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Noah Everett
Excited to announce @Pinglyapp! A new messaging platform working to evolve email
Introducing Pingly! A new messaging platform working to evolve email
Retweeted by Noah Everett
Announcing new app today...after a 3 month delay (that will probably make a good blog post one day) #StayTuned
Thanks for the new album @rushoffools…sounds great!
Working from the kitchen today…I mean office
Brain: "Remember that great idea you had?...Me neither"
Most popular baby names for 2013 were Noah & Sophia?! Heeeck naaaw...there can be only one! #Highlander
Mom sent over my first driver's license pic circa 2000...I was the 6th backstreet boy
Bridge over Charleston harbor (or hahbah if you’re from Boston)
Two fish are in a tank. One says, "How do you drive this thing?"...bada-boom-tsh
Music & miles (bonus points if you can read the odometer hint: my favorite series of numbers)
Has anyone else been waiting for last night's episode of GoT for a while? Yuuup #GameOfThrones
Slight delay on app release...paper work, paper work...more paper work
Language defines the product. The use of it is important when trying to convey your product's message....Apple does this well #uxdesign
One of the few (only) things I can pride myself with is getting there/their/they're correct...yet today I used peak instead of peek #isuck
Quote to live by this year: “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.”...get messy
To clarify: announcing app first week of April, then sending links out to our beta users shortly after
Announcing a new app in April, here's a peak at the logo
...screw it, I'll just trade it in for Titanfall
Since I suck at Battlefield 4, anyone have CoD Ghosts on Xbox One they want to trade straight up? To keep shipping cheap can do US only
You know who else has never won an Oscar? Gary Oldman...let that marinate for a second #TheChameleon
My house in the background! Haha! #southerncharm #bravo
Don’t normally watch Bravo but #SouthernCharm was filmed by my house near Broad Street and this stuff is…hilarious…yeah…