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What song can't @djcherylwaters stop playing? Check out @nprmusic to hear her current fave track from @wmerchandise!
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#NowPlaying on @EverySimpsons: "You know, of The Three Tenors, you're my second favorite."
I wrote a little bit about Hippo Campus (@thehalocline) for @nprmusic's Heavy Rotation series:…
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Thanks @nprmusic for including Rain Plans! RT @nprmusic Download: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing #rainplans
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Drum Fill Friday-Before-Labor-Day-Weekend, courtesy of @thetoadies: How many can you name?
Watch an entire @Interpol concert in HD, courtesy of @kcrw, including songs from 'El Pintor':
Stream new albums by @Sinkane, @Interpol, @zammutosound, The Gotobeds and @BlondeRedhead from NPR’s #FirstListen.
Glad to be part of @nprmusic latest edition of Heavy Rotation. Love @fieldreport!…
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My song "Don't Marry the One You Love" is on NPR's Heavy Rotation list for this month! You can also download the...
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Download: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing
Warning: This @AgesandAges song will put a smile on your face.
Ακούστε το καλύτερο "world music" από την Ελλάδα,Ινδία,Κούβα / Γαλλία, Βραζιλία,Μαυριτανία:
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Watch @_electricyouth give an intimate performance of "A Real Hero," popularized in the film Drive.
Ya know that nine-note tune that always seems to represent Asians? The one in "Turning Japanese"? Listen:
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Songs As Soundtracks To The Story Of Latin Life @AltLatino
What's with all of the Scarlatti albums lately, right?
Thanks everyone for playing #TriviaForNewPornosTix and for those that endured us taking up your Twitter feed.
No relation to Judas Priest... that we know of. RT @SeanMMcNamara: @nprmusic @TheNewPornos breaking the law!
What @TheNewPornos song originally appeared on a Destroyer album? #DanBejar #TriviaForNewPornosTix
YOUR BLOOD RT @cpiro: @nprmusic The Old Grey Mare in her stall
Complete the lyric: “I made donations to The Plague, and The Fall and ____” #DanBejar #TriviaForNewPornosTix
Booooom. RT @pierre_dore: @nprmusic @TheNewPornos "Chump Change" "Testament to Youth in Verse" "Ballad of a Comeback Kid"
Name every song written by #DanBejar on @TheNewPornos ‘Electric Version.' #TriviaForNewPornosTix
Tennessee Williams, yup yup. RT @lolligans: @nprmusic glass menagerie
#DanBejar’s project Hello, Blue Roses was named for what play? #TriviaForNewPornosTix
Reference: (see also RT @adammaid: @nprmusic disillusionment with royalty
Okay, another while we're on the topic: In the Destroyer Drinking Game, what reference gets a double shot? #DanBejar #TriviaForNewPornosTix
I have never played this game, but it would kill you. RT @degi14: @nprmusic drink if words are borrowed from an another Destroyer song
What is the first rule of the Destroyer Drinking Game? #DanBejar #TriviaForNewPornosTix (And there is definitely a first rule, y'all.)
Booyahkashaw! RT @kroberts8: @nprmusic Sounds, Smash Hits, Melody Maker, NME #TriviaForNewPornosTix
Another easy one: Destroyer mentions what four English rock magazines in “Kaputt”? #DanBejar #TriviaForNewPornosTix
Reference: RT @raleigh80: @nprmusic Cocaine addicts
What was the Destroyer song “Kaputt” originally called? #DanBejar #TriviaForNewPornosTix
I'll allow it. “The Making of Grief Point" by Loscil. RT @colpaertpieter: @nprmusic grief point
What ambient project did #DanBejar lend vocals and lyrics to in 2010? #TriviaForNewPornosTix
We all miss it! RT @DaveTadashi: @nprmusic swan lake
Start easy: What is the name of #DanBejar’s dormant musical project featuring members of Wolf Parade and Frog Eyes? #TriviaForNewPornosTix
Okay, let’s do some #DanBejar trivia (he’s not really on Twitter, is he?) … Winners will be DM’d. #TriviaForNewPornosTix
Last Neko Q: In 2013, @waitwait asked @NekoCase: What’s the oddest thing you’ve rented? What was the answer? #TriviaForNewPornosTix
\(^▽^@)ノ RT @TheGregTate: @nprmusic @NekoCase Straight up just guessed something that no one else had yet
I give them effort points for inventiveness. Churros? Gopher rodeo? RT @NekoCase: @nprmusic I'm not helping. #TriviaForNewPornosTix
What full-contact sport has @NekoCase studied since the age of 24? #TriviaForNewPornosTix