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Matt Miller
You can actually unfollow for free. RT @FasterFire: I'd pay you to stop tweeting
Can I also take a "voluntary leave of absence with pay" like Hardy and Peterson?
#footballporn RT @MattBowen41: Chalk Talk video: How will #Seahawks D limit #Broncos Hi-Lo concepts? Cover 1 "Robber"
.@DrewfromJersey Growing theory of mine is that Alabama players are physically beat down when they enter NFL. Takes time to heal/acclimate
1. I don't believe in shutdown CBs, 2. No. RT @kurtiswaldeck: do you think dee milliner will develop into a shut down corner this season?
Much more comfortable, taking more chances. RT @liamrdawe: through 2 weeks what have you observed about Geno Smith's development?
I know @MoveTheSticks and @JohnMiddlekauff have said this before, but NFL scouts focusing more than ever on character/background scouting
Very true RT @JohnMiddlekauff: Like Mariota I can't find anyone to say a bad word about Hundley.
Has Jameis Winston learned from his incidents over the past year? It sure didn't seem like it. Column:
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As much fun as I'm having with Bills fans today, you have to love how well Jerry Hughes and the D are playing. I'm a big fan of their talent
Noticing that I'm not getting all my mentions through Tweetdeck. Apologies if you sent something I didn't respond to.
The crazy is contagious. RT @Syracuse_Bills: EJ Manuel has most wins in the NFL (2) more than Rivers Wilson Rodgers Brady (1)
This makes me feel better. RT @ozzdotnet: I'm an attorney and this all still looks like a giant mess to me.
The longer I cover the NFL, the more I wish I had actually gone to law school.
RE: Brandon Marshall news RT @RyFo18: they are alleging that goodell was contacted about the abuse and never did anything
Maybe I missed something (because I wasn't covering the NFL in 2007), but isn't this Brandon Marshall news something people already knew?
I grew up in a town of 700 people. Don't think there's a "big market bias" here. @TBNCOMMENTER
*Doesn't. RT @mikea775: Another ass clown who thinks he's some NFL genius. He don't know shit.
This is actually really funny. Go Bills. RT @TrendsBuffalo: Matt Miller, @nfldraftscout is now trending in #Buffalo
Congrats to @BleacherReport on passing one million followers!
Matt Kalil has really struggled last 18 games. Jones looked like an All-Pro against him. @TomasKesete
Never said Bills don't have a always have a chance in the NFL. Just confident in SD's talent @BWoody44
I mean...the fans are so nice, it's hard to say. RT @Basedspip: what's your problem with buffalo you douche
Fans that use "we" when talking about NFL teams are my favorite. "We're going to smack the Chargers." YOU are not.
To recap: Jameis Winston suspended for 1st half after saying something stupid. No suspension (from football) for rape allegation or theft.
That's the point of tweeting it out. RT @jasonelliott5: a lot of people are going to hold you to this.
If the Bills beat the Chargers, I'll make my profile picture the Bills logo for the entire week. #ainthappening
EJ Manuel has 2nd fewest pass attempts over 20 yards among starting NFL QBs. Defenses will adjust to this, likely this week.
Through 2 games, Desmond Trufant has allowed 4 catches, 66 yards, 0 TDs. Take away 50 yarder in Wk2 and he's allowed 3/16 yards. (H/T @PFF)
Should NFL Teams Throw at Richard Sherman More Often? Chris Simms and I break it down.… via @BleacherReport
Worth monitoring. RT @ChaseGoodbread: Devonte Fields, ex-TCU DE, planning to put off NFL draft >…
Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry will not practice today, but De'Anthony Thomas will. #Chiefs
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Definitely a concern. Biggest issue RT @jjcoops11: if you're looking for franchise QB, how much do worry about Jameis's character red flags?
It's been a rough couple of weeks for football. Look at today's top stories.
I don't think so. If anything, shows repeated incidents. Standalone, not a big flag RT @RyderCochrane: does latest incident hurt Winston?
Greg Hardy, agent meeting with #Panthers this AM, expected to be placed on Commish's Exempt List that AP was put on:…
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New schedule for sanctions on marijuana: 1) referral; 2) two-game fine; 3) four-game fine; 4) four-game suspension; 5) 10-game suspension.
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So @Panthers ...again I ask you... What's changed?
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In case you were sleeping last night, the #Vikings have deactivated Adrian Peterson.
. @BMarshall is not happy, and he sounds justified in that.
NFLPA has begun notifying players of revamped suspensions from new drug policy. Officially it is now 10 games for Josh Gordon
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As promised: BIG updates to the Top 10 in this week's Power Rankings after MNF.…
Ray Lewis just argued that Adrian Peterson's kids will forever be scarred by media coverage of AP's case. No Ray, they have actual scars.
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1.5 hour drive home tonight and I'm exhausted. So, if you host a radio show that's on now and want some company, reply or DM me.
One game will do little to quiet my concerns about Richardson. @kevinlogan45
Please, redeem me, Trent Richardson.
I've already started thinking of how to start my "Trent Richardson is my biggest draft miss ever" article for later this year.
Copy. Paste. RT @daverichard: Richardson loses a yard on that play
RT this link and be entered to win a signed copy of "Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly Offense"
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