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Niall Horan
music love 19,178 followers
So tomorrow i'm having a ME day ! Or at least that's the plan! No work for 7 days! I need this...!!
From Denis Rickman to Phil Mitchell - that's some downgrade #EastEnders
I shouldn't LOL ! But ...“@Piofenton: Yikes - Israel now dealing with 100,000+ teenage girls with a new cause "@zaynmalik: #FreePalestine."”
Wait her PA is her "soulmate" ??? Oh the poor girl, I don't trust him as far as I'd throw him! #Tulisa
Well at least she never wore her hair in a bun!!! #Tulisa
That Female Boss tattoo is looking a bit unfortunate now ...#Tulisa
"Dappy came round" - and with that I feel sorry for her ! #Tulisa
Tulsa seems to be channelling Sharon Watts or maybe it's the other way round
Her life is ruined but she still het her hair done - badly #Tulisa
God that Gareth character Tulisa hangs with gets on my wick! Flaming!
Watching Tulisa!
OMG her father is marrying her mother after finding them both after so long! That is so beautiful! #longlostfamily
I was interviewed by Dan Rather last week. A great guy.
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Watching #longlostfamily - going to keep it together this week ....maybe !
Rita Sullivan is 80 odd and still has a love life (albeit a messy one) - this fills me with hope for the future!! #corrie
Gail is on form tonight - wine o'clock, tutti fruity #cringe #corrie
OMG @clarebalding 's new haircut is stunning! She looks gorgeous! Taken years off her !
So you're telling me Miss Piggy will take Phil Mitchell to the cleaners!? I'll believe it when I see it #EastEnders
Lol at Whitney calling anybody a scumbag! Takes one to know one #EastEnders
I'm confused! When did Sharon find out it was Phil who got her done over?? #EastEnders
2 Day week ! Bring it on!!!!
Has Ian Thorpe highlights in his hair??? I guess he's gay now has to do these things! I've never dyed my hair....yet! #CommonwealthGames
Lets be thankful they got rid of those full body suits! What a silly idea that was ;) #CommonwealthGames
Chad Le Clos <3 although what a chest on that English guy! Phwoar