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Nick Collison
This Muppets-Beastie Boys mashup might be the best minute of your day
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year was 07,city was vegas,memories of last night were a blur.....RT @Hasselbeck: Has anyone ever hit #8?? #hydration
I'd also like to thank the other passengers for not clapping like kids used to do in grade school when someone dropped their lunch tray
Also, i hope theres not a situation where people don't know where to exit because the exit sign is gone. I would feel responsible.
Currently on a plane focusing on my breathing to lower my heart rate so I dont seem shook because I knocked down the exit sign with my head
Thank you @ThaboSefolosha ..One of my favorite teammates & a great friend. A very important part of what we have built in okc. Congrats
The @okcthunder, @unicefusa and @sergeibaka9 are celebrating #UnicefNightOKC today in an effort to support orphaned children in Congo.
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Last time i promise. Here is the link.
Here is a shorter link to Bri's video. She is an 8 yr old Thunder fan who needs a wheelchair accessible ...
Watch this video and vote for my friend Bri to win the wheelchair accesible van she needs. ...
Poignant as a mug RT @jkollings: @nickcollison4 "I love how things become things"
57 is the number. Ive always said whenever @KDTrey5 and I combine for 57 we have a great shot to win.
Im happy to be rider 0 for @Uber_OKC. Im excited @Uber is here in okc. I use @Uber all the time and I love it.
Cosign RT @MDoob: I'll be daaammned if my daughter turn out be lil sucka like Caillou
You can't triple stamp a double stamp! You cant triple stamp a double stamp! RT @Jeff_Daniels: We're Back!!! #DumbTo
Haha. Im a mess. Sorry. I think this link may or may not work.
Also this is very cool for my hometown of Iowa Falls. Thank you Patrick Whitesell ...
And if that one didnt work I give up because Im bad at the internet
My parents love their new headphones from @yurbuds .Now I have to teach them how to listen to music on their phones
Where can I get that "Regulate" Michael McDonald remix?
Student Teaching is going well. Practicing Linguistics with the 11th graders .@GhostPanther
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