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I guess that's what you get for not touching gloves and endorsing #BernieSanders #UFC193
Its hard to believe these candidates talk of the 21st century so much while hanging on to economic policies of the Industrial Age #demdebate
If the #dems hope to stand a chance in the general election #omalley is the clear choice. #sanders and #clinton are unelectable. #demdebate
"It doesn't matter about specific policy, my supporters like me and want me to do my best" @HillaryClinton whatever that means. #demdebate
Have never seen a candidate invoke 9/11 to justify millions of Wall Street donations. Until now. @HillaryClinton #DemDebate
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It isn't the "middle class" @HillaryClinton depending on your definition."Yes, taxing the wealthy more." OBJECTION: ambiguous. #demdebate
#Paris terror attacks-Prime suspects are #ISIS #alQaeda now sponsored by #SaudiArabia #Turkey #MoslemBrotherhood plus other malcontents-
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The elements needed for creating Democracy: a strong state, the rule of law, and accountability are not so easily transplanted. #demdebate
To gain traction #OMalley needs to attack #Hillary as opening the way for #ISIS in #Libya & #Syria, #Bernie as cheerleader for #Saudi royals
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What You Need To Know About The Paris Terrorist Attack: via @YouTube
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“We want to create a better world!” = “We took out a bunch of loans we’d rather not pay and there are a lot of us.”
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Donate to show support for this incredible organization whose message is needed now more than ever. @TheFIREorg #usa
"Freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom." Robert Jackson
Carson is least likely to be controlled by spec. interests. Jeb's dead, Rubio's new est.candidate, breakout was Rand and Cruz #gopdebate
#Trump only appears an outsider on a stage of politicians. He is most assuredly not a candidate "of the people" #GOPDebate
Wrong @MariaBartiromo #Clinton's lifetime in politics makes her the least trust worthy! She's had to wear the most masks. #gopdebate #FBN
Pragmatist philosophy @JohnKasich is part of the problem. You cannot run a government on the principle of "whatever works atm" #gopdebate
Worst line of the night "Philosophy doesn't work when you run something." #kasich #gopdebate
I agree with a lot of #TedCruz's rhetoric but his delivery is just cartoonish. #gopdebate
#Rand is brave to expose our funding of militant terror groups in the Middle East. It answered #Trump's q of where the money went #gopdebate
No fly zone guarantees wider war. #gopdebate #StandWithRand
We cannot allow #CarlyFiorina anywhere near the White House. #NoMoreWars #gopdebate
I wish #BenCarson wasn't such an Islamophobe, though. #smh #gopdebate
Finally, #RandPaul is acting like he's running for president. The emphasis on demilitarization and sound money. #welcomeback #roa #gopdebate
"The government uses the tax code to pick winners and losers." #CarlyFiorina said it real straight. #GOPDebate
#BenCarson is the most philosophically consistent candidate running. He applies basic American principles to every question asked #gopdebate
I wish #MarcoRubio would stop using the phrase "New American Century", I can't help but think of Cheney/Rumsfeld #pnac Cabal. #gopdebate
#TedCruz actually, the "sound money" policies of the 1920s under Coolidge fostered the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.
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How bout we get some philosopher-welders? #MarcoRubio #philosoraptor
For someone who wrote a book about banks, @nomiprins you seem to not understand basic economics. I enjoyed your book but min wage is econ102
bruh i swear i just seen vincent van gogh on the train
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If @HonestTea was really honest they would be in the water business.
Kicking and screaming are terrible ways to climb.
Watch me hit me stride.
Sometimes I feel like how Noam Chomsky looks.
The Senate passes CISA, a cybersecurity bill that won't make you more secure and will hurt your privacy.…
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Every senator supporting #CISA today voted against a world with freedom, democracy, and basic human rights. #StopCISA
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Roll call vote for all Senators on passage of cyber surveillance bill #CISA. Next step Conference with House bills…
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Honor is self self-esteem made visible in action. #philosophy #aynrand
"We cannot ensure success, but we can deserve it." - John Adams
Second installment of my #Liberty column is now online. Check it out here:… #phillyeveningpost #comment #share
Just ate a $1,000 taco and let me tell you, it was NOT worth it. #monies
"From his neck down, a man is worth a couple of dollars a day; from his neck up, he is worth anything his brain can invent." -Thomas #Edison
ANNOUNCE: We have obtained the contents of CIA Chief John Brennan's email account and will be releasing it shortly.
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My must read commentary about my father #IrwinSchiff, who died Friday as a political prisoner of the United States.…
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While everyone in modern democracies speak the language of universal rights many are happy to settle for privilege.
“In the course of justice, none of us shall see salvation.” Merchant of Venice

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