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Matt Miller
Here’s which teams (NFL and CFL) that have scouts at today’s #49ers-#Broncos game.…
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I'll be making my donation to ALS today, of course, but ice water video coming Tuesday.
OK, to those who nominated me in the ice bucket challenge, it'll be done Tuesday. I'm home alone with two kids until then.
Hi all. Please continue to send me media reports of sudden cardiac arrest or collapse in athletes (at any level). For research @UWMedicine.
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The tests confirmed the expected result: #Falcons LT Sam Baker is out for the season with a torn patella tendon. Jake Matthews is up.
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When I'm wrong, I'll admit it. Apologies to @Syracuse_Bills.
Watching this Ferguson coverage is a good reminder that what I do (talk about football) is so trivial.
So, maybe I missed this with my head in football world for a while—why are the county police back in charge in Ferguson?
Currently watching Alabama's OL steam roll Manti Te'o again.
14, going on 25. Happy birthday to my little girl. (Also, where the hell does the time go!?)
On a related note, Kyle Rudolph will go early in my fantasy drafts.
Mike Zimmer said no QB decision yet. Coaches will discuss tomorrow if Teddy gets time with ones next week.
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Browns fans are crazy lucky to have Norv Turner and Kyle Shanahan as offensive coordinators the last two seasons. Unbelievable.
Maybe this was what that NFL coach meant when he told me Teddy compared to Willie Beaman?
Bridgewater's ball placement not perfect tonight, but 16/20 with two TDs tonight.
"But...Pro Day!" RT @SI_DougFarrar: I hope there are a few anonymous scouts sharing a cup of STFU in the stadium parking lot.
83-yard TD drive from Bridgewater and Vikings. Got the ball back with 1:11 left.
"TOUCHDOWN! TOUCH-DOWN, TEDDY" call from @PAOnTheMic is so good.
Same tweet as when Manziel was playing: Yes, he's running against 2nd/3rd team, but Teddy is playing with 2nd/3rd team O too.
Bridgewater's "skinny knees" not a factor tonight, FWIW.
Hit as he threw it, but felt like Teddy underthrew Smith. Still, 37-yard completion with under a minute left.
That was the most preseason touchdown ever in the Cardinals/Vikings game.
When in doubt, throw a flag. #NFL2014
We all know @RobertKlemko is a great football writer, but he's in Ferguson tonight and is a must-follow for that story.
Vikings/Cardinals on one TV, Alabama/LSU National Championship on the other. #dreamjob
My buddy @PAOnTheMic is killing this Vikings broadcast. So smooth.
I'll be the first to admit I was wrong. RT @JohnDaniels205: So if he's a bust then what?
I put my reputation on the line with my Bridgewater ranking this year, so you can bet your ass I'm going to be happy when he does well.
Bridgewater has struggled in RZ in practice, just got a TD there though. 1st pro TD.
Like Russell Wilson & Richard Sherman? Or Arian Foster? Or Duane Brown? RT @EvanBrason: u only praise players that you ranked high predraft
"Chants of 'Teddy, Teddy' break out in the B/R Missouri office."
Yes, but Bridgewater is also playing with 4Q preseason O. RT @jimwade: Playing against 4th quarter preseason D helps.
Pro-move from Bridgewater: Pocket collapses, he climbs and keeps his eyes up and down field.
Two passes from Bridgewater that were too high, but catches. Needs to step into that throw a little more
Teddy looking very good tonight. 6/7, more comfortable in the game plan. Really spinning the ball.
Ben Leber is great on the sideline. He'll be on a national gig soon (if he's not already and I missed it).
One of my followers (@isaacl6718) has a 9 yr old daughter kicking ass in football. Link to donate to her travel team:
3-4 hours of writing and game watching ahead of taking writing playlist recommendations.
Belief is Bills WR Sammy Watkins escaped serious injuries to his ribs but more evaluations to come, I'm sure.
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Not watching Vikings/Cardinals, but @ArifHasanNFL has been amazing on keeping Twitter up-to-date.
John Brown almost makes me wish I had gone to Pitt State instead of Missouri Southern. Almost.
Ha! RT @InBedRetweeter: “@nfldraftscout: Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I really like James Hanna.” In bed
Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I really like James Hanna.
This whole any negative opinion of something makes you a "hater" shtick, is for weak minds.
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You know...Rolando McClain hasn't looked bad tonight.
Copy and paste for easy use in-season: "There's a flag on the play..."