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We rise to the occasion. We leave our limits behind. #werunsf
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Finish what you started. #justdoit Tomorrow, the hills have no chance. 25,000 women take to the streets of San Francisco for more than just jewelry. #werunsf
There’s not always an award. But there’s always a reward. #justdoit
Anything can happen if you're willing to do everything to make it happen. #justdoit
Few win one. She's won four. Rita Jeptoo redefines fast with 2:24:35 & 4th-straight major marathon win. #justdoit
More than just a mile. For every mile run with #nikeplus, @BofA_Community will donate to the fight against AIDS.
We grew closer every mile. Every, single why-did-I-sign-up-for-this mile. We covered ground. We pounded pavement. We burned rubber on asphalt. We were hot on the trail. We ran new loops till they became old ones. We worked on weekends. Weekdays. Weeknights. We missed brunch because we took the backr
Since you started playing, we've shown fútbol what soccer can do. Thanks, for leaving us wanting more. #onlyonelandon
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Dedicate yourself to making a difference. #justdoit Starting Sunday, for every mile run with #nikeplus, Bank of America will donate to the Global Fund to fight AIDS with @RED. Every mile matters. Pledge yours at #onestep4red
How far you're able to go depends on how far you're willing to go. #justdoit
Find the reasons. Lose the excuses. #justdoit
See the city differently. #justdoit @shanejoneill sneaks in a rooftop solo session in São Paulo on the @nikesb Ruta Panamericana 2014 Demo Tour. #sbpanam
Legendary DNA meets necessary protection. Introducing the new #sneakerboots collection.
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Your friends call you crazy. You just call yourself a runner. #justdoit
You can only change yourself if you challenge yourself. #justdoit
When it comes down to you, be up for the challenge. #justdoit
Whatever you're after, stay after. #justdoit
Results don't have to vary. #justdoit @radjoe74 puts in work on the putting green. Show us how you #justdoit.
A case of the Mondays. #justdoit
Make progress a priority. #justdoit
This is last call for all of summer's weekend warriors. Earn it.
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Don't let summer get away. #justdoit
When it’s your job to be your best, there’s nothing more important than getting better. In between appearances, events and meetings, @kingjames takes care of business in the #LEBRON12.
This is where the #LEBRON12 was built. This is where scientists and athletes are on the same team. This is the NSRL.
For big nights, every night. The #LEBRON12 was engineered to the exact specifications of @KingJames
You can only change yourself if you challenge yourself. #justdoit
When you reach your max, reach for more. #justdoit
Better safe than sorry. #justdoit
Crunch time. #justdoit The workout keeps going with @nikewomen.
Read the stories. Shop the collection. Download the new #techpack Lookbook in the @AppStore:
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The evening commute. #justdoit
Empty fields are full of potential. #justdoit @meowyjo aims for greatness. Show us how you #justdoit
No monthly membership fee. #justdoit
A lesson in history. #justdoit There’s little time for @serenawilliams to celebrate her 18th Grand Slam when she’s already thinking about her 19th. @niketennis will be there for every serve along the way.
See an opportunity where others see an obstacle. #justdoit
There are no second chances for first impressions. #justdoit
Anything can happen when you’re willing to do everything to make it happen. #justdoit
The ones who don’t love the game leave it, and the ones who love it live it. #justdoit From the streets of The Philippines, to courts in Spain, Pinoy basketball is fueled by pride.
Get your daily dose of #NTC on #Vine. Take on a partner ab workout with the Medicine Ball Partner Toss.
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A day off is no reason to have an off day. #justdoit
A day off is no reason to have an off day. #justdoit
Where there’s a will, there’s a wake. #justdoit