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Nikki & Brie
Just watched the new @Marvel trailer, #AvengersAgeOfUltron OMG soooo excited!!!! Love me some Avengers. -B
First @vine video! Just a quick hello to our #BellaArmy. Help us out and share it around ;) #BellaTwins #F...
@SarahLouiseWWE:Started using my new #FearlessNikki wallet today love it! I'll b using it on the #WWEUKTour 4sure!”💋
#MessageToSelf All you need is Love❤️ Love yourself, you're beautiful inside and out.
"Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment." Thích Nhất Hạnh
I feel my husband's @WWEDanielBryan YES chants have helped the @SFGiants here in the first #WorldSeries game.
Awww Happy #NikkiBellaPoseTuesday Love you all sooooo mich for keeping this alive!! 💋💋💋💋�
"Little darling, The smiles returning to the faces, Little darling, It seems like years since it's…
Nothing like slipping on your heels and dress with a yummy espresso. Found a perfect local joint in…
SO agree! ❤️🌎#Repostt from@Greenpeacee Let's show our planet some love. Otherwise we'll have nothing…
My face when I'm like "Nicole get up & get ready girl to get it!!! Gggrrrrrrrr rraaahhhhhh!!!!!" Haha…
Sunday's workout...Wonder what 2day has 4 me..Lets go get it!💋 Every1 has a champion deep down inside, go find em!
I'm with the 1%, are you? This is so true! Hope you all read it! ❤️ #Repost from…
Sad to hear about Oscar De La Renta. He was truly inspiring and beyond creative. I loved his fashion so much! May he RIP❤️N #OscardelaRenta
Make sure to download my baby's @JohnCena & @wizkhalifa songs on @iTunes 💋 they make ya shake your booty!!
Am I honestly the only one that their sibling makes them want to pull their hair out!!! Nikki #RAW #FearlessNikki
Where's my Kansas City #BellaArmy at?! ❤️ Hope to see all you Royals tonight at #RAW 💋 Besos! N#FearlessNikkii
Delicious lunch with these lovely ladies @RealPaigeWWE @AliciaFoxy at a yummy local food spot in…
They always say when one door closes, another opens. I am a beautiful dreamer. ❤️✨#topshop pants…
Loved that white dress! #Lulus #Repost from teambellasforever --- Nicole and Ariane!😍
Love you all! Sweet dreams my #BellaArmy ❤️ Hope you all enjoyed #TotalDivas tonight!! 💋💋Nikki
Anything for my girl @Jonathan_Coyle 😘❤️#Repostt from@_briemodee Brie throwing the party was so cute…
@Elizabeth_19_: I'm glad that Nikki @BellaTwins & @WWECameron managed to work things out! #TotalDivas” Me too! She's my boo! 💋
I love how the Bella Family spends on time together for the Mama Bella Birthday @BellaTwins @KathyColace @JBellaStyle @WhatLolaLikes_
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@BeyIVLife: Nikki's selling house attire 👗👠�@BellaTwinsw#TotalDivasivas” Thank you!#TotalDivasDivas
Btw how amazing was @natalieevamarie & @WWECameron road trip?! Haha loved it! Nikki #TotalDivas
Wow!! Vinny loves the house after seeing it with @WWECameron & Nikki @BellaTwins but pretty stunned by the price!!! #TotalDivas
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Who's likin' Real Estate Agent Nicole?!?! 😍#TotalDivass
Here it is!!! Lol 😝@WWEDanielBryann "I just wish Bri would have posted our roller coaster pic!"
I'm lucky to have such an amazing hubby. We'll figure out marriage as we least We have each other figured out
Haha!! @lulu2038: "HELP! Husband sees what I spend!" Hahaha. Oooh Brie. I ❤️. @BellaTwins #TotalDivas
Loving that beautiful vintage #dolcegabanna dress ☺️ #TotalDivas