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Nikki Sixx
I've had this same AA book for over 20 years.It's like an old friend whose wisdom never wanes.Its heard me out and been patient with me as I've trudged the road of life. I think this book carries knowledge beyond just the subject at hand.
#LeicaSixx is launching his own dog treat line.
RT @SixxAM: Tune in TONIGHT for a @SixxSense EXCLUSIVE you won't want to miss: @NikkiSixx @vvinyl #ModernVintage
Check this out. Its debuts tonight at 8pm ET. We had so much fun and it really shows in the video.@SixxAM…
Family movie night. #SEVEN
Ok, well that’s done. Mayweather wins. Good fight but I don’t buy the “my fingers were numb” line. #MayweatherMaidana2
12th and final round.If we don’t get a knock out I’m afraid Mayweathers adds another win. #Mayweahtermaidana2
Are you fucking kidding me? #MayweatherMaidana2
Uh oh.Maidana is looking tired. #MayweatherMaidana2
Mayweathers foot work is impressive.Keeps running away.Might wear Maidana out though. #MayweatherMaidana2
It’s about to get real good.#MayweatherMaidana2
I’m all about the underdog. #MayweatherMaidana2
Action round. This is a fight. #MayweatherMaidana2
Hoping Mayweather gets his. Who’s watching the fight?
This has to be the most beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Chasing squirrel's on a Friday afternoon. #California #LeicaSixx
Tonight’s @SixxSense: @JennOnAir an I play Doctor & try to solve your problems and does the free U2 album raise privacy concerns?”
7 days since surgery and feeling pretty good. Hanging in the backyard with my best buddy #LeicaSixx.
Today is @911day, please share your message of support for the 9/11 families at #911day and lets never forget.
Today's Show: @Slash talks European parties, backstage wrestling w/@NikkiSixx & his new album "World on Fire"…
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Diggin Yellowcards new single One Bedroom. #SupportNewMusic
iPhone users. What ya think? I say bigger is better in this scenario.
Interviewed @Slash today for his new album #WorldOnFire on @SixxSense. Loving the artwork. Will air it tomorrow.👍
Here's a picture of #LeicaSixx I took this morning in the backyard.I know there's a lot of fans of Golden Retrievers and I am one of the biggest because of their heart, personality and love but dogs in general make your life better.If your a dog lover, what kind you have?
This football game is pretty boring.Netflix,here we come. Favorite TV show?
Gene $immons says ROCK is dead.When did Gene give up believing in the underdog?Pu$hing down the dream & the dreamer$? We believed in you.
I am a pretty strong dude and I gotta be honest recovering from this surgery is really slow…But the upside is tons of #football
@sixxam #ModernVintage #LetsGo
@sixxam #ModernVintage
@sixxam #ModernVintage
Really hard for me to be idle when I am so used to weight training and physically exerting myself all the time. #patience
Just went on a fun but slow walk w @NikkiSixx and Leica. Thanks @SKECHERSUSA for the hot pink #MemoryFoam shoes!
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Thanks for the #AskSixx and all the well wishes. Talk soon.🎶
#AskSixx ? Use the # and I’ll answer your questions.
Re posting from @sixxam fan on twitter.This will happen.Have a great Sunday. #sixxam #ModernVintage #gottagetitright #Stars #Drive #LetsGo @jamesmichaelofficial @djashba