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Aid Worker Recovering From Ebola
72-Hour Wait for Abortion Is Enacted in Missouri
Pesticide Levels in Waterways Have Dropped, Reducing the Risks to Humans
Surprising portion of seniors in ERs malnourished, new UNC study finds. @judith_graham explains.…
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Matter: Mining for Antibiotics, Right Under Our Noses.
Have you observed yourself or others granting a moral license to do bad, after doing good?
A Window Into Everyday Morality via Text Message
Dying of Ebola at the Hospital Door
But those who granted a kindness were more likely to commit a small act of rudeness that day – granting themselves “moral license” to do so.
People on the receiving end of an act of kindness were about 10 percent more likely to do something nice themselves later in the day.
More evidence that good deeds can be contagious.
The New Old Age Blog: In the Emergency Room, a Hidden Ailment
Ebola patients turned away at hospital gates in Liberia. Harrowing dispatch from @bcsolomon.…
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Meet McBaine, a highly trained cancer detection dog.
Workplace wellness programs sound great. But are they effective?
The New Health Care: Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work? Usually Not
The perfect little high-protein packages: pesto-filled deviled eggs by @MarthaRShulman
Making science journalism understandable without losing the nuance. My post on pregnancy and antidepressants:…
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Study: The most reliable workers are those who get seven to eight hours of sleep each night
Well: Training Dogs to Sniff Out Cancer
A new drug to treat obesity has gained approval by the F.D.A.
Stabbing With Syringe in Nigeria Raises Concerns of Ebola as Weapon
The @gatesfoundation pledged $50 million to fight Ebola, the largest sum it has ever committed to one outbreak
Health insurance premiums are starting to look like wage growth and inflation
Gates Foundation Pledges $50 Million to Fight Ebola
Horrific case...Family of Mentally Ill Rikers Inmate Sues New York City Over His Death
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what happened at the clinic where Joan Rivers died?
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Well: HPV Vaccine Program in Australia Shows Success
The New Health Care: Can We Have a Fact-Based Conversation About End-of-Life Planning?
Night before Joan Rivers died she told a friend she was “going in for a little procedure” @anemonanyc @jdavidgoodman
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The New Health Care: Latest Good News in Health Spending: Employer Premiums
Latest Good News in Health Spending: Employer Premiums via @UpshotNYT
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Enjoy sugary drinks? Get ready to walk.
Well: Airplane Crew May Face Increased Melanoma Risk
Phys Ed: Drink Soda? Take 12,000 Steps
At Surgery Clinic, Rush to Save Joan Rivers’s Life
Seeing Abuse, and a Pattern Too Familiar
Want your colleagues to be more reliable? Encourage them to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
Maybe narrow health networks aren't so bad.
A health worker checks himself in a mirror before entering highly contagious #Ebola ward. At @MSF clinic in #Liberia
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Paralyzed in a car crash, then fired for using medical marijuana.
“Virtually every single player in the N.F.L. has a certifiable need for medical marijuana.”
Drugs, Legal and Illicit, May Be Hurting Pilot Performance, Study Says
"To be a good citizen you must get rid of unused Rx drugs as soon as you're finished w/ them" Why? Read this:
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How to apply cognitive science to homework hour, in the Motherlode blog:
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My book HOW WE LEARN launches (blasts off!) today. Got buy and read it willya -
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Most elderly nursing home patients with advanced dementia still getting meds of "questionable benefit." Why?…
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Airplane seat designers had some not-so-great assumptions.