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Martin Clark
Get used to watching you dreams at night. Then allow the mind to work out their meaning. Great insights can come.
I’ve just published my website, check it out at via GoDaddy
Escape the matrix with understanding…
If you fully awaken now - death will not touch you. you would be the timeless infinite being that you experience when one with Source.
Do not worry as nothing matters, Once realized you are at peace.
We are like a jigsaw piece. Trying to fit in. Not knowing we are a hologram that contains all the pieces. ♡♥♡
Awareness is looking out of imagined eyes at an imagined universe.
You are not a victim - but you can choose to be one.
Stop thee mind numbing addiction to watching television. Start exploring YouTube for example -…
The Gospel of St Thomas is the direct teachings of Jesus. This can help seekers.…
There is a point where understanding becomes knowing.
Be Spiritual avoid all forms of Religion. Spirituality comes from your heart. Religion comes from others.
I practice the art of allowing. I allow my thoughts to come and go. I allow things to come and go. I allow people to come and go.
Do not judge for good and bad both create karma. Good can give pride. Be free of judgement. ♡♥♡
I am in touch with my inner self. I want to share the love and wisdom that comes from here.
The reason people like me talk is that we watch and see all the problems in the world that other people seem to...
No need to change the world as we are a soul that on death can go to a new world and not repeat life on this one.
Love Seeks Love - An intro to the website: via @YouTube
When should we have a voice. When ever fear and love are in doubt, stand beside love.
Is time to question a war on terror?…
Why use your time to become Self Realized. No fear of death. Inner knowing in all situations. Love for all life.
To fully transcend - you have to fully let go.
Do not seek freedom. Freedom implies there is bondage.Seek inner peace which has no concepts.
Know thyself. When you know what you are nobody can control you- therefore not taught in schools !!
Message of end to seeking - leaving love.
6 week course for seekers who are stuck in mind ( most people !!
Why do you need your mind to understand? For me going beyond mind needs mind to get out of the way, so you can find your true nature.
Need help on path to finding your inner peace and tranquility?You can find it by letting mind understand what you are
Peace and stillness are our true Self, from here we witness whatever arises. This body with its story will pass leaving our true Self.
It takes time to drop all your past conditioning to help find yourself, or find yourself and it all drops away.
A spiritual journey is better than religious dogma. Religion separates whereas spirituality leads to the same place as all religions.
What is not permanent is not worth striving for - Ramana Maharshi - Abide As The Self
The more beauty you see in others, the more beautiful you become. ~ #Aine #quote #life
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"Genius, in truth, means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way." - William James
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I can sense your presence in my heart. Rumi
Source is nothing and everything that plays a game and observes itself. It appears we are separate - that is not true.
I will bring you roses, I too have been covered with thorns. Rumi ♡♥♡
We need 2 demand that all war stops and weapons r locked away 4 good.raise the vibration of this planet to its highest frequency, yes love!
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People like to criticize internet activism by saying you don't actually do anything, you just talk and retweet. It's an infowar...
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