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Nikki Gil
Final curtain call for #L5YManila ❤️ thank you to everyone who came to see the show! I'm so glad we "stopped our lives" for this @jpedvaldes 🎶😁 TOTALLY WORTH IT. Goodbye until tomorrow Cathy and Jamie 😊 ........or until the next run? 😏 @9wtonline
With the #L5YManila orchestra 🎼🎻🎹🎶 closing todaaaaay! 😭
With the original Cathy and Jamie from the first Manila run of the Last 5 Years, Tito Audie Gemora and Ms. Menchu Lauchengco 😊 what a privilege to have them in the audience today! I can only dream of working with these amazing thespians some day 😁❤️ and what a treat to have both of them in the pho
With the original Cathy Hiatt from the first Manila run of The Last 5 Years, the amazing Ms.Menchu Lauchengco. 😍 I am a huge huge HUGE FAN. An incredible actress/singer/director AND she's gorgeous!!! ❤️ I can't even... Aaaaahhhh 😱 #L5YManila
Jamie Wellerstein during sound check @jpedvaldes #NakanangPhotoOfTheDay @ageeromero hihihi #L5YManila
I could stay here and do this foreverrrrrrrrr ❤️ Haaaay theater, I love you. 😍 TGIF! So excited for tonight's show!!! #L5YManila
Of course I'm joining this hashtag! 😋 happy #NationalDogDay to my sweetness, Don Charlito 😋❤️
Last sold out weekend!!! 😁🙏 wow. I don't think I've ever been a part of anything this phenomenal. What an amazing privilege. 🙏 but I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of it just yet 😭 dear @9wtonline rerun please! PLEASE! 🙏🙏🙏 @jpedvaldes @robbieguevara
"And it occurred to him that there were two parts to being a better person. One part was thinking about other people. The other part was not giving a toss what other people thought." I give this 🌟🌟🌟 out of 5. On to my next book!!! Recos? 😊@giansypoo @mae_lachica @judeic @annetukinn @missizacalza
❤️❤️❤️ #L5YManila closing this weekend!!!
Thank you!!! ❤️😊💋
Watch the rest of the Last 5 Years webisode on 9WorksTheatrical's YouTube channel 😊 #L5YManila
I may not have a big barkada, but I'm pretty sure the few close friends that I have right now will be a part of my life forever ❤️ thank you for this sweet surprise you guysssss 😍❤️💋
Thank you @9wtonline and my "Nixters" for the surprise! Birthday song with an amazing orchestra and a room full of beautiful strangers. Once in a lifetime🙏❤️
Good mornight from Don Charlito 😚
This has got to be the most adorable cake everrrrrrrrrr!!! Aaaahhh!!! 😍 Thank you Gel @gelcolet 😁😁😁 sad I didn't even get to say hi 😢 but super thank you for the cake!!! Galiiiiing!!! 🎂🍰😍 #L5YManila
What an awesome day. Couldn't wish for anything more. ❤️ GOD, you are sooo good to me. Sooo good. Today was overwhelming. 🙏 thank you for all the birthday greetings! And for those of you who caught today's shows, thank youuuu!!! 😁 so much loooovin'!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 #birthdaypost hihihi
Team effort. Excited for tonight's show!!! 😁 #L5YManila
Got a birthday surprise on my first day back at Hawak Kamay taping 🎂😊 thank you HK family!!! 😊🎬
Woohooooo!!! Back on stage tomorrow!!! 🎭😁 call for tickets now! 09175545560 or 5867105 or Ticketworld at 8919999 😊 #L5YManila
Thank you Myx Famelehhhhh for my birthday #pahavs 😁❤️😍 love you all!!! 😁😁😁
Early birthday gift from my @myxph fameleh!!! 😁😍❤️ #scrapbookingshiz #stationeryjunkie
Last 2 weekends! 😊 #L5YManila
#Repost from @9wtonline with @repostapp --- Fall inlove with a musical that will break your Heart... THE LAST 5 YEARS 8 Shows to go! Reserve your tickets now! August 22-24, 29-31, 2014 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati. For tickets, please call 586-7105, 0917-554-5560, 0935-949-8309 or email info@9worksth
#Repost from @9wtonline with @repostapp --- Fall inlove with a musical that will break your heart... THE LAST 5 YEARS 8 Shows to go! Reserve your tickets now! August 22-24, 29-31, 2014 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati. For tickets, please call 586-7105, 0917-554-5560, 0935-949-8309 or email info@9worksth
Oh me, oh myyyyyyy 💗💗💗 hello my pink pretties @adidasph 😍
Catch Nikki Gil & Joaquin Valdes in the final 2 weeks of The Last 5 Years.Tickets are selling quickly.Get yours now!
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Birthday weekend shows almost sold out!!!!! 😁 What an awesome birthday gift! 😁🙏❤️ two more weekends left for #L5YManila grab your tickets now! Photo by @sylveth 😊
#Repost from @carloscanlas with @repostapp --- SOLD OUT Opening Weekend! SOLD OUT this coming weekend! WOW!!! You better call now and get your tickets before it's too late. DON'T MISS THIS SHOW GUYS! DON'T!!! #L5YManila #LiveManila @9wtonline
We're sold out this weekend!!!! 😁🙏 aaaaahhhh!!!! 😁😁😁 @9wtonline @jpedvaldes @robbieguevara #L5YManila
Personalized menu for the week care of @chefjimmyd 😊 love how my initials were embroidered on the placemat and the napkin! ❤️
Last night's sound check for #L5YManila 🎻🎸🎶🎹 the whole orchestra on their iPads! Soooo cool!!!! 😁
"Heartache has never sounded this good." Thank you Vladimir Bunoan for a wonderful review of THE LAST 5 YEARS!!...
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My beloved @myxph family came to watch last night! 😁😍❤️ with special song number at the end from VJ @bianca_roque hahaha
From last night's Press Preview of The Last 5 Years ❤️ Congratulations Team 9Works! @9wtonline Can't believe we're opening tonight!!!! Couldn't be more proud of this show and the brilliant people behind it! Love you guys! 😁 Catch us at the Carlos P Romulo Auditorium of RCBC Plaza all weekends star
Moving in to the theater! My fave part! 😁 The Last 5 Years opens this week! Shows almost sold out! Grab your tickets now! 😁 call 5867105 or 09175545560 or Ticketworld at 8919999 😊 #L5YManila
#Repost from @9wtonline with @repostapp --- WE HAVE 9 HOURS LEFT FOR OUR L5Y INSTAGRAM PROMO!!!! Want to WIN 2 tickets to the Press Preview of THE LAST FIVE YEARS on August 8,2014??? Get a BACKSTAGE PASS and MEET @nikkigil and Joaquin Valdez!!!! REPOST this photo WITH DETAILS and ANSWER the question
Someone's excited for #L5YManila 😂 my friend @annetukinn promised to fly home from Singapore to watch. #paasa @cats77
THE LAST FIVE YEARS Starring @nikkigil & Joaquin Valdes. Weekends this AUG. 9 to 3 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati
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@_JustineAngela: Where can I get tickets for the last 5 years play?! Gaaaaah!! I wanna watch!! @nikkigil hahaha” 09175545560 or 8919999 😊
@MsLeaSalonga: @kategolezxx OF COURSE!!!!!!! To support @nikkigil!!!!!!!” --AAAAAAHHHHHHH 😱 *faint* heeheehee
My cousin's drawing. #mgabatatalagangayon hahahaha 😂 @divinedivine
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