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Nintendo of America
What was the first Nintendo game you ever played? #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
Challenging puzzle-maze hybrid game Arrow Time U is now available in the #eShop on #WiiU.
Big John Games is having a big sale on many of its games. Check out the #eShop on #3DS.
Moon Chronicles and Mutant Mudds are on sale until 10/2! Grab both fun Renegade Kid games in the #eShop on #3DS.
Don’t fold! Fun game Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition is 50% off in the #eShop on #3DS until 10/6.
Keep your arms and legs inside this sale at all times. Coaster Creator 3D is 50% off in the #eShop on #3DS.
To celebrate the upcoming launch of #SmashBros for #3DS, games starring Samus and Pikachu are on sale in the #eShop.
Howdy, pardners! Hankerin’ for some fine shootin’ action in the #VirtualConsole on #WiiU? Mosey on over to Wild Guns!
What was the first Nintendo game you ever played? #TBT
Dive into the #VirtualConsole on #3DS to cast off with classic fishing game Legend of the River King 2.
Order up #CookingMama 5: Bon Appétit!, now ready to serve in the #eShop on #3DS. @cookingmama_us
Don’t miss out on the magic of @theatrhythm FINAL FANTASYCurtain Call. The rhythm game is now in the #eShop on #3DS.
4 packs of paid DLC are coming to #HyruleWarriors. Buy a season pass for $19.99 & receive a bonus Dark Link costume.
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric will be available in North America one week early, on November 11th!
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Save up to 39% on select games in week 3 of our Super Smashing Sale! This week includes Pikachu, Samus and more.
NO PURCH NEC. U.S. & CAN (excl. Quebec) residents only. Must be 13 or older. See here 4 Rules, eligibility & details.
Smash-tember continues on the latest #NintendoMinute! Stay to the end for a sweepstakes!
There are only a few days left of summer. Grab a friend, power up your #3DS and play some multiplayer in the park.
Have you heard? The Voice is coming to #WiiU and #Wii on Oct. 21st! #TheVoiceGame
While on the back of a wolf, Midna can use the power of her shackle to knock enemies into the twilight.
NO PURCH NEC. Open to residents of US or Can (excl Quebec). Deadline: 9/26/14. See rules at Sponsor: Nintendo.
Win a #WiiU by submitting art inspired by #NESRemix 2. Head here for details:
The #HyruleWarriors website is full of wallpapers, icons & cover photos inspired by the game:
NO PURCH NEC. Open to residents of US or Can (excl Quebec). Deadline: 9/26/14. See rules at Sponsor: Nintendo.
Create art inspired by the 8-bit games in #NESRemix 2 and you could win a #WiiU or #eShop card!
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector's Edition is now available for Pre-order!
THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL is officially available in North America!
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Take a trip to @platinumgames to see behind the scenes of the making of #Bayonetta 2 in this new video from @IGN.…
Don’t let Ghirahim’s stylish looks fool you: The conjurer’s Demon Blade is a force to be reckoned with.
The Tampa Bay Rays rookies dressed up as Mario Kart characters last night. (via @RaysBaseball)
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Save up to 38% on select games each week through 10/2 in our Super Smashing Sale! These deals end 9/18 @ 8:59 am PT.
Cuccos make an appearance in #SmashBros for #WiiU and Nintendo #3DS. Just make sure you don’t attack them!
What is your Nintendo fortune? Crack open our cookie and see!
In #HyruleWarriors, the last sounds enemies hear are the enchanted songs emitted from Sheik’s magical Harp.
ANSWER: Luke can speak to animals! *squeak* *squeak* *growl* *roar* <--- That was for our animal friends reading this #LaytonVsWright
#LaytonVsWright trivia time: Luke Triton has a hidden talent that always helps him on his adventures. What is it?
Until 9/25, all games from Rising Star Games are discounted up to 75% in the #eShop on #3DS. #RSG10Years
.@justdancegame dropped the beat AND the price. Select Just Dance games are now 50% off in the #eShop on #WiiU.
KUBITASTIC! Play for the high score in Bit Boy!! Arcade, now 38% off in the #eShop on #3DS until 9/24.
Equip your +20 Shield of Savings! Indie game Unepic is now 20% off in the #eShop on #WiiU until 10/1.
#SmashBros for #3DS is launching soon. Celebrate with a sale on select games starring characters like Zelda and Pit.
The Keep is a great getaway ... if you like combat, treasures and traps. Pay the game a visit in the #eShop on #3DS.
Grab your axe, hop on a skateboard and head to Adventure Island. The NES game is now in the #VirtualConsole on #WiiU.
An indie game so good it's shocking! Manipulate electricity and magnetism in Teslagrad, now in the #eShop on #WiiU.
Smash-tember officially kicks off today on #NintendoMinute with Kit & Krysta!
That’s a wrap! Thanks so much for tuning in. We hope you enjoyed a look at some of our upcoming holiday titles.
#NOATreehouse is having fun with some unique challenges for #SmashBros