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Niall Horan
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They're all off their heads on drugs obviously ! They must be to be able to listen to this shite #ElectricPicnic2014
My wifi was down during #XFactor - loved Amie (again) & Chloe Jasmine but she can't be real right??? Oh &it was all about @CherylOfficial <3
Jake Wood / Max #EastEnders is doing #strictly? Think I found my favourite!
They allow airheads like Glenda Gilson get married but homosexual people can't! Time for change #VoteYes
Wow! I am less than 400 followers away from 20,000 on twitter! Not bad for a virtual recluse ;) ....guess the name helps a little bit! Lol
OMG Edna was married to a homosexual ....bombshell #emmerdale catchup
Ok I'm just going to say this once that new Taylor swift song/ode to her being Hollywood's number 1 call girl is SHITE!!!
Right then I guess I'll give #GBBO another chance! It's just so stuffy!
#longlostfamily - you will not get me this week!!!
Naked ALS Ice Bucket Challenges , well I've seen it all now! Literally ...although not much to see based on the amount they were "covering"
Right I need to chill for a while so I'm going to watch some young men swim @ the European Swimming you were! Florent Manaudou jajaja
In fact is in the LAW of this country that we are all equal and deserve to live and work equally ....something that people totally ignore!
This country and attitudes totally baffle me at times! Am I not a person & do I not expect or deserve the same treatment as everybody else?
And by balance @rtenews I don't mean pandering to your good friends in the Iona Inst. I mean more time for those who think this is important
I would have thought you are meant to report the news @rtenews in a fair and balanced manner - I don't see much balance in that report
A 10 second insert about the #MarchforMarriage on @rtenews - that's almost 1 second for every thousand that turned up! Absolute disgrace!
I got Aengus! What RTÉ news presenter are you? <- pretty spot on! Lol
And what happens Irish Water if I don't give my "details" to you by 31st October are you going to steal my first born? You'll have a wait!
It's amazing how cold water brings out pretty much the same reaction in everyone no matter where you live or the language you speak
When did they make that new lesbian (Michael's sister) Velma from Scooby Doo geeky with the glasses? She wasn't that last week! #faircity
Having a #faircity catchup , since when has their been a Credit Union in Carraigstown ?
I won't be marching today in Dublin but I will be marching to the polling booth next Spring to vote YES to #MarriageEquality
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Remember, The Rose of Tralee has a long Gay tradition.
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Meanwhile in Tralee ... 'Why wasn't she tested?' 'There isn't a test.' 'Then how do we know?' 'We don't.' 'You mean ... they live among us?'
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I don't think I will ever marry but I support those who feel the need to, straight or gay & anyway the @RoseofTralee_ has stole your thunder
I will not be attending the #MarchforMarriage today as it was only ever meant to be 1 march. 1 attended that some years ago. 1/2
The Rose Of Tralee is gay. Excellent!! Quickly Iona Institute, do something shitty and mean-spirited to piss on the all-inclusive parade.
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Does this mean we also need to have a straight #roseoftralee just for balance ?? #BAI
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Never a headline, singer/ model/ actress has confirmed she is straight"!! Why does it need to be said when it's the opposite. #roseoftralee
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I'm gonna go back to Derry very soon = translation Derry will never see me again!
Do you see "the girls" Nadine??? ....uh do I hell as loike ....oh I mean not for ages!
Nadine Coyle has always been an airhead but now she's an airhead with an American accent ....well it's American some of the tyime!
Well done @olivercallan , although I was hoping for some topless action :P I hope you went easy on @MiriamOCal ! Both good sports !
I don't watch Dr Who all that much but I'll give the new Dr a whirl
RTÉ News Now will broadcast the removal service of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds live tonight at 7.30pm.
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My favourite little bakery shop in the city centre closed this week! While my waistline will be happy, where will I find a cream donut now??
Breaking : Volcano erupts, causes planes to fly south !
Here you go @ProperChurch ! Sorted. Won't need a bath for another week now.
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Fan girls who say Hi = instant block
So judging by my mentions 1D are in Dallas and I've picked a few Callie's and Lucy's! Hi y'all give me a Sue Ellen!
Homosexuality was still classified as an illness in Sweden in 1979. Swedes protested by calling in sick to work, claiming they felt gay.
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I would do a video but I'd need ICE and a cameraman/woman ...and you know EFFORT
I've donated to MND/ALS research and stayed 100% dry - you can do by texting MND to 50300 for €2
@MiriamOCal is taking on the #IceBucketChallenge for #MND tomorrow night. To donate check out her mycharity page…
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I've always liked Tamzin Outhwaite #whodoyouthinkyouare