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Niall Horan
music love 19,116 followers
Apparently I am a cynical b@stard because I'm not excited enough or overjoyed about a friends new love affair ! Hello? This is me!!? #cynic
I haven't commenter on the #Gaza situation but Israel bombing a UN "Safe" building they knew had children inside is outrageous !!!
Love seeing male swimmers getting overcome on the medal podium, especially the cute ones :D #CommonwealthGames
Sore loser on the BBC right now! They backed the wrong Scot lol #CommonwealthGames
What is this new trend for massive tattoos across your entire upper chest , it looks well Chavy!!! Tancock has spoiled himself!
After that I think I'll pay a visit to the horse shoe bar ! A secret no more #theshelbourne
The Princess Grace Suite, yes that will do fine ;-) #theshelbourne
Why does that Trollope Whitney get all the good looking guys in Walford? #EastEnders
That moment from work in the scorching heat and you feel completely OVERdressed! Shortly to be rectified! *hums Patricia the Stripper*
Could see Celtic Park host a #eurovision #CommonwealthGames - Rio sound technicians this is how you do open air!
That UNICEF appeal while worthy was completely out of place and all kinds of cringe! Not a trend that'll catch on. #CommonwealthGames
Reggie Yates!! And you thought it couldn't get worse!!! #CommonwealthGames
Spare a thought for the poor UKIP politicians patiently waiting on the team from BONGO BONGO LAND to enter the stadium.. #CommonwealthGames
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Incredibly powerful pic of bodies of #MH17 victims arriving in Holland today.
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The music soundtrack is not slightly racist at all! #CommonwealthGames
Oh there was a fine looking blonde haired 6ft something Namibian on the screen just there! Phwoar #CommonwealthGames
A special welcome to Malaysia, flag at half mast in respect for those lost on MH17. #CommonwealthGames
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Spare a thought for Oscar Pistorious who is missing the #CommonwealthGames - I suspect he may miss quite a few more!
Brunei: Same-sex activity illegal Penalty: Death by stoning #Glasgow2014
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Ewan McGregor looks like he's taking ageing tips from Tom Cruise , that's not a good thing! #CommonwealthGames
And a lovely inclusive message welcoming everyone, i love a bit of Scottish hospitality :-)
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Serious homophobic laws in 42 of 53 commonwealth member states. And Glasgow's games opened by a lesbian and a gay man, and a gay kiss :-)
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