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Markus Persson
The average fulltime indie gamedev salary is $11,812 a year. But 57% make under $500.…
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A new Minecraft snapshot is out, with a little of MCPE magic inside it :) See if it's faster for you!…
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If I had the body of an olympian athlete, I'd probably dump it in the woods.
The same world, one shot from above and one from a bit closer to the ground. I think we are getting somewhere...
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The Minecraft devs are working on some very impressive stuff. I'm putting googly eyes on paintings. Hm.
Time to start dev-streaming again! You can create maps in the editor too! Community maps:
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Here’s the full collection of Graham’s Number videos with Ron Graham himself…
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“This game didn’t do X, and look how well that did!” is not an argument that you never need to do X.
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Windows 8 is pulling a Minecraft.
A quick writeup of the waveform in @notch's Turn Down For What tweet:…
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I somehow covered the front facing camera on myt phone in glue. Then it updated itself and changed notification sound. 1-1.
Early impressions of the new doom shown at quakecon makes it sound like Brutal Doom HD. Hm.
Last night @theindiestone's Lemmy wrote about his Project Zomboid NPC AI work. My brain is now all melty.…
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Markus gillar detta.
Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. Second trailer. Looks amazing! :D…
"So I just came back from the gym, here's a pic of my kids and a motivational quote. Wanna play Candy Crush?" Needs full access to my phone.
There's a new Spelunky world record speedrun. See the game being completed in under 2 minutes:
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My driving teacher seems to think I might be ready for The Test soon. I'm not so sure I agree.
Out of nowhere, SpaceChem started consuming my life. Obsessing over cycles is fun.
Video games are a cultural backwater and the industry's obsession with moneymaking is keeping them there:…
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