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What is the one thing that you do most often on your phone when you are absolutely bored? #KillingBoredom
Watch This Incredible Video Of Animals Doing Stunts via nplayz. Check out this cool video and more fun stuff now -
55% Nimbuzz users are comfortable finding a partner using a dating app or website. What's your take on this? #NimbuzzPulseoftheNation
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That moment when you leave work to reply to your friends on Nimbuzz. Beautiful feeling, isn't it? #CeleberateRelationships
Nimbuzz has been a part of our lives for a very long time. Do you have any interesting memories attached to the platform? #NimbuzzLife
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Here's a fun video courtesy #nplayz that mentions some of the mistakes one should never make in a relationship -
Asking your friends to keep quiet when your mom calls. Isn't this a familiar situation most of us have been part of?
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#PulseoftheNation lets you share opinions on issues that affect us as a society. Get it from NWorld now and make your opinion count.
This Friendship Day, Celebrate the lovely memories you have with your buddies from school. #nplayz -
Here's wishing you and your loved ones Eid Mubarak.
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nPlayz hosts some of the coolest videos from across the internet. Have you checked it out yet? -
If you think women are for making sandwiches then you are in for a rude awakening. #nplayz -
Close to 39% of Nimbuzz users claim that :) is their favourite emoticon. Which one is yours? #PulseoftheNation
Check out this amazing video that summarises the Football World Cup using a Flipbook. #nplayz -
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Did you ever imagine a toy car could inspire someone to make a world record? #nplayz -
Some really cool things that you can do on Nimbuzz. Calling, Stickers, Nworld and the list goes on. Which is your favourite Nimbuzz feature?
Who is that one person you can chat endlessly with and never get bored? #EndlessConversations
Call your loved ones in Pakistan & Bangladesh for just 2 cents/minute with NimbuzzOut. #RamadanCelebration -
Germany becomes the first ever European team to win a World Cup held in South America. Did you guys get what you hoped for?