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Markus Persson
Heat aside, this is not a bad season.
Can anyone get me into the #wornbyducks first round?
Nothing is real and you are cosmically insignificant, so relax.
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No, it's not just you. Yes, our session servers are down. No, it's not the end of the world. Yes, we are working on it. Maybe hugs will help
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@notch Du måste ha en bra figur till förpackningen, typ en gullig laxasksaxtax.
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It comes bundled with a laxasksaxasksax so you can open it.
I'm going to sell tools for opening boxes of salmon by half the dozen, in a box. Name is "sex laxasksaxar i en laxasksaxask"
I'm Mister Meeseeks, look at me!
Ok so turns out Rick and Morty is the best thing ever.
#ESA2014 is now live! First up will be a race of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos! Check it out live at !
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One of these bad boys struck close in front of me. I noped and closed the window.
You know it's hot outside when you walk outside and it's hot.
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Not sure how many of you remember when Daikatana came out, but we hope this makes you chuckle
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I'm far too warm to think about fractals in the complex plane, @numberphile. Someone send some ice.
Did you know that you can virtually press your own vinyl on Twitter? h/t @notch @WillKirkby
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I read this thing… and organized all 15 bit colors into the Mona Lisa.
Time to create a timeless classic of epic proportions! *sinks weeks into procrastinating on social media*
The average fulltime indie gamedev salary is $11,812 a year. But 57% make under $500.…
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A new Minecraft snapshot is out, with a little of MCPE magic inside it :) See if it's faster for you!…
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If I had the body of an olympian athlete, I'd probably dump it in the woods.
The same world, one shot from above and one from a bit closer to the ground. I think we are getting somewhere...
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