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Well: How Exercise May Protect Against Depression
Limb Frailty in Children Is Studied for Link to Virus
CDC doesn't recommend people on same commercial airline flights w/US #Ebola patient undergo monitoring.
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Local public health officials in TX have begun identifying close contacts of #Ebola patient for further monitoring.
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New Federal Database Details Medical World’s Financial Links to Drug Makers
Airline Passenger With Ebola Is Under Treatment in Dallas
Press conferenced over. For Ebola background — try this primer and this story collection.
Zero risk of transmission on the flight, CDC says.
Ebola patient was visiting and staying with family members in the United States, CDC tells @nytDeniseGrady
Flight in question departed Liberia on 19th and arrived in U.S. on 20th, but even patients on that flight should not be worried, CDC says.
The individual was here to visit family that live in the United States. CDC would not say if person is American.
But I also have no doubt that while this goes on in Africa, we’ll need to be on our guard, doctor adds.
“I have no doubt we’ll stop this in its tracks in the U.S,” doctor says at C.D.C. Ebola press conference.
The CDC will find everyone who came into contact with Ebola patient after he became infectious & monitor for 3 weeks—@DrFriedenCDC
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100 percent of individuals getting on planes are screened for fever from countries in Africa known to have Ebola cases, CDC says.
Patient in Texas got sick 4 days after getting off plane. CDC says not concerned that others on plane would have contracted Ebola.
Diseases much more contagious than Ebola: measles, pertussis. h/t @roseperson
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Ebola only spreads by direct contact, CDC emphasizes yet again.
Ebola is not an airborne illness, a doctor clarifies in CDC press conference.
“We have no other suspected cases in the state of Texas at this time.” From CDC press conference.
The Texas public health lab has a specially trained team.
CDC officials says confident that it will stop spread of Ebola in United States.
CDC official: "I have no doubt that we will control this case of Ebola so it does not spread widely in this country."
CDC says it is focused on identifying all people who had contact with Ebola patient while he could have been infectious.
CDC: Patient had no symptoms when departing Liberia or entering the country but began to show symptoms on the 26th.
CDC press conference begins by reminding people that Ebola only spreads through body fluids and direct conference.
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas officials said in a statement that an unnamed patient was being tested for Ebola.
Hope people realize US #Ebola case does NOT mean big outbreak. There will be contact tracing, isolation; it will be contained. #dontfreakout
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"The risk that anyone will contract Ebola in the United States is extremely small.”…
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The CDC is hosting a briefing on the first Ebola case in U.S. starting shortly, available here.
The C.D.C. has confirmed first ebola case diagnosed in the United States.
Remember you are not likely to catch Ebola just by being in proximity to someone who has the virus; it is not airborne, like the flu.
Bow ties with microscopic images. Scarves in trachea print. It’s science chic.
No it’s not glow-in-the-dark velvet, it’s bacteria.
Ebola Outbreak in Nigeria Appears to Be Over
Nigeria’s Ebola success was in part due to the existence of an emergency command center paid for by the Gates Foundation to fight polio.
Nigeria seems to have beaten Ebola.
Digital Medical Records Become Common, but Sharing Remains Challenging
Farmers’ markets are proliferating around the country, increasing 76 percent since 2008.
More Groups Join Project on the Brain
What does a gluten-free label mean? It must contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten.
But in workers of lower socioeconomic status, more than 55 hours a week of work translated to 30% increase in risk of Type 2 diabetes.
Working long hours does not increase risk of diabetes in wealthier workers.
Drug Patents Held Overseas Can Pare Makers’ Tax Bills
Confused about gluten? It’s a protein in grains like wheat, rye and barley that contains gliadin peptide.
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Abdominal pain and bloating are the most common signs of Celiac disease.
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