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Markus Persson
I've had to sit on this secret for months. Fangamer's first plush is an official Octodad plush!!!
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Going to the San Francisco for a Halloween. Only about one million hours of travel ahead of me.
Dear @google: We're Google employees and users standing together for Title II net neutrality, will you stand with us?
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Some people dislike scary games? Boo!
This tweet looks best at 30 fps.
What do I play that on? My game boy micro, of course.
Aaand now I'm done with grimrock 2. I feel empty and sad. GOTY! 5/5! Amazing!
Not even kidding, this is the best game I've played all year.
Grimrock 2 just claimed I beat the game. I don't believe you. Going back in!
It's Saturday, and I notice several of you aren't playing Legend of Grimrock 2. There seems to be some kind of hilarious misunderstanding.
Annexes city as part of peace treaty. Instantly gets attacked by other player, loses city. Also minor siege worm problem. #onemoreturn
Just going to start up Beyond Earth to see what the graphics are like real quick, see you in like 40 hours. #justonemoreturn
Watching quill18 stream Beyond Earth on Twitch is making me drool with anticipation. Come on, time, pass already!
That said, FUCK people making online threats and bullying.
tl;dr: do not feed the trolls. do not stare into the abyss.
Whatever you pay attention and react to gains mindshare and grows. Culture is built by us choosing what [not] to ignore.
In case anyone is curious about my shower, I ended up bravely waiting until they dispersed, then put on a show for nobody. #compromise
My bathroom has a small window I can't cover. There are people working on the roof outside of it. I want to take a shower. Help.
Rarr I'm a dangerous dragon don't take my egg
Expect me to go on and on about how great Legend of Grimrock 2 is, because it is. I haven't had this much fun since EoB 2!
(loved it, btw)
Gone Girl might be the worst date movie ever.
Too many people online are engaged in malcetia ( the spreading of misinformation).
In an alternative reality, I just got into trouble with all the bookies for saying hardcover books are sturdier than paperback.
Wow, console gamers are sensitive! I love consoles and play on them all the time, but nobody can claim they're as powerful as PCs
To say the DK2 is a bit better than the DK1 is like saying PCs are a bit better than consoles. Great job, @oculus!
I'd like to take a moment to thank the IGF Nuovo committee in advance #IGF2015
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Just streamed some Legend of Grimrock 2, and I absolutely love that game. Go play it right now after finishing what you're doing or whatever
First time driving on my own: 45 minutes in traffic. I got honked at, and thought I did something wrong, but he just wanted to say hi.
People who dislike what I do have figured out I hate being told I look good, and have started emailing me compliments. I hope this stops!
Legend of Grimrock 2 is now alive and kicking! The mysteries of the Isle of Nex await!
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As someone interested in Rust and obsessive over Doom, this is about as cool as it gets:…
I ate at Katz's Deli, and it completely changed my life. I feel like I can see clearly for the first time now.
I have a drivers license now. Beware.
This gem popped up on my twitter feed:… If you have time to read twitter, you have time to play it.
I do, in fact, quite frequently thank god for @JimSterling
. @computer_phile on YouTube is getting pretty good. Really enjoying the recent videos on undecidability
Hello, Internet. Self-aware yet?
Yes, that's a skateboard.
Omg, thank you @JustinRoiland and @danharmon!! I got a bunch of Rick and Morty loot! #fangasm
I tried to make food and I have the loudest fire alarm in the world and all the adrenaline is pumping now
Anyone wanna go see a Ridiculous Cage movie?
Prediction: within three years, unicode will be a proper image format. Within five, it'll support video. #slipperyslope
Context if you're confused: apparently the next version of windows is called Windows 10. So I guess the name is free!
Here's a chart of Windows version numbering chronologically, in case you're lost.
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So does this mean I can call my next game "windows 9"?