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Markus Persson
Hey @notch, Look what your sweet neighbors just did in your game!…
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@notch So it was all fake. The notch is a lie
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Protip: my tweets are meant to entertain. Twitter is not my journal or a confession place.
Somehow my tongue in cheek tweet about being bad at flirting became news in Sweden. "Reporters", pfft.
Ha ha, this fake Git documentation generator is so utterly spot-on (via @v21)
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The racer in trials fusion does some of the sexiest arching I've ever seen!
Oh. I needed Android Pro. That's why it worked at home. Thanks for telling me, Unity.
Sometimes coding is like trying to break down a wall with your forehead.
Oh, it was using the wrong shader. Nevermind me! Carry on!
Moved project to office from home. Nothing works. Just please render to texture please. Oh god why
Quest: Complete an overdue task. Reward: 300 xp, 70 gold.
I guess I'm listening to Starbomb on repeat the rest of the evening. Hoo boy, here we go.
I've now been on twitter for half an hour or so, but I'm "totally coding right now" in my head. Procrastinators, unite!
I have two modes of flirting: sober and waaaay too subtle, and the other one.
I have such a weird hate-love relationship to Unity. I like building my own engines, but unity publishes to everything. Including toasters.
If you ever need to incapacitate me, just put a bowl of pistachios in front of me. I won't be able to move until it's all gone.
I used to think I was living in the moment, but I wasn't until now. Wait, no, that passed too! :/
The flagship has been destroyed. FTL is perfect on iPads.
I love the auto complete on my phone and email it your site to find be a good time with the help of the best thing to to get it right now.
Oh reality, you so crazy.
The GTAV De Santa residence amazingly recreated block by block in Minecraft via @WorldofKeralis CC @notch
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Having such a first world problem right now.
This social event just turned less social. Someone started checking social media, and now everyone is doing it. Hey how are you?