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Nick Collison
We really need everyone to not commit crimes and drive safely right now. We'd like to hear the @Royals clinch this.
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This Muppets-Beastie Boys mashup might be the best minute of your day
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year was 07,city was vegas,memories of last night were a blur.....RT @Hasselbeck: Has anyone ever hit #8?? #hydration
I'd also like to thank the other passengers for not clapping like kids used to do in grade school when someone dropped their lunch tray
Also, i hope theres not a situation where people don't know where to exit because the exit sign is gone. I would feel responsible.
Currently on a plane focusing on my breathing to lower my heart rate so I dont seem shook because I knocked down the exit sign with my head
Thank you @ThaboSefolosha ..One of my favorite teammates & a great friend. A very important part of what we have built in okc. Congrats
The @okcthunder, @unicefusa and @sergeibaka9 are celebrating #UnicefNightOKC today in an effort to support orphaned children in Congo.
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Last time i promise. Here is the link.
Here is a shorter link to Bri's video. She is an 8 yr old Thunder fan who needs a wheelchair accessible ...
Watch this video and vote for my friend Bri to win the wheelchair accesible van she needs. ...
Poignant as a mug RT @jkollings: @nickcollison4 "I love how things become things"
57 is the number. Ive always said whenever @KDTrey5 and I combine for 57 we have a great shot to win.
Im happy to be rider 0 for @uber_okc. Im excited @Uber is here in okc. I use @Uber all the time and I love it.
Cosign RT @MDoob: I'll be daaammned if my daughter turn out be lil sucka like Caillou
You can't triple stamp a double stamp! You cant triple stamp a double stamp! RT @Jeff_Daniels: We're Back!!! #DumbTo
Haha. Im a mess. Sorry. I think this link may or may not work.
Also this is very cool for my hometown of Iowa Falls. Thank you Patrick Whitesell ...
And if that one didnt work I give up because Im bad at the internet
My parents love their new headphones from @yurbuds .Now I have to teach them how to listen to music on their phones
Where can I get that "Regulate" Michael McDonald remix?
Student Teaching is going well. Practicing Linguistics with the 11th graders .@GhostPanther
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Thank you @capsulewallets for the wallet. It was much needed after years of carrying my giant Costanza wallet. Its exactly what I need.
This pool basketball dunk has trampolines, roller blades, a gorilla suit and a first-person DunkCam:
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Breaking Bad's final eight episodes start Sunday, and @nickcollison4 breaks it all down of how he thinks it will end:…
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Tomorrow I'll be grilling @ Daniels Broiler on Lake Union in Seattle from 5-7pm. 1/2 of proceeds go to Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club
Cadets all day!!! RT @IFAFootball1: Best wishes to @JohnRabeJr as he prepares tryout w/Steelers! Always proud of our alumni! #Cadetfootball
I've been down since honeys been wearin sassoons
Does anyone have Ray Donovan's number? DM me immediately. asking for a friend
I see thats a Jayhawk ball she's sitting on RT @Earl_Watson: My love & basketball! #isabella
So are we doing bro hugs? Daps? How bout a full handshake followed by a full hug then 2 back pats then a game changer.. Right hand neck cup
Oklahoma City's @nickcollison4 joins the #sportsretort to discuss the #NBAFinals, Cyclone Memories and more.
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Many thanks to @nickcollison4 for jumping on the #sportsretort live from I-35 shoulder. Great stuff.…
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Forgot about those haha RT @YourManDevine: @nickcollison4 Who among us didn't learn about new sports and pursuits from the Co-Ed Naked line?
In 1996, if your parents partied, you may have had a "Bear Whiz Beer" or "Big Johnson" t-shirt to supplement your "No Fear" collection
Brent Barry is awesome, the Basketball Jones are awesome, and this is awesome:…
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To the dad, with all the energy, chasing his kids at the indoor playground...Have a seat buddy, you're making the rest of us look bad
Believe in ZERO discrimination against kids w/disabilities?PleaseRT this UNICEF report: #thisability via @unicefusa
spent much of yesterday watching the news out of Moore. My heart hurts for the people who lost loved ones. Thank you to all who are helping
To celebrate the NBA playoffs, we're giving away an autographed @nickcollison4 jersey and 2 pairs of LE yurbuds!
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.@nickcollison4 joins @TrueHoopTV to talk about the trials of the Glue Guy, Russell Westbrook and hard fouls:
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Check out my latest Q&A for @GQMagazine… Thanks to everyone who sent questions.