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Niall Horan
musiclove 20,264 followers
But seriously who does that in a boardroom? Completely throw in the towel, still in shock !!! #TheAppprentice
Gerry Adams has finally admitted that he knew the IRA investigated my abuse. Pity he couldn't have admitted it last week. Shameful.
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Lindsay!?? WTF girl!! Front it out! #TheAppprentice
Ooh who's the cute one at the end?? He's handsome!!! #TheAppprentice
James is too cocky for his own good! And he ain't that cute either #TheAppprentice
Oh Roisin, I thought you said you were an accountant?!? Eh...oops! #TheApprentice
When I grow up to be a big Grouch I aspire to be Nick Hewer #TheAppprentice
Oh there's an Irish one!! #TheAppprentice
First time I get to watch the #Apprentice this year! #yourefired
It's all kicking off in Ottawa! Shocking news!
Charlie Cotton just made me actually swoon! What a romantic proposal he really is very sexy #EastEnders
Either way he will still be a young man who will probably earn millions from book deals , interviews, film rights etc, #OscarPistorius
So #OscarPistorius got 5 years in jail (right sentence) but reading he could be out in TEN MONTHS?? Someone explain that one to me?!
Kindly get on with it m'Lady I have to go to work!!! #OscarPistorius #OscarTrial
@djbrez24: Water needs to be paid for it just doesn't fall outta the sky #FuckMePink #VinB #OurGovernment” my GOD
Think about that for a moment #vinb
@gerardwyer: ...'Water is a finite doesn't just fall out of the sky'...LOL" actual comment from a panelist ! #vinb
What's up with your mans eyes on #vinb ???
I'm now following Monica Lewinsky...sure why not!
Oooh the last ever (?) episode of #Dallas !! Bed can wait! Although they should never have brought it back really
Watching #FullFrontal seeing one or two familiar faces ! Would love to do that, get me kit off! There i said it, probably too old now :P
#lovehate giving ideas for Halloween costumes there! The Eye! Collective nightmares tonight
Really considerate of Siobhán and Paulie to share a toilet given that the water charges have now taken effect #LoveHate
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#lovehate is sending us all on a collective trip! I'm expecting a Bobby Ewing shower scene any minute now
Welcome back to twitter @EndaKennyTD. Some advice: Scrap water charges and @IrishWater because #wewontpay and your party will be decimated.
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Why is Twiitter not outraged at this latest Irish Water fiasco!!!! #irishwater should be disbanded before it does any damage
And what was he wearing he looked like Herman Munster tonight #xfactor
The stench of poppers from Louis Walsh's dressing room must be terrible #xfactor
Cheryl is heading for breakdown #2 #xfactor
Chloe looks delighted to be gone in fairness! It is turning into a zoo #xfactor
Whoever told that young lad those earrings were a good idea should be shot!! #xfactor
I'd prefer Chloe to stay over those 8 has beens! #xfactor
Cheryl gave the anonymous Stephanie shite songs , no shocker there! #xfactor
Mel B is just winning in the fashion wars with Cheryl so far ...every night looks so good!! #xfactor
Of course the fact he's an ex means the bf was the biggest mistake ??? Right??? Ok Adam stop singing and just look pretty ? #xfactor
I once saw Maroon 5 live with an ex boyfriend , I can't decide which was more of a mistake! The bf or the band #xfactor
Is Jessie J still a thing??? Horrible bint #XFactor ...I quite like this song however!
The hospital where a Spanish nurse has been treated for Ebola say that she has been cleared of the virus
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Mark Wright is a very good looking man - even if he's not very bright!
. @IrishWater the biggest fu*k up off all time since the e voting machines and we all know what happened to them!!!!
I honestly think they are all smoking crack in that Irish water󾌴
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OMG that Peter O'Riordan off Xpose was a pain in the hole man! Will fit right in on Xpose then #satnightshow
The Catholic Church = internalized homophobia
Fluer & Jake - bottom 2 Maybe Stephanie because She was just forgettable with her reggae nothingness #xfactor
Stevi - now that is the 80's!!! A bit of life !! At last!!! #xfactor