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This is last call for all of summer's weekend warriors. Earn it.
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Don't let summer get away. #justdoit
When it’s your job to be your best, there’s nothing more important than getting better. In between appearances, events and meetings, @kingjames takes care of business in the #LEBRON12.
This is where the #LEBRON12 was built. This is where scientists and athletes are on the same team. This is the NSRL.
For big nights, every night. The #LEBRON12 was engineered to the exact specifications of @KingJames
You can only change yourself if you challenge yourself. #justdoit
When you reach your max, reach for more. #justdoit
Better safe than sorry. #justdoit
Crunch time. #justdoit The workout keeps going with @nikewomen.
Read the stories. Shop the collection. Download the new #techpack Lookbook in the @AppStore:
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The evening commute. #justdoit
Empty fields are full of potential. #justdoit @meowyjo aims for greatness. Show us how you #justdoit
No monthly membership fee. #justdoit
A lesson in history. #justdoit There’s little time for @serenawilliams to celebrate her 18th Grand Slam when she’s already thinking about her 19th. @niketennis will be there for every serve along the way.
See an opportunity where others see an obstacle. #justdoit
There are no second chances for first impressions. #justdoit
Anything can happen when you’re willing to do everything to make it happen. #justdoit
The ones who don’t love the game leave it, and the ones who love it live it. #justdoit From the streets of The Philippines, to courts in Spain, Pinoy basketball is fueled by pride.
Get your daily dose of #NTC on #Vine. Take on a partner ab workout with the Medicine Ball Partner Toss.
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A day off is no reason to have an off day. #justdoit
A day off is no reason to have an off day. #justdoit
Where there’s a will, there’s a wake. #justdoit
When you're on top, everyone wants to see you fall. They want to see you stumble. They want to see you slip up. They tune in just to see if someone can take you down. They root for the underdog. And you're not the underdog. You're @fsufootball, and you're the defending national champion. And you kno
Earn every expectation. #justdoit Year after year, the pressure in Tuscaloosa is intense. You can feel it. You can hear it. You can see it. But the pressure @alabamafbl puts on itself is even more intense. Because when being perfect is the expectation, being more than perfect is the standard.
Focusing on tomorrow won’t get you anywhere today. #justdoit @OregonGridiron doesn’t circle one day on the calendar, it circles all of them. Off-days, Two-a-Days, Saturdays. None is bigger and none is smaller. Because when you have something to prove to the country every year, you first have to pro
Hard work is hard to ignore. #justdoit Most people aren’t ready for the fall. It sneaks up on them and leaves them wondering how summer went by so fast. They’re not ready for the air to get crisp, or the leaves to turn, or to go back to school, or for vacation to be over. But for @OU_Football, the
Every step is a reason to take another. #justdoit
Improbable doesn't mean impossible. #justdoit
Make a splash. #justdoit
Determination determines everything. #justdoit Before @nikewomen trainer @mariepurvis helps others get stronger, it's her turn.
Take your training to the next level. #NTC is now on #Vine. Get exclusive workout tips and drills.
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Take things too far. #justdoit
Inside The Oven, we know the most exciting club is the next one. #TheresAlwaysBetter…
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Challenge accepted @kobebryant. Our CEO and president, Mark Parker, has accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge to help fight Lou Gehrig's disease. @rorymcilroyofficial, @tigerwoods & @tomsachs, you're up. #justdoit
Rise and run. #justdoit
Sometimes you have to pull yourself up to push yourself forward. #justdoit
As Becky Hammon retires from one league, she'll make history in another. #justdoit
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Improbable doesn't mean impossible. #justdoit
Engineered to the exact specifications of championship athletes. New #techpack is coming 8.21:…
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The distance between good and great is up to you. #justdoit
Whenever. Wherever. However. #justdoit