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Nintendo of America
Fun fact: Little Mac's “wireframe” costume in #SmashBros is modeled after the original 1984 Punch-Out!! arcade game.
ONE MONTH. #SmashBros #WiiU
Get ready to flip, spin and slice as everyone’s favorite Umbra Witch. #Bayonetta 2 launches on 10/24. Pre-order now!
Today in Geek History: The Nintendo Game Boy Color released in 1998. A backwards compatible Game Boy? In color?! YES!
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#amiibo figure Link will be compatible with #HyruleWarriors. Stay tuned for more info.
Land-Ho! #Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse #3DS is nearly here! Celebrate with this new Launch Trailer! Enjoy!
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Kart time, Mario! Watch out for your brother’s stare And his Spiny Shell Share your best #MarioMonday haiku.
Only 8 games have received a perfect 10/10 on @gamespot and #Bayonetta 2 is the latest!
Seeing characters other than Link open chests in #HyruleWarriors is a treat. What’s your favorite item in the game?
Find out how you can get the Special Demo Version of @Pokemon #OmegaRuby and #AlphaSapphire here
Head to @GameStop from 10/27 to 11/16 to get a @Pokemon code card for the Mythical Pokemon Diancie for #PokemonXY. While supplies last.
Watch a live-stream event on 10/23 at 3 p.m. PT showing 50 new things in #SmashBros for #WiiU.…
Tune in for a live-stream event on October 23 at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET. We will look at 50 new things in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which launches on November 21.
Check out the first ever #NintendoMinute debate! Who's side are you on?
#HyruleWarrios Master Quest Pack is available now! Pre-purchase the “Hero of Hyrule” pack & get a Dark Link costume.
Stealth Inc 2 comes out 10/30! Check out this video detailing the gadgets in this game from @curvestudios. #Nindies
#Pokemon #ArtAcademy launches for #3DS on 10/24. Pre-order now and be one of the first to learn to draw Pikachu!
Burrow into this lovely sale! Hit indie game SteamWorld Dig is now 30% off in the #eShop on #WiiU and #3DS. #Nindies
The best sale under the sea. Squid’s Odyssey is now 60% off in the #eShop on #WiiU and #3DS until 10/30. #Nindies
By crafting badges, characters in #HyruleWarriors can use powerful combos. These Moblins learned that the hard way.
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, another classic GBA game, is taking a bite out of the #VirtualConsole on #WiiU.
Watch a world made out of paper unfold right before your eyes in Paper Monsters Recut, now in the #eShop on #WiiU.
In Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut, you must choose to survive. Make your choice now in the #eShop on #WiiU.
How do you use your items in #MK8? Check out some advanced racing tips in #MK8.
Ballpoint Universe: Infinite, an indie shooter made entirely with ballpoint-pen sketches, is now in #eShop on #WiiU.
From Bowser to Mother Brain, Nintendo games feature many memorable bosses. Who is your favorite? #NationalBossDay
Powerful enemies populate the worlds of #Bayonetta 2, as this concept art from @platinumgames’ studio illustrates.
In #Pokemon #ArtAcademy for #3DS, you can learn to draw more than 100 @Pokemon. Which are you most excited to draw?
Powerful enemies of all shapes and sizes populate the worlds of #Bayonetta 2, as this intricate concept art from the studio of Platinum Games illustrates. #PlatinumGames #Nintendo
This behind-the-scenes shot from @platinumgames’ studio shows off concept art for upcoming #WiiU game #Bayonetta 2.
The Master Cycle is part of the first DLC pack for #MK8 and has plenty of horse power.
So many Nintendo desserts (to eat), so little time. Which one looks most appetizing to you?
If you love playing PAC-MAN in #SmashBros, check him out in Ghostly Adventures 2, now in the #eShop on #WiiU & #3DS.
Local multiplayer achieves peak madness in Runbow, a 9-player frenzy for Wii U
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A theme featuring wood prints of Mario & friends gives your #3DS Home Menu a natural look. D/L it in the Theme Shop.
New gameplay footage for Pokémon #OmegaRuby and #AlphaSapphire has been revealed!
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It’s #MarioMonday! Whatever game you play today – whether #MK8 or #SmashBros for #3DS – make Mario your #1 choice!
This behind-the-scenes shot from Platinum Games’ studio shows off some of the beautiful concept art for upcoming #WiiU game #Bayonetta 2. #PlatinumGames #Nintendo
#PiratesCurse #3DS NA is set to release 10.23 at $19.99 USD! Now, let's meet one of our favorite Zombies, Rottytops!
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Midna & Zant? Link & Ganondorf? Which unlikely duo do you like to pick when playing co-op mode in #HyruleWarriors?
Thanks to all who watched the #SmashBros for #3DS National Open Tournament! We hope you're having fun with the game!
Dabuz has been crowned the first ever national champion in #SmashBros for #3DS!
Dabuz has received the Smash Ball trophy and winner's robe:
Dabuz is the champion of the #SmashBros for #3DS National Open Tournament!
Tonight, release your inner D.J. K.K. and party like you are in Club LOL. #ACNL
Dabuz takes the first match of our finals. Tune in to see if Jumpman can make a comeback.