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Niall Horan
musiclove 20,351 followers
Arnett looks like she swallowed a lemon.Time to update the CV and just fuckoff. #latelateshow
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And this woman is the PR spokesperson? They need to fire her brass neck first and foremost #latelate #irishwater
The shade that Ms Arnett is throwing at the audience is ridiculous! What an obnoxious cow! #irishwater #latelate
Oh Ms Arnett give it up! No one is going to pay for your service that cost billions even before a tap was turned on! Wind it up #latelate
Oh Ms Arnett aka the #irishwater robot is on the #latelate - she reminds me of that Sharon bot on #CallansKicks @olivercallan
#rtethevoice in may have actually found a real star SHOCK! Brendan's voice is something else - Eurovision please ! #latelate
That Abi one was scary as!! She's not right in the head!! #EastEnders
Ah poor dozy Abi, classic fag hag wannabe girlfriend ....she needs to get a proper (sex) life #EastEnders
So where exactly & what time tomorrow is the #irishwater protest starting in Dublin city centre? I've read 4 different things!!!
Ella, shut up and leave! #TheAppprentice what an annoying trio!!
One of the Irish girls is taking none of Ella Jade's shit! I like her !!! Ella Jade or that annoying trumpet Stephen to go #TheAppprentice
I want to go to Iceland for my next team building day ! #TheAppprentice lucky buggers!!
Fat Daddy isn't a brand name, it's the type of men I attract on Grindr #TheApprentice
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That Fat Daddy idea is crap and mildly racist #TheAppprentice
"I am who I am, I am Ella Jade" FFS....already sick of her! You're fired!!! #TheAppprentice
That #countthekicks charity sounds amazing! It's got me totes emosh watching it #surprisesurprise
Ah so that's why the police helicopter woke me up at 3am last night! I knew shit was going down!!!
Oh please don't make a Johnny/Ben thing happen!!! No no no no NO NOT my Johnny #EastEnders
Started watching #OITNB , just to be down with the kids like! To see what all the fuss is about! Looks good
Anyone dating siobhan would really want their head examined #lovehate
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Going to lock that door even tighter tonight #lovehate
OMG Paulie just hit some theatre goer on the way down!!! #lovehate
That was either a Fatboy Slim video shoot or an Iona team-building day.... #LoveHate
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WTF was that scene about Jesus all about?! Anyone??? #lovehate
Cheryl performing for Halloween week, these jokes just write themselves #xfactor
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Well look at it this way jake you can take your clothes off 24/7...and not many people will complain! #XFactor
I like Only the Young but that performance might just send Agnetha back into hiding for another two decades. Woah. #xfactor
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That quiff boy looked in pain like he followed through #XfactorShart
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Awww Mel B! <3 her!!
So Jake goes home. He was so good in 2012!!' It really is a shame when people start believing their own headlines ! #xfactor
I would shockingly save Jake after that! #xfactor
OTY you ain't no ABBA ! Ye deserve to go home for ruining this classic #xfactor
Jaysus that was a dogs dinner #XFactor
Jake ! Pick ONE key and sing in it!!!!! #xfactor
Correct bottom 2 , I called it last night.dislike both but I think Jake's time is up ! #xfactor
Why do the special guests sing their new single!! They should have sung Love runs out and got the place hopping! #xfactor
Now it's time for the car crash that is #xfactor 2014
The #strictly judges especially Len and Bruno are CRAZY! Simon should be gone ! #strictly
Who should the Judges save? Retweet for Thom and Iveta. Favourite for Simon and Kristina #scd
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I think that's the right bottom 2! #strictly
Boy George should really give it up! Can't sing anymore #Strictly
Just signed up to Netflix again! They offered me another free month! So what have I been missing?? Suggestions please !? Looks better now!
Panti 2 Iona Institute 0 - long live equality and free speech #satnightshow #teampanti
A shooting in Edinburgh allegedly!! I'm saying nothing ! But I will say the ESC Nation bitches are in town ! (Note some of you are lovely!)
I thought for a second there Simon was about to come out!! No really #SatNightShow
Oh wait Donal Og is on as well as Panti! Iona institute already ringing their lawyers Screaming "balance" #satnightshow