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Birthday girls enjoying their noodle ;) @sweettoothville #F35D29
We love the cake. It's soooo delicious. Even though it looks πŸ™ˆ but it taste sooo good. Tq @sweettoothville for the cake!!!! U r awesome!!! Why ada dumbbell, weight and lobster noodle?? Cuz our lovely Faya loves to cook, n her forte is lobster noodle and for our cutie Dort he loves to go to the gym.
Crew love ❀️ #F35D29
#dimoriancrew celebrating #F35D29 birthday!!! ❀️
Happy birthday to both of u, @fayaayob and @dortxx , we #dimoriancrew love u very very muchhhh. #F35D29
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#uniqlo ❀️
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Look at his cute Little toes , while listening to his fav song. 😍😍😍 #gerammm
Daddy & son. @pennysalman @mm_ash11
Happy birthday @mm_ash11 aka Boboy. We woveeeee U. Stay cute ok hehe.
by @bossned_ "Our tummy is full of bakso ! 😍... Tq Adik @pennysalman its so good !.. #DimOr @noradanish @surento" via @PhotoRepost_app
Bakso how we wanitttt. Tq mummy @pennysalman 😘😘😘😘😘
Ashman tunggu bakso mummy. Sooo yummeh. @pennysalman
Having tea with the most good looking guy. @bossned_ #mainphonejuga πŸ˜›
Penghibur ketika laraaaaa.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @bettyrahmad @bossned_
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Byk Sgt homework Rayqal. πŸ˜₯ #norayqal
ESOK Dari pelopor peneraju dan festival nombor satu malaysia, Mood Republik persembahkan Tsunami KL Year End Sale 2014 #MOODREPUBLIK #KLYESFEST2014 #FESTIVALTERBAIKMALAYSIA #FESTIVALNOMBORSATUMALAYSIA JUMAAT SABTU AHAD MINGGU NI Debaran KL YEAR END SALE FEST 2014 dah bermula. Korang dah ready
Have fun my lovely sister , nephew & niece. Kiss Paris for me ;) πŸ’‹ @cathydanish @danishhanif @__txsyx
This is where u want to be ! @nimrocbarbershop #NIMROCbarbershop πŸ‘βœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈπŸ‘ we r sooooo proud of u Damis!!! U definitely rockin it ah bro. Well done! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ love the shop, semua U buat sendiri, mmg U r gifted.
Johnny Depp in NIMROC Mista @rafaeirazali @nimrocbarbershop #NIMROCbarbershop
@ardydamis in action! @nimrocbarbershop #NIMROCbarbershop
@nimrocbarbershop #NIMROCbarbershop