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Can you guess why we painted the green machine blue and red?
I miss my kittens while I’m on set for rap battles, so I watch a lot of cat videos between takes. Total rock star behavior.
I forgot my directing cap, luckily we keep every piece of old costumes.
Between now and my last tweet, @harto and @gracehelbig have rapped, and i have discovered zombie mode in call of duty. So much to love.
That member of the motorcycle gang who also writes poetry.
Beard glue smells like old playdoh.
Turning into mythbusters again today.
A pregnant woman was walking towards me on the sidewalk, I gave her a wide berth.
Nom nom nom nom mail.
I’m reading a biography of Alexander Graham Bell and he’s about to meet Watson. This is how nerdy people get excited.
I got a new bike helmet today.
John Oliver is officially added to my list of personal heroes.
@nicepeter ur probly aware of this video but just wanted to remind you of it. Every time I peep it gets me PUMPed.…
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Getting ready for our first shoot on Monday.
It’s important to set goals, I want to play with a baby monkey some day.
Y'all ready for season 4?
I’m watching a Michael Bay movie, and it’s making me a dumber person.
Going through old ERB demos to include on the Season 3 cd. Just found original first draft of first battle. It starts with Lloyd giggling.
I needed to read some kind of good news story, and I found one:…
I love music shops. This ukulele is a clown fish.
Making new friends at the Cartoon Network offices.
after a long day of rap battle writing, this is my war face.
@ERBofHistory @nicepeter @TheEpicLLOYD We're learning about the bourgeoisie and Marx... Because of ERB I'm one step ahead of the game.
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Dear ITunes that makes sense, I miss you.
Every morning, I've gotta deal with these two jerks.
What album is in your heart right now? For me it’s: Let Go by Nada Surf.
To our followers, which female rappers would you like to see in Season 4 of @ERBofHistory? @nicepeter @TheEpicLLOYD @givememotion RT!
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Our friend @gwatsky is on tour in Europe right now! Check for dates. If you haven’t seen him, you just gotta.
Definitely looks like I'm rapping the word "Deeeeeerrp"
Very serious dog love.
Adding to the list of why Teddy Roosevelt was such a badass: he was the first president to invite a black man to dine at the White House.
Thank you to the kind folks at @YoDough for this box of cookies. Cookies and Cream…cookie?! Holy moly.
There is a relatively new Ken Burns documentary on Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. I can’t recommend anything more.
Everyone keeps telling me getting pickles out of a jar with a fork is easy. I find it impossible. Always slip when I stab, sneaky pickles.
The view from my desk as I start editing the music from our first recording session of season 4.
Getting my cat to hold still while I trim his nails is a bit like trying to get a pickle out of the jar with a fork.
Just finished our first recording session for season 4, with a fan I met on tour, who we invited to guest in a battle. Loving it.
It seems @TheEpicLLOYD and I have very different sized heads.
Just read in a magazine that Seahorses talk to each other with little click sounds. Trying to find the punchline there.
I don't like leaving them, but I think they'll be fine alone.
Writing rap battles always has moments of distinct un-fun right before the fun.