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Markus Persson
Driving test 1: Ran a red light. Apparently frowned upon.
"It's like Legend of the Red Dragon meets Castle of the Winds meets Eye of the Beholder meets Tongue of the Fat Man.. in space!" GOTY 2015
Yes, I meant wound. If I could edit tweets, I wound.
The latest head would was just starting to heal. This thing is right next to my bed.
Monaco Race the Sun The Bridge Gunpoint Gone Home Papers Plz Prison Architect Luftrausers Hammerwatch SteamWorld Dig
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I think now is a good time to release the 0x10c music. You can pay for it if you want.
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Respectfully, I'm not going to be doing any interviews.
Well, that killed, so here's a pastebin:
I'll probably share my personal thoughts soon.…
Just making sure everyone has seen this. It's very important…
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I still have no idea what based means.
Streaming more work on my Doom renderer in Dart/WebGL via @hitboxlive #hitboxlive
Sometimes Twitter does this for probably sane reasons.
Apparently I have some cubers following me. The cube is a Dayan V Zhanchi, it cuts corners great, never pops, and is far too fast for me.
So I accidentally a thing. My record is 1m 45s.
So I think I finally figured out how doom rendered sprites.. This is going to be painful to reproduce in webgl without clipping them on cpu
Good morning! Minecraft PS4 has been rolled out in Europe while I was sleeping and Americans should have it soon too!
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I streamed cleaning up code yesterday. Many hours of absolutely nothing new getting added, but people still watched. <3
Once again, @Bopogamel made me excited about a game. This time, destiny. "it's like bordelols with hoverbikes". Sold.
"The Advanced Cave Culling Algorithm™, or, making Minecraft faster" by @_tomcc:…
@notch check out this top secret image for something that maybe might happen
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Notch - Making a Doom renderer in Dart/WebGL #hitboxlive via @hitboxlive #hitboxlive
I really wish I hadn't added that period.
Huh, I just realized there's no English word for .
I've been binging OscarPuzzle videos recently.… Interesting puzzles, lovely nerdy charisma. I can't stop watching.
Image of Schrödinger's cat made with entangled photons. Object was never directly photographed
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I've been doing too much late night webgl programming. Time for a break of one entire day. Then more tomorrow!! Wooo!!
Notch - Making a Doom renderer in Dart/WebGL #hitboxlive via @hitboxlive
Wahey! The @hitboxlive team gave me "Notch", so I'm doing more Doom in Dart coding here now: (not given up on twitch)
If I ever open a bar, I'm going to call it The Thirst Amendment
Given up on Ludum Dare, I'm now poking about in Dart and WebGL for fun:
Many hours in, and I still can't come up with a single game about Connected Worlds. Taking a break. Might try again later on. #ld48
The Minecraft 1.8 - The Bountiful Update has been pre-released:…
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Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, MythBusters breaking up.. mass hysteria!
HOLY WHAT?! PneumaticBog484 created a mini Minecraft in the Trials Fusion editor! #TrialsCraft… (cc: @notch)
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Just posted info on the next MINECON, coming to a London near you. Spring, 2015. -…
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Today we will release Minecraft 1.8 Prerelease 1. It will be exciting, but I don't want exciting I want a nice quiet release with no issues.
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Gah, I'm sorry that became news, @ComHemAB. I was just playfully venting on Twitter. "Journalists".
Playing with a small child, we started playing that the dolls were playing with smaller, imaginary dolls. It got confusing.
If Pokémon had been released on phones instead of Gameboys...
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