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Nintendo of America
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham releases 11/11 (NA) and 11/14 (Global)! Pre-order today:
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Hylian sword, magic rod or gauntlets: Link has multiple ways to defeat his enemies in #HyruleWarriors.
Explore an alien world in The Fall. The unique game combines action and puzzles, and is now in the #eShop on #WiiU.
Print out this fun Nintendo-themed chart for National #EyeExamMonth & see how many characters you can recognize!
[US ONLY] Pre-order Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric at @amazon and unlock luminous costumes!
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HINT: During trials, use “hint coins” to narrow evidence and provide cross-examining tips. #LaytonVsWright
Princess Peach welcomes you to the blossom-lined roads of Royal Raceway in #MK8. She has even baked a cake for you!
Introducing Knight and Inquisitor Barnham, who seeks truth and justice for those plagued by witches #LaytonVsWright
#Pokemon Art Academy welcomes students of all ages & skill levels. Enrollment starts 10/24 only on #3DS & #2DS.
"Ohhh, did I win?" says a very coy Princess Peach when she wins in #SmashBros. What’s your victory cheer? #PeachMonth
A brand new judge (check out that hood!) will preside over court in #LaytonVsWright
Find out what new features have been added to the enhanced #WiiU version of the original #Bayonetta in this blog:
The mysterious Hammer Bros. Sphinx looms over hapless drivers in Dry Dry Desert in #MK8. Take a lap … if you dare.
Nano Assault Neo for #WiiU and Nano Assault Ex for #3DS are both 25% off in the #eShop.
Experience the dream of flight. Serene yet exciting indie game Chasing Aurora is now 50% off in the #eShop on #WiiU.
Hop in your ship and battle enemies in Life Force. The Gradius spin-off is now in the #VirtualConsole on #WiiU.
Explore the mysterious world of Labyrinthia to solve puzzles and gather evidence in #LaytonVsWright
Who’s your favorite Robot Master in Mega Man 6? Battle them in the NES classic, now in the #VirtualConsole on #WiiU.
#SmashBash will bring #SmashBros for #3DS to locations around Seattle on 8/29 and 8/30! More info coming soon.
In Seattle during #PAX? Come to our #HyruleWarriors event on 8/30. You don’t even need a PAX badge to attend.
Racing school is in session! This latest Mario Kart 101 video tackles the all-important starting-line boost in #MK8.