like this." Guantánamo’s surreal prison (@DebiCornwall)
Women have been just as susceptible to baseball's charms as men are. A historical slideshow:
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Have you noticed [LENS] has a sweet redesign? Some tips on how to use us across platforms.
Photos of the Day: (Khaled Abdullah/Reuters. Yemen)
Domestic workers who suffer abuse behind closed doors. Powerful photos by Steve McCurry.
What kids all around the world eat for breakfast (Photo: Hannah Whitaker)
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"People can’t just hear about it." Documenting the abuse of domestic workers. (Steve McCurry)