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The hand on the second picture though😂😂
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You guys need to listen to my laugh
suho ni macam taecyeon+siwon versi comel kbyw
aku jeke yang rasa muka taecyeon ni macam suho ?
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yixing small hip thrust at 4:11 minutes yeah bitch i sawthat
*replay the video for the next ten hours*
suho is getting better at dancing im proud of him :D
I liked a @YouTube video ['LOVE ME RIGHT' MV EVENT] EXO_LOVE ME RIGHT Dance Practice
LOTJ - The flight attendant is Chanyeol's fan
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GD looks tired 😓😓 daesung happy as alway#MADEinMYMY”
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I am so grateful chanyeol havent delete this ot12 pic from his ig yet ✨
lets not deny the beauty of suho's chest and veiny arms hNg
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kai's face and his personality gap is as huge as from korea to the north america
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suho ni nak kata dia omma pun payah jugak , stress aku tengok preview dia kat airport , dada tu masyaAllah , :')
wuuuu azieyyyy haha
I liked a @YouTube video EXO D.O. (디오. Do Kyungsoo) - 외침 (Scream) (CART OST)
I liked a @YouTube video [MV] D.O.(디오)(EXO) _ Crying out(외침) (CART(카트) OST)
listening to dyo's ost crying out lyrics translation and wonder if this track is match with exo's current situation
reminiscing mblaq as ot5
what is happiness ? happiness is seeing the person you love smile because of you
dont misunderstood choi_seung_hyun_ttop , he wants to take care of his feed tbh
but however , deep in my heart i cant never hate krishantao even they broke the ot12 promise . i just cant :')
Hey dude im speechless bye hztttao 👏
i dont hate tao but the fact that he lies and broke his promise is so unforgivable and plus his lyrics explain everything
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How ironic when EXO composed a song for EXO-L full of comforting and reassurance w/ Promise and now Tao debuting a song w/ blunt words.
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i feel so stupid rn thank you tao
i used to defend tao before cos i thought it was only a rumor lmfao lol @ me
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i hope im not the only one that feel tao's song lyrics kinda exaggerated and ridiculous
trash u think u can be this famous if its not bc of sm and exo? sial
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well , it is not totally sm's fault when they blocked tao's mv
Who else feels it? Allah has preconditioned our hearts and tongues to know what is right and wrong. Subhaan'Allah.
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Tunggu ferry macam tunggu kucing beranak
Wait, i had a crush on ryoma echizen from prince of tennis…

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