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Markus Persson
Oh reality, you so crazy.
The GTAV De Santa residence amazingly recreated block by block in Minecraft via @WorldofKeralis CC @notch
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Having such a first world problem right now.
This social event just turned less social. Someone started checking social media, and now everyone is doing it. Hey how are you?
I still can't get over the fact that someone okayed the name "black hawk".
I caved and watched Sharknado yesterday. I have the movie equivalent of a hangover today.
So I finally get over my Diablo addiction, and now FTL is talking over my life. It's amazing on iPad.
its a HUGE honor to announce that i got to design a MTG card in the M15 set along side George Fan, @notch, Brian Fargo, Garriot & many more
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I got an invitation to this cool sounding exclusive "important people talk to each other and change the world" thing. I make games. Games.
@notch [Question about Minecraft unrelated to the content of your tweet]
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[controversial opinion simplified into an easy to quote tweet that will get me in touble] [emoticon]
One decent run at FTL. Flagship ate me, of course. Then only horrible runs. I'm being punished for thinking I was getting better.
Hi, My name is Markus Persson, and I would like to ask you all to use Twitter just a little bit more formally. Thanks, Markus Persson
MC:PE has sold over 20 million copies (actually, over 21M), so we're going to have a live broadcast on Monday:…
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Unfortunately due to this incident, we have been forced to drop support for the legacy Minecraft launcher.
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If you logged in to any of our games or websites in the last 24 hours using your username+password I'd recommend you to change your password
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All of our services should be up and running again. #heartbleed
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For more information about the heartbleed bug
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We're on a quest to build a better pc than the large pixel collider PC gamer has. Turns out it's not very easy.
I don't know how long the servers will be down for. I think we're waiting for Amazon to fix their load balancer's SSL implementation. :/
We temporarily took down our servers due to this:… A LOT of websites and services are affected by this. Be careful.