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Nigella Lawson
Lawks-a-daisy! Late with #recipeoftheday : it's Kedgeree Risotto: supper tonight or brunch tomorrow #FusionThatWorks
Bit o' fish, some prawns, coconutty and spritzed with lime, broccoli and guacamole on the side (no recipe yet)
The oldest known noodles are 4000 years old and were still in the bowl when discovered (via…)
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'You aren't happy? Yes you are: this, here, now, is what happiness is' History's most moving letters & diary entries…
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#recipeoftheday is quick, light, and you don't need cutlery: Thai Crumbled Beef in Lettuce Wraps…
Beautiful doughnut peaches and nectatarines
Thanks to all our latest followers. To find out more about Oracle Cancer Trust click here
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I like @Nigella_Lawson because she's not all, "Ooh naughty me, eating cake" or "Well I deserve a treat," she's just like, "Yo, I have cake."
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As someone who once compiled My Kitchen Gadget Hall of Shame, I should know better, but want this butter knife badly…
The recipe for Chocolate Sheet Cake is on this link @JillyPig and all other chocolate cake lovers
Be still my beating heart "@Alancumming: Hard at work on the day job @TheGoodWife_CBS
Mirin-Glazed Salmon is #recipeoftheday - a surefire, stress-free winner-dinner…
Good Morning! Here's that Chocolate Sheet (ie baked in a roasting tin) Cake again: enjoy it
'You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.' - CS LEWIS via @qikipedia Could be my mantra!
Peeps - you don't have to ask about the sheet cake - it's on the link I have you
I have 3 pictures to show you and 3 words to say to you: Chocolate Sheet Cake!
Add a teasp redcurrant jelly! "@codling_joe: please could you give me a tip on making some gravy for a Sunday roast !!"
Late with #recipeoftheday - but then, it is very quick to make. Ladies&Gents, I give you New Orleans Coleslaw!…
You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. - CS LEWIS (1898-1963)
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@Nigella_Lawson V. easy sign-up. It even remembers the "correct bits" when I (as I do) forget to re-enter email or whatnot. YAY!
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