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Nolan St.Aubin
Schoolwork. Work. Repeat
Growing out hair is hard work
Season 4 of scandal is pretty swanky
Its august 22nd not 4th of July
Final 5 games of the season, Teddy Bridgewater's accuracy % under pressure was 82.5%, best in NFL by 8 points. That's a crazy number
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I love binge watching TV shows ...
They call me Jay Elec honey bear, Jay Elec love affair. Jay Elec the mummy, puttin Gumby in the Tupperware.
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They call me Jay Elec isotope, Jay Elec Bible quote. Jay Elec Delilah, using Aunt Jemima's microscope.
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They call me Jay Elec spinal cord, Jay Elec pirate sword. Jay Elec the silence of the fireflies and dinosaurs.
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They call me Jay Elec sickle man, Jay Elec cripple hand. Jay Elec the Riddler of a Nicaraguan fiddle band.
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They call me Jay Elec stratosphere, Jay Elec cavalier. Jay Elec the whispers in the caverns of the rabbit ear.
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They call me Jay Elec cattle feed, Jay Elec apple seed. Jay Elec the master of the tabernacle Scrabble team.
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Acid acid get it acid melts through plastic
The album about nothing @Wale
Just bought a couple Ralph Lauren sweaters 😎
Shonda Rhimes is the shit... Thanks for making awesome shows
Rare photo of presidential candidate Deez Nuts out on the campaign trail, ready to kiss a baby
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Deez Nuts is running for president 😁😁kmW
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Poor managerial tactics I'll half ass my job when your doing nothing to contribute yourself
I don't respect a manager who gets to work at 5 does nothing for 15 minutes then takes a hour break to eat a sandwich and be on their phone
I'm hanging on a hang over
Anybody wanna start a fantasy football league?
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Overtime hours😎
Do aliens believe in me
me: *calls you dude and babe in the same sentence*
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Wolf of wall street is my favorite movie ever
I wish Amy Winehouse was alive.
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Its hard to cut straight to the point without a dotted line
Omg scandal season 4 I've been waiting a year for this to come on Netflix
I've been in love once and experienced lust once I wish I treated love better
100 bucks in tips tonight 😎

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