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Nikki & Brie
Laying The #SmackDown ..... Hopefully this Sunday I will walk out the Champ. Lil B.. It's time to come…
Renee telling me lets go #BrieMode for my birthday!!! 😝❤️😜✌️🎂 yay!! Happy Birthday to one of
Have a skinny marg on me �#Repostt from@katiecabungcall with repostapp --- Whaddup Vegas! About to…
Happy #BrieModeFriday Let the Parties begin!!! 😝✌️😘❤
OMFG the tank tops are finally here available for us. #YES @BellaTwins will get one on Monday but don't know which 1
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I love the Phoenix Botanical Gardens!! ❤️
Dr Mr. McCown, please put up major points tonight. Sincerely, Nikki #TNF
I loved my freepeople dress and necklace. My favorite line!! #repost from @AmandaRaee_x3 with…
Lets get War Paint to the top of the Hype Machine charts! Everyone tweet this link AND follow the link to heart it!
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"When you start seeing your worth, you'll find it harder to stay around people who don't." #tbt…
Just took an amazing class on gardening @WholeFoods thank you #UrbanFarm for your knowledge!!…
Fearless Nikki & Miss @britneyspears 💋 Where's my#TeamNikkii at?!?!
Just loving our recycled drift wood wall. Goes from the kitchen to the living room. #rusticdecor…
Love him!!! #Repost from uceyjucey with repostapp --- My yung one has a CRUSH on @BellaTwins !!!!! 😉
Tonight on #MainEvent I'll face @WWECameron ..Alot on my mind, but nothing ever gets in my way when it…
"Are you ready for, A perfect storm, Cause once you’re mine. There’s no going back." Post RAW I'm done being nice. The Dark Storm is coming!
My Nikki Bella Pose! @BellaTwins Happy Nikki Bella Pose Tuesday! :) :) Hope you like my picture Nikki. ♡♥♡♥♡♥
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RG3 you have broken my heart. Thank you for the Fantasy Football loss. 💔Nikki
Eagles Baby! 💋
R U #TeamBrie or #TeamNikki Tweet ur selfies using the hashtag 2 win Bella Merch of ur choice!…
Are You #TeamBrie or #TeamNikki 👯💋💋 Tune into Monday Nig#RAWRAW tonight!!
Tonight @WWEAJLee and myself take on a frenemy and a sell out. BrieMode Activated. #RAW #BrieMode
Eva & Coco on #TotalDivas West Coast tune in 💋@Jonathan_Coylee@ENewss eonline
First Nikki was John's nurse now John is going to be Nikki's maid & chauffeur...that's love!!! #TotalDivas @BellaTwins
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“@Rachel_Struck1: LOL @JohnCena singing super bitchy to @BellaTwins Nikki!! #Nena #TotalDivas” haha he's the best!
Relationships r so strong w/amazing support & honesty. Goodness I luv my man @JohnCena ❤️Hope u all enjoyed #TotalDivas 2night! Nikki #Nena
Awww San Diego... Beach House... And John... What more could a girl want? N #TotalDivas #Nena
Lots of Bella goodies... All thanks to the #BellaArmy 😍😘 Always send us your WWE Shop…zo
Sad The Funks r breaking up. I miss their dancing! But proud they r becoming their own Divas in the ring! @NaomiWWE @WWECameron #TotalDivas
I love how the twins are so different! Nikki is like the gelsons grocery store where as Brie is like whole foods! �#TotaDivass
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“@cjl0117: If @JohnCena won't marry you my 14 year old son said he would Nikki @BellaTwins” 4 more years & we can talk 😉#TotalDivass#Nenaa
How cute are my nieces and nephews? 😊❤️☺️#TotalDivass#ColaceCreww#BellaFamm@Five_Crownss
Ugh Brie is always on my case. Never ends. #TotalDivas
“@iluvyoubellas: What Was Going Through Your Mind When John Was Expressing Himself To You? @BellaTwins” He melted my heart #TotalDivas
"It just occurred to me that I might lose you one day" aw @JohnCena just kinda broke my heart @BellaTwins #totaldivas #Nena
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