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Niall Horan
musiclove 19,904 followers
BREAKING: Nick Clegg warns Scots: "Vote No or You Can Kiss Goodbye to Automatic Qualification for Eurovision" #Clutching #Straws
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It's so nice having a lazy Monday off work! #rubbingitin #
What a great day. Hope you enjoyed watching it all. A complete triumph. Well played Hazza! @InvictusLondon
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Is it me or is that Superhero song from the script the exact same as hall of fame?? Very tired effort
Oh dear Billy McGuiness is kicking off on #imelsamayshow about Eurosong again! I wonder will that put Imelda off Vienna??
Is it too early to go to bed??
I think they'll give Amy a 2nd chance at bootcamp in a dramatic call back/wildcard/rethink but nobody but Whitney sings that! #xfactor
I may be about to turn bisexual ....hmmmm, probably not
I think Mel B is gorgeous and a fabulous judge !!! #xfactor
Can Scotland just vote and get it over with? I've never heard such humming and hawing in my life #VoteYes #indyref
Love The Courtesans ....well Eileen in particular! She reminds me of Loredana Berte...fabulously nuts & eccentric ! #xfactor
My timeline has EXPLODED!!!
If you have anything important to tweet me in the next 24 hours I might miss it as I'm celebrating my 21st bday ....apparently!
Ah there's @ActuallyKillian before even Rory McIlroy was even swinging a golf club! What a swing #latelate
Can they talk to the dishy Michael please ? If he's there...preferably topless! #faircity #latelate
Where's Johnny One & Jimmy Doyle??? #faircity #latelate
Why does Irish water need the PPS number of your children??? Are they planning to make them pay if you don't??
Note to all twitter : it is NOT my birthday tomorrow so stop clogging up my mentions with Happy Bday tweets & weird Shite #fangirls #tools
The #latelate studio sound gremlins strike again! #TheScript - can no one in Montrose sort that out!??
Breaking: OP will be sentenced 13th October #OscarTrial
RTE News say OP will get likely sentence of 7 to 10 years in jail idea what expert has said this! Speculation at this stage
I think the judge MADE the right call #OscarTrial #OscarPistorius
BREAKING : Judge finds #OscarPistorious not guilty of murder but guilty of culpable homicide (and lesser charge of firing a gun in public)
Met a lovely girl on the bus to KK! She looked familiar - she's either my future wife or we're distantly related
Where do the evenings go? No seriously, where???
OMG Amy Huberman is pregnant! Again!! It really is Celebrity get pregnant week! Anyone else want to fess up now??
@DublinPride: It will soon be illegal to discriminate against gay teachers (via @thejournal_ie)” -> about time!!
So London followers where's good to stay if gig is in Shepard's bush but fancy going out in Soho later ? :-)
So 24 hours late but delighted to announce I will be in London for @CommonLinnets gig at Bush Hall - SO excited!!! :D @IlseDeLange
Now catching up on Aleesha Dixon's Life Story! Love her too!
They're at the arena stage already??? I like this new speeded up #xfactor . Also I think I <3 Mel B!
Demolition job - poor Caro!!! Serena is very unlikeable
Yes! So happy to say I am partnered up with @AlisonHammond2 bring the fun on! Loooove it!!
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The fact that Frankie got Kevin from Grimsby will mean I won't be so hard on her! All my hate will be directed @ Pixie "Rott" Lott #strictly
Alijaz and Alison! The new dream couple...that's who I wanted together!!! Lol #strictly
I think I'm going to like Judy Murray , plus she likes the gays #strictly
Imelda May is having a busy night #strictly #imeldamayshow
They kept the Irish together...I knew they'd do that! Jennifer scrubs up well #Strictly #SCD
Have 5 seconds of summer not have had their 5 seconds yet??? #strictly
Tristan is a lovely looking guy with a horrible Skanger accent ! And most foreigners go "what a lovely Irish accent" no!!!! #strictly
So Trent Is the (obvious) gay one then...#strictly
Thom Evans ....I would! (This could get very interesting) #strictly
Jake Wood...I would! #strictly
Pixie Rott!!! Ugh HATE #strictly
I wonder will I like Frankie Bridge (Sandford) after this any bit! because I hate her media persona more than I can put down in words! Vile.
OMG it's Kevin from Grimsby & Pasha <3 #strictly
Had a lovely 100 minutes of shut eye, badly needed! Now time for strictly and some tennis - I'm taping xfactor! Team @CaroWozniacki
I think I need a nap after that match!! Almost had to have ambulance on standby! Shouting at the TV I was!! Not the better for it lol #gaa