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Niall Horan
musiclove 19,962 followers
Watching #theimeldamayshow on RTE1 +1 - not sure what TV exec thought Imelda would be a good TV host - she's not but good guests !
To those of you wondering "I will survive" - #manflu is almost kicked into touch! Touchwood
The #xfactor goes Friday night as well now??? Eh no no no , that won't work! Too much Maria!!!
Not his fault more the producers but sorry if I was flying to Ibiza and the USA every other week I'd be enjoying it!!! And he does #xfactor
Something that does bug me about Jake on #xfactor is this sorry woe is me tale! He is a big shot media presenter hardly on the breadline!
Nicole's NO to Jake is probably her only blemish on her fabulous #xfactor era
Tom Mann is right up my street! Although more for his looks than his vocals ! #jailbaitfactor
Louis wants Charlie ...that can be taken any way you want ! #xfactor
Even the #SundayGame lads seem to not care too much about the winners! No interest whatsoever #GAA
I pity those watching this on SKYsports! Tune in next week though for the rrreal final! #gaa #hurling
These Kerry boys are a shower of arrogant feckers aren't they? #GAA
Sam Maqueer Cup?? Is that a new cup!! #GAA
Kerry are the champions, very unsporting final. Totally underwhelmed for once by an all Ireland final. Certainly not one to remember #GAA
Just up in time for the match! No preference guess I'll have to go for the Munster team ! #UpKerry
OMG i'm 39 followers from 20k so if you know anyone who might fancy my wit suggest to follow me! Make it happen by end of the day lol ;-)
Anyway I think Aaron & Finn are a sweet couple! Lol #emmerdale ...if a little mismatched
Do all the gay guys in soaps "have" to sleep with each other, you'd think that's what happens in life or something....hmm!
Gonna go out on a limb here and say Ben will make the top 3 #xfactor - awesome voice
I find it a bit rich that @CherylOfficial can't stand that Raign girl considering she gave us the ultimate Skanger that is @CherLloyd
Ooh Carrie Undeewood klaxon!!!! #xfactor
I think @CherylOfficial is a bit jealous of Rain....Rayne....Raiyne?? #xfactor
Spent the entire day in bed and feeling a lot better! Still a bit stuffed up mind ! #manflu problems
I user to love Anne Clarke & Johnny One! #faircity
Re watching the first ever episode of #faircity after 25 years,remember it the 1st time round. Very surreal, Carraigstown has changed a lot!
@kitmacdonald: Huge fire just started outside the Herald #Glasgow #indyref” - and so it begins! #FreeScotland
Two years later,Daniel Radcliffe pays us back the taxi fare from that infamous night #gent
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I may be in a minority and I don't agree with her but I quite like Katie Hopkins #latelate
Labour and Fine Gael govt on @RTE_PrimeTime announcing worst is over / no tax increases just as they impose water charges.
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The high turnout in #indyref has to be a good sign for the yes side, remember the media like BBC are reporting what "they" want to report
Poor Christy! Oh no!!! :( I bet they'll try and pin on Sean - Farrah and her fella are scumbags #faircity
I <3 Niamh & Michael , I know it's wrong but oh so right!!! #faircity
Yvonne is going to be raging! #faircity
County = country even! #indyref
@Annie__McGuire: George Square tonight : never seen the like! #indyref” <- is this the dawning of a new county? Yes
Gogglebox is BACK!!!!
What do they all see in George??? #Hollyoaks
OMG #faircity is Like the Playboy of the Western World tonight, brawls on the street!
So they're gonna send less people to prison? More dregs on our streets, as if they aren't full of them already! Great idea ...NOT
A new #indyref high! Man finds KFC chicken piece in the shape of the UK minus Scotland. Via @DailyMirror
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#donttellthebride wedding in a carpak? On the plus side I love the view!
#donttellthebride but I'm fancying the groom ! (And his gay lisp)
Watching #OscarPistorius : The Truth , and Reeva just called him a gentleman ....oh dear
Those new Liberte youghurts are GORGEOUS! #
BREAKING: Nick Clegg warns Scots: "Vote No or You Can Kiss Goodbye to Automatic Qualification for Eurovision" #Clutching #Straws
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It's so nice having a lazy Monday off work! #rubbingitin #
What a great day. Hope you enjoyed watching it all. A complete triumph. Well played Hazza! @InvictusLondon
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