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To be is to be something—and to be something is to act accordingly. #identity
To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. If I asked you to keep your soul - would you understand why that's much harder? #Roark
To be 'selfless" is to not exist; Instead, try being self-full.
"The whole of mankind is rolling at supersonic speed back to the dark ages with a nuclear bomb in one hand and a rabbits foot in the other."
I just beat my personal record for most consecutive days without dying.
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Huge Supreme Court decision today requires law enforcement to have warrant to "search" or look into the contents of your cell phone. Fab!
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"No gesture would satisfy his greed for every evidence of her desire." #Rearden #shrugged
Hello associates degree - #boom #halfway
Just ask the #NSA for the copies of the #IRS emails, duh. @DarrellIssa…
Your diamonds don't glisten to me.
An open secret: #CIA created #ISIS to destroy civilization & modern nation states, allow survival of #Gulf monarchs…
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Max the Roomba Cat
Big Milestone: House Overwhelmingly Votes To Slam The Backdoor Shut On The NSA!…
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I want waffles.
There are only two kinds of people in the world. Those who want the world to mold them and those who want to shape the world.
Couldnt be intentional! Plan: #bankruptcy RT @nytimes: The parallels between mounting student loan debt and the mortgage crisis are striking
Poets are unclean; they muddy their waters to make them appear deep—those who know they are deep strive for clarity. #Nietzsche #parsed
Older hairless Asian men who hug me, crying, after their massage are my new target clientele
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'Land of the free' refers to side orders of Tater Tots, not 'free' as in civil liberties.
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USDA on board with shipping U.S. chickens to China for processing, then re-entry to States for human consumption:…
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#Whitehouse Front Group Exploits Las Vegas Shooting to Attack Alex Jones, #Infowars
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“Shonda Rhimes’ Real Talk for Dartmouth Grads: Dreams Are for Losers” by @shondarhimes…
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Nothing in nature is without purpose; and neither should you be. #am #nihilism
"Obama seems determined to demolish the foundations of our civil liberties"- #Chomsky #tlot #tcot #obama #progressive…