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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
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Civil society groups are essential for service delivery and keeping us transparent in our development efforts. #IntlDevCooperationConference
We cannot create enough jobs unless we partner with the private sector and small enterprises in our countries. #IntlDevCooperationConference
The private sector and civil society grps have key roles in achieving our development cooperation objectives. #IntlDevCooperationConference
A gathering such as Global Partnership can provide a useful forum for the exchange of information, ideas and best practices.
Capital flight from developing countries must stop! We must be bold to look at the reality in its face combat those who launder the money.
Illicit financial flows hinders effective resource mobilization for most developing countries. #IntlDevCooperationConference
External donor assistance can help to strengthen the tax systems of developing countries. #IntlDevCooperationConference
Improvement of tax policies to broaden tax bases and improve mgt of natural resource revenues is a front burner issue for developing nations
Domestic resources mobilization is being championed by Africa & discussed by policy-makers all over the world. #IntlDevCooperationConference
Transparency, leadership and a greater focus on results in development assistance cooperation are essential. #IntlDevCooperationConference
We all long to see a true development partnership; based on mutual trust and accountability, and a shared sense of responsibility
Nigeria is today a significant aid provider to other African countries through a $200m Trust Fund at the African Dev Bank.
Nigeria is one of the lowest recipients of overseas development assistance. #IntlDevCooperationConference
I believe the Global Partnership is a key instrument to deliver on the Post-2015 agenda. #IntlDevCooperationConference
Championing self reliance: Ban Ki Moon praises Africa's leadership on Domestic Resource Mobilization #IntlDevCooperationConference
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Africa’s continued reliance on external partners will not help Africa develop. - NOI
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#Stakeholders Implementation Summit on Housing Finance holding right now at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja right now
NBS has confirmed 1.6m jobs were created in 2014 but they are not enough. We MUST create more! #NIS #StakeholdersSummitHousingFinance
The best way to honor memory of the youths who died in #NIS tragedy is work harder to create more jobs #StakeholdersSummitHousingFinance